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Fw: "Homelessness Surges" As Funding "Falters"?...

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  • Eric Reinhardt
    ... From: Ben Tuso Subject: Fw: Homelessness Surges As Funding Falters ?... To: Undisclosed Recipients Date: Sunday,
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      Subject: Fw: "Homelessness Surges" As Funding "Falters"?...
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      Date: Sunday, February 1, 2009, 10:11 AM

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      "Homelessness Surges" as Funding "Falters"?...
      homeless populations, advocates and experts point to a bevy of evidence that homelessness
      is rising and will continue to, most notably among families with children. Shelters
      across the country report that more people are seeking emergency shelter and
      more are being turned away. In a report published in December, 330 school
      districts identified the same number or more homeless students in the
      first few months of the school year than they identified in
      the entire previous year. Meantime, demand is sharply up at
      soup kitchens, an indication of deepening hardship and potential
      homelessness... 'In the foreclosure crisis, the people being displaced
      from homes won't likely be on the street immediately', explains Michael
      Stoops, director of National Coalition for the Homeless. 'The people who
      have lost homes or tenants in homes that were foreclosed have downsized, and
      if that doesn't work they will move in with family and friends', says Stoops. 'After
      a while, they will move into their RV in a state campground. The next step is a car.
      And the worst nightmare for a working, middle-class person or even a wealthy person
      who has never experienced homelessness is knocking on a shelter door'... As the case of
      Seattle's CityTeam shelter illustrates, many nonprofits serving the poor are working on a
      shoestring, even in better times. Seattle-area donations to the shelter had to be supplemented
      from general funds, said Jeff Cherniss, chief financial officer of CityTeam, which operates
      shelters and food programs in five other U.S. cities... Every major source of funding is
      under pressure in the current environment: Charitable foundations (which rely on
      corporate profits for their seed money and investments to preserve and build those funds) 
      have been forced to pull back grants after taking a massive hit as corporate earnings faltered
      and stocks plunged. The National Council of Foundations recently estimated that philanthropic
      foundation endowments have lost $200 billion in value during the economic crisis..."
      MSNBC, By Kari Huus, Jan. 30, 2009
      For More On This, See ( http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28916152/ )
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