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From the Director of the Libertarian Alliance

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  • Sean Gabb
    Libertarian Alliance Director s Bulletin 6th April 2011 Dear All, Various things to report: 1. the Libertarian Alliance got front page of today s Daily
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2011
      Libertarian Alliance
      Director's Bulletin
      6th April 2011

      Dear All,

      Various things to report:

      1. the Libertarian Alliance got front page of today's Daily Telegraph,
      which has the biggest circulation of any broadsheet newspaper in the
      English-speaking world. My comments as reported were not particularly
      libertarian. But here they are:

      'Sean Gabb, of the campaign group Libertarian Alliance, said Mr Cameron
      should not apologise for Britain's past.
      'He said: "It's a valid historical point that some problems stem from
      British foreign policy in the 19th and 20th centuries, but should we feel
      guilty about that? I fail to see why we should.

      '"Some of these problems came about because these countries decided they
      did not want to be part of the British Empire. They wanted independence.
      They got it. They should sort out their problems instead of looking to
      us."' (James Kirkup, "David Cameron: Britain caused many of the world's
      problems", The Daily Telegraph, London, 6th April 2011)
      On the back of this, I did the following spot on the BBC:


      The sentences quoted are a ruthless summary of a very long conversation.
      Particularly left out was my confession of how my chest swells with pride
      whenever, on my various trips about the world, I come face to face with
      another vast statue of Queen Victoria. However, the Telegraph writer
      called because of this essay published in 2010:


      I'm doing an Irish programme on Sunday morning, to argue that English rule
      was a blessing. If this turns out to be my last bulletin as Director of
      the Libertarian Alliance, let me say now what an honour it has beenÂ….

      2. I'm doing a big speech in Brussels this Friday evening - all about the
      need for European political parties to pay attention to libertarian ideas.
      I hope to record this. If so, I will say more next week.

      3. I sort of attended the Interlibertarian conference last weekend in
      Lugano. What I mean is that, while my women were impatiently demanding a
      shopping trip, I sat down in my office at home and spoke until I ran out
      of things to say. I then cooked the video and sent it off to be shown to
      the delegates. Here is the video:


      4. The new website of the Libertarian Alliance is beginning to take shape.
      We now have all the Political Notes pdf files uploaded and arranged.
      Others are following from day to day. You can see here how far we've got:


      Please be tolerant of the "About" section. Some of the history of the LA
      is propaganda, and I am revving myself up to write as true a history as I
      can manage.

      And I'd be grateful if anyone out there could show me how to do drop-down
      menus with the CTI-Flex sub-Theme of Zen in Drupal. I spent last Sunday
      afternoon thumbing through jargon-ridden slabs of text, and looked up
      again none the wiser.

      More importantly, I want to get html text up of all the LA publications.
      For this, I do need volunteers. I need people with plenty of time on their
      hands, who can sit revising MSWord files. I will show you exactly how to
      do this. It's a matter largely of getting the title, author, date of
      publication and other details in the right sequence at the head of each
      document. There is also some light proofing to strip out unnecessary
      hyphens. There are 900 files that I've converted from pdf to doc, and I
      don't even begin to have the time to spend ten minutes on each. Volunteers
      would be most welcome.

      5. My friend Richard Blake has a new website. Here it is:


      It isn't finished yet, but does look rather lush.

      6. Kevin Carson has done me the great honour of reviewing my Churchill
      Memorandum. Here it is:


      That's all for now.

      Best wishes,


      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)
      sean@... Tel: 07956 472 199
      Skype Username: seangabb


      Wikipedia Entry: http://tinyurl.com/23jvoz

      What would England and the world have been like in 1959 if there had been
      no Second World War? For one possible answer, read Sean Gabb's new novel
      "The Churchill Memorandum". If you like Bulldog Drummond and Biggles and
      the early James Bond, this will be right up your street:
      http://tinyurl.com/39lpade. Don't be frightened of the TinyURL - the
      original is just too long for a sig file.
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