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1231Re: [LinkStation_General] debian

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  • James Stewart
    Feb 1, 2005
      I did. (right now my LS is out of commission. First
      it was a pwr supply problem, now it isn't seeing the
      hard drive, but it might be that I've worn out the IDE

      Anyway, as an experiment, I took that Japanese Debian
      (Woody) tarbal (tgz file) and copied it to the first
      partition of another hard drive using a Linux
      workstation. I also think I copied /lib/modules from
      the original LS hard drive to this new hard drive.
      Then I put the thing in the LS and it booted and ran.

      Before that I copied the tarbal to the third partition
      on the original LS drive in and around the normal
      "shares" directories. This one I then upgraded to
      "Sid" and installed all kinds of other neat stuff (see
      my pictures in the photo gallery of this site). The
      way I ran this copy is to boot in to the LS as normal
      then in a telnet session I "chroot"ed over to the
      Debian file system and started up various services I
      had there (like ssh and vnc).

      When I get my LS up and running again (I'm real busy
      with other things right now) I plan on adding a simple
      addition to the web interface on the original LS OS
      that changes the "runlevel" on the LS boot to boot by
      default a new one that goes to the Debian partition
      instead. There would then be a script on the Debian
      side to change it back if needed (possibly even using
      the watchdog timer as a fail over boot). This would
      be something that would be good for public

      If I get confident about doing kernel upgrades and
      dealing with the flash memory regions. I might get
      rid of the original LS OS all together because I
      really don't like it. My Debianized LS is real cool.
      I don't have to struggle with getting things compiled,
      installed or working with Debian.

      --- jd_barnett <jd_barnett@...> wrote:
      > Hi again-
      > Is anyone running debian on their ls/kuro? I've only
      > come across
      > Japanese instructions, but I did find the files
      > debian_2004_12_26_dist.tgz and deboot_src.tgz. If
      > you are running
      > debian, how did you get it installed?
      > Thanks again-
      > John

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