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1060Re: New LS firmwares & telnet access

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  • stratmoens
    Jan 23, 2005
      I think that you have something here. I didn't install the new
      firmware, but I did prototype what you proposed. Basically I created
      a symbolic link to /www, as well as /etc in a share. Then I created
      cgi-bin3 under /www and a script in cgi-bin3 via the share. Notable
      is the fact that script's permissions are 777 or executable. As
      verification I was able to get the script to run via a web browser.

      It isn't clear how they are stopping the telnet from running, but it
      is just as easy to create a script to fire off a telnet demon.

      Are we smoking something or is this a way in?

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "chano22000"
      <philippe.deysine@l...> wrote:
      > I understand through previous posts that flashing a new firmware
      > does not modify the shares in /mnt.
      > In order to get telnet over a telnet disabled firmware, would the
      > following approach have sense :
      > 1) Using telnet enabled firmware (like 1_45.13), create in a share
      > (say /mnt/myshare) a Linux link to / (or several
      to /etc, /bin ...).
      > Save in a share a copy of existing telnet related software and
      > configuration files.
      > 2) Flash the new firmware
      > 3) By default, navigation along links is activated in Samba even
      > of the share (wide links and symlinks). It should therefore be
      > possible to browse the system files using the links created in 1)
      > well as to create file or directories.
      > 4) Using the same approach as for getting root access, access
      > of suitable files could be modified.
      > 5) It should be therefore possible to install telnet as saved in 1)
      > I am not a Linux expert and do not know which files are concerned.
      > The fact is that the new firmwares, even though they are supposed
      > deliver new features, are some MB slimmer. It would be nice to
      > what has dissapeared since.
      > One way would be to save the entire system tree in step 1) and
      > the comparison with the new installed firmware.
      > As a result a telnet enabled & full features firmware add-on
      > could even be created to get the benefits of new firmware releases
      > without functional regressions.
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