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175Re: [LinkStation_General] Linkstation and slimserver - idiots guide??

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  • Mr Sam Weiss
    Nov 3, 2004

      I have slimserver running on my LinkStation and have
      kept track of most of the steps. But it isn't yet in
      any kind of "fool-proof howto guide."

      Are you starting completely from scratch? That is, an
      out-of-the-box LinkStation? Or have you gotten to the
      point where you have root access to the box?


      --- david6736 <dave.ampaw@...> wrote:

      > I have looked at the slimsevices forums carefully
      > and here and am not really any clearer as
      > to the various steps in the procedure to get slim
      > server running on my linkstation - I am
      > obviously a real idiot so please bear with me.
      > Is there a novice (never done any hacks before)
      > guide to achieving this which is at least
      > 95%+ foolproof with clear comprehensive instructions
      > as to what to do at each stage right
      > through to the end?
      > I really want to achieve smooth operation of my
      > squeezebox and linkstation w/o having to
      > keep my ailing ibook on all the time.
      > Any help would be very much appreciated
      > D

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