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  • Joshua Hadley
    Dec 14, 2005
      I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution. The sooner the national authority can be restored; the nearer the Union will be "the Union as it was." If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they could at the same time save slavery, I do not agree with them. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.
      I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could be free.

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      >THIS IS FUNNY . . .TRY IT!
      >Everyone has a ersonality of a cartoon character. Have you ever asked
      >yourself what cartoon character do you most resemble? A group of
      >investigators got together and analyzed the personalities of well known
      >modern cartoon characters. The information that was gathered was made
      >this test: Answer all the questions with what describes you best, add up
      >all your points (which are next to the answer that you choose) at the end
      >and look for your results. Do not cheat by looking at the end of the
      >e-mail before you are done. Then forward this to all your friends
      >(including the person who sent it to you) and change the subject of this
      >to what character is you.
      >1. Which one of the following describes the perfect date?
      >a) Candlelight dinner (4 pts.)
      >b) Fun/Theme Park (4 pts.)
      >c) Painting in the park (5 pts.)
      >d) Rock concert (3 pt.)
      >e) Going to the movies (3 pts.)
      >2. What is your favorite type of music?
      >a) Rock and Roll (2 pts.)
      >b) Alternative (2 pt.)
      >c) Soft Rock (3 pts.)
      >d) Country (2 pts.)
      >e) Pop (3 pts.)
      >3. What type of movies do you prefer?
      >a) Comedy (3 pts.)
      >b) Horror (5 pt.)
      >c) Musical (2 pts.)
      >d) Romance (4 pts.)
      >e) Documentary (3
      >4. Which one of these occupations would you choose if you only could
      >one of these?
      >a) Waiter (4 pts.)
      >b) Professional Sports Player (5 pts.)
      >c) Teacher (2 pts.)
      >d) Police (2 pts.)
      >e) Cashier (1 pt)
      >5. What do you do with your spare time?
      >a) Exercise (3 pts.)
      >b) Read (2 pts.)
      >c) Watch television (4 pts.)
      >d) Listen to music (4 pt.)
      >e) Sleep (4 pts.)
      >6. Which one of the following colors do you like best?
      >a) Yellow (3 pt.)
      >b) White (2 pts.)
      >c) Sky Blue (5 pts.)
      >d) Dark Blue (5 pts.)
      >e) Red (4 pts.)
      >7. What do you prefer to eat
      >right now?
      >a) Snow (2 pts.)
      >b) Pizza (3 pts.)
      >c) Sushi (1 pt.)
      >d) Pasta (5 pts.)
      >e) Salad (4 pts.)
      >8. What is your favorite holiday?
      >a) Halloween (4 pt.)
      >b) Christmas (5 pts.)
      >c) New Year (5 pts.)
      >d) Valentine's Day (4 pts.)
      >e) Thanksgiving (4 pts.)
      >9. If you could go to one of these places which one would it be?
      >a) Paris (5 pts.)
      >b) Spain (4 pts.)
      >c) Las Vegas (5 pt.)
      >d) Hawaii (5 pts.)
      >e) Hollywood (4 pts.)
      >10. With which of the following would you prefer to spend time with?
      >a) Someone smart (5 pts.)
      >b) Someone attractive (4 pts.)
      >c) Someone who likes to party
      >(4 pt.)
      >d) Someone who always has fun (5 pts.)
      >e) Someone very sentimental (3 pts.)
      >Now add up your points and find out the answer you have been waiting for!
      >Put your character in the subject line and forward to your friends and
      >to the person that sent this to you. Very interesting to see "who" your
      >friends are!
      >(10-16 points) You are Garfield: You are very comfortable, easy going, and
      >you definitely know how to have fun but sometimes you take it to an
      >extreme. You always know what you are doing and you are always in control
      >of your life. Others may not see things as you do, but that doesn't mean
      >that you always have to do what is right. Try to remember your happy spirit
      >may hurt you
      >or others.
      >(17-23 points) You are Snoopy: You are fun, you are very cool and popular.
      >You always know what's in and you never are out of style. You are good at
      >knowing how to satisfy everyone else. You have probably disappeared for a
      >few days more than once but you always come home with the family values
      >you learned. Being married and having children are important to you, but
      >only after you have had your share of fun times.
      >(24-28 points) You are Elmo: You have lots of friends.
      >Always willing to give advice and help out a person in need. You are very
      >optimistic and you always see the bright side of things. Some good advice:
      >try not to be too much
      >of a dreamer, if not you will have many conflicts with life.
      >(29-35 points) You are Sponge Bob SquarePants: You are the classic person
      >that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have
      >and never want to lose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never
      >not understand your feelings. Life is a journey, it's funny and calm for
      >most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people, then you will be
      >stress free.
      >(36-43 points) You are Charlie Brown: You are tender, you fall in love
      >quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are a
      >family person. You call your mom every Sunday. You have many friends and
      >occasionally forget a few Birthdays. Don't let your passion confuse you
      >with reality.
      >(44-50 points) You are Dexter: You are smart and definitely a thinker..
      >Every situation is fronted with a plan. You have a brilliant mind. You
      >demonstrate very strong family principles. Maintain a stable routine but
      >never ignore a bad situation when it comes.
      >Now don't spoil it! Have some Fun!! Change the subject of the e-mail to
      >what you are and send it on! Don't forget to send it back to the one who
      >sent it to you. Have a Great Day!
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