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Sean Gabb - Director's Bulletin

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  • Sean Gabb
    Director s Bulletin 9th November 2009 I would have written this Bulletin several weeks ago. However, I can supply many excuses for not having lifted a finger.
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      Director's Bulletin
      9th November 2009

      I would have written this Bulletin several weeks ago. However, I can
      supply many excuses for not having lifted a finger. The most convincing –
      and perhaps the truest – is that I have been installing Windows 7
      Professional 64 bit. Mr Gates wrote to me at the beginning of October,
      offering me a copy of his latest operating software at the hard to refuse
      price of £30. So I paid him and downloaded the software. Installing it
      went like a dream. I didn’t have to download a single driver. It then took
      several weeks to get the whole system working as I wanted. But I have now
      been able to fit 8Gb of RAM and give myself what may be more computing
      power than NASA had in 1969. Many of my friends are hostile to the idea of
      intellectual property rights. So, for that matter, am I. No doubt, though,
      Mr Gates does make exceedingly good software. On this occasion, he well
      deserved his £30. So here goes with the Bulletin.

      The LA Conference

      Our London conference went off very well. As usual, we were solidly
      booked, and we had to turn away a few last minute arrivals. The speeches
      were uniformly good. Guido Fawkes gave an interesting and entertaining
      speech at the dinner. This year, moreover, we seem to have got the video
      recording right. I bought a Canon HG10 high definition video camera late
      last year. This gave me something like television quality video footage.
      As with all cheapish video cameras, however, the sound quality was rather
      drossy. So, a few weeks back, I bought a Rode external microphone. This
      perked the sound up no end. I didn’t get round to hiring the builders’
      lights that I kept promising myself. Even so, I think the quality of the
      video footage is remarkably good. Many thanks to Mario Huet for manning
      the camera.

      You can see the video footage for yourselves by going here:

      Other Video Files

      Now that I can process high definition video at better than real time
      speeds, I’ve decided to start taking full advantage of the Vimeo account I
      bought earlier this year, and to upload much better versions of stuff I
      first made available via Google Video. So please keep an eye on my Vimeo
      account - http://www.vimeo.com/seangabb. I plan to upload 5Gb a week of
      video. This will include the celebrated Botsford Archive.

      The Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize

      You may recall that this year’s title was “Can a Libertarian also be a
      Conservative?” I had a number of interesting submissions. After much
      thought, I decided to award the prize to Antoine Clarke. I thought his
      submission was the best. What most impressed me was that he went beyond
      the reading matter that I suggested, and he used a quotation from Lord
      Acton in a most relevant way. We shall publish his essay just as soon as
      our Editorial Director has found the time to set to work.

      Personal Message

      At the Conference, I met two people who turned out to be neighbours of
      mine here in Deal. One of them must walk past my front door every time he
      goes to the chip shop. Well, with the Baby Bear now jabbering away and
      insisting on endless viewings of Eddie Cantor in Keep Young and Beautiful
      and Melina Mercouri in ta pa?d?? t?? ?e??a?? (both courtesy of YouTube),
      Mrs Gabb and I aren’t up to much entertaining. But we can certainly offer
      coffee. So do please get in touch.

      Libertarian Outreach

      In the past month, I have written articles for Gay Times and for VDare.
      The first was about drug legalisation. Sadly, Gay Times doesn’t put it
      stuff on-line. So, if you want to read my case, you’ll have to put on dark
      glasses and brave the giggles of Miss Patel in her school uniform as you
      shamble round your local newsagent – unless, of course, you already
      subscribe. The second you can read here: http://www.vdare.com/gabb/index.htm

      I’m rather pleased with this and with my other articles for VDare. What
      I’m trying to do is to make a case against the British National Party that
      doesn’t rely on smears. I don’t believe the BNP is nowadays a national
      socialist party. Much of what it says – and almost certainly believes – is
      attractive to millions of people in this country. I admire Nick Griffin
      for his courage for standing his ground in our post-modern police state. I
      doubt if I’d be half so brave were Libertarianism to become as unpopular
      with the authorities as white nationalism is. This being said, he and the
      entire leadership of the BNP are tainted by what they used to believe. It
      would be a shame if they were to become the only alternative to the
      political cartel that now governs England. And I am able to say this to an
      audience that has not so far been exposed to honest criticism of the BNP.

      Other than this, I’ve done quite a lot of radio. And I do promise, now my
      computer is so wonderfully powerful, to start recording and uploading all
      this again.

      Libertarian Alliance Meetings

      Our friends over at the other Libertarian Alliance continue with their
      monthly meetings. I can hardly ever get up to London to attend these. But
      they always look very interesting, and I receive endless reports of how
      interesting they have been.

      The next meetings are:

      On Monday, 9 November David McDonagh will talk on “Why Classical
      Liberalism faded after 1860.”

      On Monday 14 December, Kristian Niemietz will talk on “20 Years After: The
      Fall and Rise of Socialism in East Germany”

      On Monday 11 January 2010 Antoine Clarke will talk on “The Wisdom of

      Contact David McDonagh for details: mcdonagh_d@...

      Libertarian Holidays

      With my two women, I went on holiday in September to Crete. This was my
      own fifth time there, and Mrs Gabb’s second. This was the first time we
      had a child with us, and that would always have made it a more difficult
      time. However, the Baby Bear behaved herself remarkably well. Our problem
      was the Greeks. They joined the Euro on the basis of massive false
      accounting, and an optimistic rate of exchange, and then allowed an
      inflation of costs to continue that has now made their price level into a
      joke. A result of this was that Crete was almost empty of tourists. Most
      of the coastal resorts were almost empty. The historical and
      archaeological sites were abandoned. Unfortunately, rather than cut prices
      in an attempt to attract the remaining business, the response of the
      taverna proprietors has been to rip off every foreigner who steps through
      the door. We spent a fortnight paying about three times more for
      indifferent kebabs than the Turks round the corner charge here in Deal.

      Also, I find myself increasingly dismissive of the modern Greeks. When I
      was first out there in 1987, I found that they could mostly understand me
      if I spoke slowly in their strange pronunciation. Nowadays, they seem so
      pleased with the ugly patois they call Greek that they cannot even follow
      quotations from the New Testament. Indeed, on our second Sunday, I
      insisted on attending a church service. The church was empty except for
      some German tourists. The priest responded to my carefully phrased
      greeting with the sort of stare you get from a caged animal. He and his
      deacon raced through the service as if they were trying for a record, then
      ran out of the church. Mrs Gabb and I stayed awhile to look at some
      decidedly sub-Byzantine icons and much evidence of mind-rotting
      superstition. Then we went shopping.

      No, my dear readers, if you want a holiday in the Mediterranean, my advice
      is to avoid Greece. The people nowadays are too degenerate and the prices
      too high. A better place by far is Bodrum in Turkey. The Turks in general
      are a fine people – proud and clean and brave. Bodrum in particular is a
      superb holiday resort. Within a five hour radius of the places, you have
      Ephesus, Miletus, Hierapolis, Laodicea and Aphrodisias, and many other
      places of note. There are golf courses, shops, watersports, bars,
      restaurants, and at least two branches of the Migros supermarket. The
      moderately Islamic government there has decided to squeeze the taxpayers
      with high duties on drink. But cigarettes are still a pound a packet, and
      the Turkish police usually leave foreign tourists alone who break the
      Euro-style public smoking ban.

      And the jewel of Bodrum, in my view, is the Hotel Karia Princess. Owned
      and run by libertarians, this is a five star establishment, boasting a
      swimming pool, gymnasium, Turkish bath and some of the best cuisine in the
      Eastern Mediterranean: http://www.kariaprincess.com

      The summer season in Bodrum can be rather oppressive, wherever you choose
      to stay. But, outside the summer season, I can think of no better place to
      stay than the Hotel Karia Princess. Try it out. If you haven’t been there
      already – and I have stayed there four times now – you will be astonished
      and delighted. My friend Mr Blake even tells me that, once his Blood of
      Alexandria has made him filthy rich, he will become a permanent guest there.

      Any Other Business?

      I think the Libertarian Alliance is holding a Christmas reception in
      December. Stand by for announcements on this. I shall be speaking to some
      undergraduates at Warwick University on the 19th November. My subject will
      be something like “Libertarianism: Left or Right?” I plan, between now and
      Christmas, to convert twenty audio tapes of interviews that Chris Tame
      conducted with Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon and upload these to the Web.
      I will give much moral support to Mr Blake while he works on The Sword of
      Damascus, which is a long novel about weapons of mass destruction during
      the early wars between Byzantium and the Caliphate. Like everything else
      he writes, this will all be in the best possible taste.

      Oh – and is there anyone out there who has a socket 775 quad core
      processor he no longer wants? Donate this to me, and Mr Blake will send
      you an autographed copy of his Terror of Constantinople. You may recall
      that this received a most flattering review in The Daily Telegraph:


      Best wishes to all,


      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance
      Tel: 07956 472 199 07956 472 199


      FREE download of my book - Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How
      Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back
      Wikipedia Entry

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    • Sean Gabb
      Dear All, I ve just returned from a quick shamble to the Post Office with another bag of books. In Sainsbury, I skimmed all the newspapers. I found this in
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        Dear All,

        I've just returned from a quick shamble to the Post Office with another
        bag of books. In Sainsbury, I skimmed all the newspapers. I found this in
        "The Daily Mail":


        It's an article by Melanie Phillips and it titled "We were fools to think
        the fall of the Berlin Wall had killed off the far Left. They're back -
        and attacking us from within". The key paragraphs are:

        "Soviet Communism was a belief system whose goal was to overturn the
        structures of society through the control of economic and political life.
        This mutated into a post-communist ideology of the Left, whose no-less
        ambitious aim was to overturn western society through a subversive
        transformation of its culture....

        "But as communism slowly crumbled, those on the far-Left who remained
        hostile towards western civilisation found another way to realise their
        goal of bringing it down.

        "This was what might be called 'cultural Marxism'. It was based on the
        understanding that what holds a society together are the pillars of its
        culture: the structures and institutions of education, family, law, media
        and religion. Transform the principles that these embody and you can thus
        destroy the society they have shaped.

        "This key insight was developed in particular by an Italian Marxist
        philosopher called Antonio Gramsci. His thinking was taken up by Sixties
        radicals - who are, of course, the generation that holds power in the
        West today.

        "Gramsci understood that the working class would never rise up to seize
        the levers of 'production, distribution and exchange' as communism had
        prophesied. Economics was not the path to revolution.

        "He believed instead that society could be overthrown if the values
        underpinning it could be turned into their antithesis: if its core
        principles were replaced by those of groups who were considered to be
        outsiders or who actively transgressed the moral codes of that society.

        "So he advocated a 'long march through the institutions' to capture the
        citadels of the culture and turn them into a collective fifth column,
        undermining from within and turning all the core values of society
        upside-down and inside-out."

        It's a good article and is worth reading in full. I mention it, however,
        because Mrs Phillips might have been quoting from my book "Cutlural
        Revolution, Culture War" (http://tinyurl.com/34e2o3). Indeed, I know that
        someone bought 50 copies of this two years ago and set them out to various
        opinion formers among whom was Mrs Phillips.

        I don't normally boast about influence. However, I had a long conversation
        yesterday with a friend who was rather depressed about the Libertarian
        Alliance's lack of impact in British politics. This is my answer. I will
        not claim that I am the only person putting this argument - the phrase
        "cultural Marxism" shows at least as much influence on Mrs Phillips by
        Paul Gottfried as by me. And there is no reason to suppose that many other
        people have not been able to work this out for themselves without writing
        books about it. However, I do think it reasonable to claim that I have
        *helped*, since I began writing about "The Enemy Class" back in 2001, to
        provide the conservative and libertarian movement in this country with a
        narrative that explains what has happened in England over the past few

        I shall be happier when journalists like Mrs Phillips start repeating my
        solution to the problem - a stern counter-revolution in which the whole of
        the activist State is shut down. But this will do for the moment.

        Therefore, if you have been subscribing to the Libertarian Alliance for
        the past ffew years, here is some evidence that your contributions have
        not been in vain.

        Best wishes,


        Sean Gabb
        Director, The Libertarian Alliance
        Tel: 07956 472 199 07956 472 199


        FREE download of my book - Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How
        Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back
        Wikipedia Entry

        Libertarian Alliance home
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