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176910 points for this Slimserver step-b-step install guide

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  • Frenchy
    Mar 17, 2005
      Yet another guide worth mentioning... besides all the help from the
      file section on this Y! group, I have found a Slimserver install
      guide: http://fieldnetworks.com/slim/linkstation.html

      It even walks you throught updating to Perl 5.8.5 with LS bins

      Here is a startup test string (one line):
      "./slimserver.pl --daemon --
      prefsfile /mnt/media/Slimserver/slimserver.pref --
      cachedir /mnt/media/Slimserver"

      One good advice to observe is to save the limited space on
      the /usr/* and install packages on the large /mnt/*

      So far my MP101 does not see the Slim where it picked Twonky right
      away - May be not compatible with Netgear afterall.
      enjoy! Sam.