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Message from Sean Gabb re Libertarian Alliance Matters

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  • Sean Gabb
    Dear All, It s the time of year again when I start nagging people about the highest point in the English political calendar. I refer, of course, to the annual
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2010
      Dear All,

      It's the time of year again when I start nagging people about the highest
      point in the English political calendar. I refer, of course, to the annual
      conference of the Libertarian Alliance. This will take place over the
      weekend of the 30th and 31st October, and, as ever, will be in the
      National Liberal Club in London. Our speakers involve representatives of
      all three parties. There will Be Steve Baker, the most outspokenly
      libertarian of the new Tory MPs. You may recall that he has recently
      introduced a Bill into Parliament that would strip banks of their right to
      create money. There will be Jock Coats, a prominent Liberal Democrat and
      geo-mutualist libertarian. There will be Peter Tatchell. Yes - I know he
      isn't nowadays a member of the Labour Party. But he's a brave and
      interesting leftie. And there will be so many more.

      Go here to see the brochure and electronic booking form:


      Do bear in mind that we usually run out of places in the last week before
      the conference. If you want to be sure of a place, do book soon. Do also
      tell us of any dietary requirements. The usual joke I make on these
      occasions is to promise a main course of shellfish wrapped in bacon and
      cooked in port, and served with a helping of pure gluten. If you book, or
      have booked, and you don't tell me you want the veggie alternative, you
      will get something decidedly non
      kosher/halal/Mormon-friendly/gluten-free/low calory. You have now been

      My next point it to remind you of our £1,000 essay prize. Look here for
      the details, and do feel free - indeed, beseeched - to blog them:


      One amendment I would make to the rules is that you don't need to send me
      a hard copy. I have been told that this would be an unfair restriction on
      entrants from outside England. Therefore, entrants from anywhere in the
      universe are welcome to send me hard copies as well, but electronic
      submission will do.

      Finally, I can tell you that my dear friend, Richard Blake, the
      critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novelist, has now
      been translated into Italian, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovak and
      Chinese. His "Sword of Damascus", which is all about Islam and weapons of
      mass-destruction, will come out in 2011. His "Churchill Memorandum", which
      is a thriller set in a 1959 where the Second World War hadn't happened,
      will come out just as soon as he can find a publisher. Mr Blake may put in
      appearance at the conference, and will be happy to sign copies of his

      Best regards,

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