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Libertarian Alliance - Conference Details and £1000 Prize Offer

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  • Sean Gabb
    Dear All, I am writing to remind you that the Libertarian Alliance Conference will be held at the National Liberal Club in London on the weekend of the 30th
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      Dear All,

      I am writing to remind you that the Libertarian Alliance Conference will
      be held at the National Liberal Club in London on the weekend of the 30th
      and 31st October 2010. If you wish to attend this most glittering event in
      the calendar of the British - No, the European! - libertarian movement,
      you should register now. For the past few years, we have been overbooked,
      and many people have been disappointed. Therefore, do book now, if you do
      not wish to be among the unlucky few who come whining to us in the week
      before the conference starts.

      Here are the details:


      Now to the matter of the £1000. In honour of our Founder and first
      President, Chris R. Tame (1949-2006), it is our custom to give £1000 to
      the writer of the best essay on a theme announced by me. Sadly, we have
      not so far been able to confirm sponsorship for this year's competition.
      However, the President and Director of the Libertarian Alliance have
      decided to underwrite this competition from their own pockets. Therefore,
      the competition is on for this year, and I will announce the title in the
      next few days.

      If anyone wants to sponsor this year's competition - you do get your name
      mentioned by us with the greatest respect - please contact me as soon as
      possible: Tim and I are not rich men! Otherwise, do stand by for details
      of the essay title.

      In closing, I would draw your attention to the novels mentioned in the
      footer to this message. Mr Blake has been called a writer of the most
      blazing and unforgettable genius, whose writings may even have increased
      the number of alien abductions because of their fame beyond this planet.
      If you possibly can get hold of one of his books, you will be richly
      rewarded. Indeed, since there are now translations of the novels of
      Richard Blake into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak and Chinese,
      I would suggest that they make the ideal
      Christmas/Hannukah/Diwali/Eid/Kwanzaa/birthday present for all your
      friends and loved ones.

      And just for the sake of telling you, Mr Blake's next novel, "Sword of
      Damascus", is now at the page proofs stage. And his "Churchill
      Memorandum", a novel in an entirely different genre, is approaching
      completion. Do not regard my friend Mr Blake as a one-book wonder!


      Sean Gabb

      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)
      sean@... Tel: 07956 472 199
      Skype Username: seangabb


      Wikipedia Entry: http://tinyurl.com/23jvoz

      Buy these novels by Richard Blake: "Conspiracies of Rome"
      <http://tinyurl.com/l8uj8r> ("Fascinating to read, very well written, an
      intriguing plot" Derek Jacobi); "Terror of Constantinople"
      <http://tinyurl.com/n9ugw3> ("Nasty, fun and educational" The Daily
      Telegraph); "Blood of Alexandria" <http://tinyurl.com/356mwdr>. "Sword of
      Damascus" will be published in June 2011. Buy them for your own enjoyment.
      Buy them as presents for your friends and loved ones.
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