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Chris Tame Memorial Lecture etc

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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    Director s Bulletin 26th March 2010 Greetings to all. Here are some of the latest doings of the Libertarian Alliance: 1. The third Annual Chris R. Tame
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      Director's Bulletin
      26th March 2010

      Greetings to all. Here are some of the latest doings of the Libertarian

      1. The third Annual Chris R. Tame Memorial Lecture and Drinks Reception

      Date: Monday 10th May 2010 between 6.30pm and 9.00pm at the National
      Liberal Club, One Whitehall Place, London SW1 (nearest tube Embankment).
      Subject: Public Goods and Private Action: How Voluntary Action Can Provide
      Law, Welfare and Infrastructure – and Build a Good Society
      Speaker: Dr. Stephen Davies

      The dress code for this event is lounge suit or smart casual.
      To confirm your attendance please RSVP Dr. Helen Evans at

      Dr. Stephen Davies is Program Officer for the Institute of Humane Studies.
      He joined HIS from the UK where he was Senior Lecturer in the Department
      of History and Economic History at Manchester Metropolitan University. He
      has worked at IHS before, in 1991 and in 1992-93, as well as teaching at
      many Summer Seminars and events over the years. He has also been a
      Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Bowling
      Green. A historian, he graduated from St. Andrews University in Scotland
      in 1976 and grained his PhD from the same institution in 1984. He was
      co-editor with Dr. Nigel Ashford of The Dictionary of Conservative and
      Libertarian Thought (Routledge, 1991) and wrote several entries for The
      Encyclopedia of Libertarianism edited by Ronald Hamowy (Sage, 2008),
      including the general introduction. He is also the author of Empiricism
      and History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003) and of several articles and essays
      on topics including the private provision of public goods and the history
      of crime and criminal justice. He has recently completed a book on the
      history of the world since 1250 and the origins of modernity. Among his
      other interests are science fiction and the fortunes of Manchester City.
      Dr. Davies works on many of the Institute’s educational programs, teaches
      at summer seminars, liaises with the HIS faculty network, and provides
      academic career advice and support to graduate students.

      2. Public CIB Meeting - Free Admission, Saturday 17th April 2010, 2.30pm
      to 4.30pm

      CARRS LANE CHURCH CENTRE, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX (10 minutes walk
      from city centre New Street station) See website www.carrslane.co.uk for

      TIME FOR TRUTH: Who Speaks for the People of Britain?

      In the Chair: GEORGE WEST - Chairman, Campaign for an Independent Britain


      Dr. SEAN GABB, Director The Libertarian Alliance
      FIONA McEVOY, The Taxpayers Alliance, West Midlands
      STUART NOTHOLT, Vice-Chairman Campaign for an Independent Britain &
      organiser of General Election “Candidate 2010”

      Published by The Campaign for an Independent Britain
      www.eurosceptic.org.uk For 35 years, CIB has led efforts to safeguard our
      nation’s sovereignty. We are a democratic, independent and strictly
      remaining a non-party political pressure group, supported by membership
      subscriptions and donations from members of the public. Our objective is
      Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union whilst maintaining trading
      and friendly relations with other countries. Enquiries 07092 857684

      3. Sean Gabb in The Daily Express

      The front page headline in today's issue of The Daily Express is "New EU
      Gestapo spies on Britons" (http://tinyurl.com/y85av9r). This is all about
      the latest outrage from the European Union, and carries a long quotation
      from the Thoughts of Director Gabb. He says: "It doesn’t surprise me that
      Europol has been handed these rather frightening powers,... We now live in
      a pan-European state so it was to be expected that it would have a federal
      police force with powers over us....There is a real danger that opposition
      to EU policies could make an individual liable to arrest.... For example,
      if Brussels adopts a hard-line stance on climate change, it’s conceivable
      that someone who broadcasts their scepticism of climate change may be
      accused of committing an environmental crime because they have undermined
      the EU’s efforts to save mankind."

      4. Sean Gabb in Vdare

      I have written two articles this year for Peter Brimelow's on-line journal
      VDare (http://vdare.com/gabb/index.htm). These are both about the
      persecution by the British State of the British National Party. I have had
      a few displeased comments on these. However, what is now being done to the
      BNP provides a good summary of how totalitarian England has become in the
      past few decades. It would all have been unthinkable back in the days when
      I used to amuse my friends with predictions of a police state. Another
      point worth making is that libertarians are allowed to defend the BNP, but
      only in this way: "I hate and deplore these evil men. I am myself
      Jewish/gay/transgendered/one-third-Tibetan. But, purely from a (possibly
      misguided) commitment to old-fashioned liberalism, I do beg you not to put
      them in prison." To take this line is to concede moral hegemony to the
      left. You probably get away with defending the rights of the BNP in much
      the same way as camp entertainers like Liberace and Larry Grayson were
      seldom denounced as homosexuals. You do nothing to defend freedom of
      speech. A better defence is as follows: "Nick Griffin and his friends
      should have an absolute right to speak as they please on public issues.
      This was an unquestioned right in England before 1965. So far as it is no
      longer a right, we no longer live in a free country."

      5.Sean Gabb on Television

      On the 7th March 2010, I went on the BBC1 television programme "The Big
      Questions". My subject was whether voting should be made compulsory. The
      assumption behind the debate was that: voting is good, people are not
      voting in the right numbers, and so what should be done to raise the
      turnout? I disrupted proceedings by pointing out that people are not
      voting because the politicians are all scum. You can view my contribution
      here: http://www.vimeo.com/10010978

      6. Speech on Libertarianism

      On the 17th March 2010, I gave a speech to the Politics Society of The
      Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School on libertarianism. I only had twenty
      minutes for may own speech, followed by twenty of questions, and this had
      to be a basic introduction. But I think I covered the main points. You can
      find the speech here:

      7. Libertarian Alliance Meetings

      Our friends over at the other Libertarian Alliance continue with their
      monthly meetings. I can hardly ever get up to London to attend these. But
      they always look very interesting, and I receive endless reports of how
      interesting they have been. For details of the next meeting, contact David
      McDonagh for details: mcdonagh_d@...

      8. Richard Blake Activities

      Just before Christmas, my dear friend Mr Blake put the finishing touches
      to his masterpiece "Blood of Alexandria". This is a sensitive account of
      land reform and mass-murder in late Byzantine Egypt. It will be published
      by Hodder & Stoughton in June 2010. You can pre-order copies from Amazon:
      http://tinyurl.com/yb4qvms He is now putting the last touches to his
      "Sword of Damascus", which is a novel about Greek Fire and how the Arabs
      never laid hands on the secret. This will not be available until June
      2011. But Mr Blake believes in having a long pipeline. Once "Sword of
      Damascus" is completed - probably in the next fortnight - he will settle
      properly to work on an as yet untitled thriller. It is set in the July of
      2014. This is a world in which neither world wars happened. The map is
      still impressively red. The pound is worth a pound. The Triple Monarchy
      rules Central Europe with benign inefficiency. America, following the
      Second Civil War (1923-8), has become a nightmarish tyranny where a man
      can be shot on the spot for smoking. There is a serial sex killer on the
      prowl in London and Prague....

      9. Sean Gabb on Facebook

      I was nagged into joining this a few weeks ago. Unlike Linkedin, that was
      a complete waste of time, this has been most interesting.

      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)
      sean@... Tel: 07956 472 199
      Skype Username: seangabb


      Wikipedia Entry: http://tinyurl.com/23jvoz

      Buy these novels by Richard Blake: "Conspiracies of Rome"
      <http://tinyurl.com/l8uj8r> ("Fascinating to read, very well written, an
      intriguing plot" Derek Jacobi); "Terror of Constantinople"
      <http://tinyurl.com/n9ugw3> ("Nasty, fun and educational" The Daily
      Telegraph) "Blood of Alexandria" will be published in June 2010, "Sword of
      Damascus" in June 2011. Reserve your copies now on Amazon
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