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Fw: Solari Update: Join Us in October

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  • Eric Reinhardt
    ... From: Solari Subject: Solari Update: Join Us in October To: ericreinhardt2003@yahoo.com Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 6:33 PM
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      Subject: Solari Update: Join Us in October
      To: ericreinhardt2003@...
      Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 6:33 PM

       September 10, 2008
       **Financial Permaculture:
      The Greening of A Rural American Community**
      24-28, 2008 	 Hohenwald, Tennessee <http://www.hohenwaldtn.org/> 
       	Attend a 5-day regenerative business and community development
      course and design simulation with the citizens of Hohenwald,
       Engage in this participatory event to develop and prototype the
      tools and skills you will need to launch regenerative businesses and
      encourage localized investment in your community.
       Our course and design simulation will be guided by leading
      sustainabilty entrepreneurs: 	
       Catherine Austin Fitts, investment advisor, founder of Solari, Inc
       Andy Langford, permaculture designer and cofounder of Gaia
       Liora Adler, bioregional and community facilitator guru and
      cofounder of Gaia University
       Albert Bates, ecovillage, peak oil and climate guru and founder of
      Global Village Institute
       Jennifer Dauksha-English, permaculture designer and founder of
      Center for Holistic Ecology
       Greg Landua, permaculture designer and director of Ecovillage
      Training Center
       Thomas Hupp, ecoentrepreneur and founder of The Leadership School
       Luke Staengl - expert in the areas of biomass and ethanol, president
      of Pesco-Beam
       Numerous local business leaders
       You will learn to: Map the financial ecosystem of a rural community
      start and finance a regenerative business, attract and engage with
      local investors
       	You will be part of: Designing a business plan, and pitching the
      plan to the local banking and business community. 
       Throughout, you will integrate amazing insights on communication and
       Across cultures
       Across disciplines
       Across generations
       	Who Should Attend: Course is open to students, entrepreneurs, green
      business owners, bankers, philanthropists, investors, permaculture
      designers, community organizers, social entrepreneurs, attorneys,
      financial planners, accountants and local officials. While
      Permaculture is not a prerequisite, there will be a recommended
      reading list for the event.
       Sponsorships Available, Donations Welcome: We are looking for donors
      and sponsors. Sponsorships are available at several levels. Your
      donation to or sponsorship of this event will assist many aspiring or
      established green and social entrepreneurs attend. For more
      information, or to become a sponsor or donate, please follow this
       Blog It: If you would like to participate and are not able to
      attend, why not join our blog conversation now? You can link in
      before, during and after the event. For more see
      financialpermaculture.org <http://www.financialpermaculture.org/> and
      Catherine's blog at solari.com/blog <http://solari.com/blog/?cat=34>.
       	For further information: 	
       Website: Financial Permaculture
       Email: info@...
       Call: (888) 878-2434, Ext 2
       We will also maintain links at our home page and our Financial
      Permaculture <http://solari.com/events/financial-permaculture> event
      page at Solari.com.
       © Solari, Inc. 2008[/URLTEXT]http://www.solari.com[/LINK] 
       Disclaimer: Nothing in this Solari Update should be taken as
      individual investment advice. Anyone seeking investment advice for his
      or her personal financial situation is advised to seek out a qualified
      advisor or advisors and provide as much information as possible to the
      advisor in order that such advisor can take into account all relevant
      circumstances, objectives, and risks before rendering an opinion as to
      the appropriate investment strategy.
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