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New Article from the Libertarian Alliance - Celebrity Rape?

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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    New Article from The Libertarian Alliance Date: Wednesday the 11th September 2013, Immediate Release Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb 07956 472 199,
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      New Article from The Libertarian Alliance
      Date: Wednesday the 11th September 2013, Immediate Release
      Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
      07956 472 199, sean@...


      Celebrity Rape?
      by D.J. Webb

      We have seen a spate of accusations of sexual assault, and even rape, against people in the public eye. It seems clear that celebrities are often surrounded by groupies, people who expect to be subject to some kind of sexual contact, and it also seems clear that, even where such contact is unwelcome, accusations made many years after the fact contravene any possible concept of justice. There is no way to prove any of any individual historical accusations. Instead what we have is a “weight of evidence” approach, where accusations from 100 people claiming to have been groped in the 1970s are considered to more or less prove the case, although none of the individual claims can be proved or disproved. This removes the burden of proof from one of “beyond all reasonable doubt” to the one of the “balance of probabilities” accepted in civil cases. In many cases, the balance of probabilities is that some kind of repellent behaviour did go on, but that does not mean that our criminal justice system should find people guilty of serious crimes on the basis of such “evidence”. Continue reading


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