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Dallas Fall Squash Tournament

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  • Roger A. Shake, CFP
    Lifetime Players, Please see the email contents below. This tournament is great fun and I really encourage you to consider participating. I ve played in it for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
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      Lifetime Players,

      Please see the email contents below. This tournament is great fun and
      I really encourage you to consider participating. I've played in it
      for a number of years and it's a wonderful opportunity for great
      competition (not playing the same old players)and a chance to make
      new friends!
      See you on the court...

      Fellow Squashers,

      This year's Dallas Fall Classic Tournament looks to be a very
      exciting one for us:

      First, there have been a lot of new faces since last year, playing
      both, in junior and amateur skill-levels. Some of whom are playing
      significantly more challenging skill-levels than before. This is a
      great opportunity to play new games and challenge new skill levels.

      Second, we want to "bring Ladies back" and run a Women's division
      again. Definitely one of the favorite flavors of the sport, and it
      will be GREAT to bring this back to the Dallas Fall tournaments again.

      Third, not least, we are hosting 3 Pro ex-PSA players, on round-robin
      exhibition matches, one match each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of
      the tournament weekend. (7th through 9th November). A delicious drool
      to those of us that are curious, serious, hobby-ish or just simply in
      love with the sport! Donations towards the pro matches are welcome.

      There's plenty more reasons to make this tournament a raging success,
      and I am very excited to host and coordinate the backstage of this
      show. That said, there are 3 things I need from you:

      1. Register, register, and register NOW!!!

      Not enough can be said about how important it is to have participants
      sign-in by the early registration deadline of midnight, on Friday,
      3rd October. Your peers want to see who is playing, and in what
      division, so the earlier we fill the participant roster, the faster
      the peer-investigation, and subsequent sign-ups. Moreover, a lot of
      the logistical make-up of the tournament is planned around the number
      of early registrations.

      Login NOW at www.dallassquash.org/tournament. And yes, there is a
      $10 discount on early registration and a draw for $50 refund on the
      winning participant. You can also mail your registration on the form

      2. Spread the word, to help bulk up the participant list:

      More is always merrier, and the Downtown YMCA is a fabulous venue to
      host a big tournament. Please help by reaching out to peers, new
      players in your clubs, parents of junior participants and ladies.
      Word of mouth is always stronger than an email blast, so please, talk
      to your peers and help shore up interest and registrations. And let
      them know, to register NOW!

      Note to parents: Please contact me directly for registrations on the
      junior league.

      3. Raise of hands from volunteers:

      On-ground help at the Downtown YMCA on all 3 game-days is priceless,
      precious and absolutely critical to the success of the tournament.
      Please let me know if you can spare a few hours to volunteer, and let
      me know when. Oh, and as a side note, in case I failed to point out
      earlier: register NOW!

      Signing off, with a huge welcome to an exciting tournament ahead.
      Register NOW, spread the word, and volunteer, to help make the Dallas
      Fall Classic Tournament a deserving success.

      Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Volunteering? Do reach out to me
      directly. My contact details below.


      Sapna Sudhir.

      Email: tournamentdirector@...

      Phone: (469) 226.9697.

      Online Registration: www.dallassquash.org/tournament

      Or mail your check and registration form (attached) to: DSRA, P.O.
      Box 515166, Dallas, TX 75251.
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