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Libertarian Alliance Bulletin June 2009

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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    From Sean Gabb to: Yahoo Group: Libertarian Debaters Libertarian Alliance – Director’s Bulletin, 2nd June 2009 3 June, 2009
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      From Sean Gabb to: Yahoo Group: Libertarian Debaters

      Libertarian Alliance – Director’s Bulletin, 2nd June 2009
      3 June, 2009

      Director’s Bulletin
      2nd June 2009

      New Libertarian Alliance Publications
      Media Appearances
      Speaking Engagements
      Property and Freedom Society Conference in Turkey
      Libertarian Alliance Events
      Libertarian Alliance Book Recommendation
      Libertarian Alliance Conference
      Video Hosting Service Wanted


      My Baby Bear has worn me out, but my new novel is now finished, give or
      take the revisions. Though I have much else to do as well, I am now able
      to spend more time on Libertarian Alliance duties. So, here is my new

      New Libertarian Alliance Publications

      Keith Preston, Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy,
      Economic Notes, No 112
      Kevin Dowd, Lessons from the Financial Crisis: A Libertarian Perspective,
      Economic Notes, No 111

      While on the subject of publications, I will take the opportunity here to
      announce to the whole world what I have been telling people for several
      years in e-mails of response. If there is anything published by us that
      you want to republish, on the Internet or in hard copy, please feel free
      to do so. We do not ask for payment. We do not require to be asked in
      advance, or to be sent copies of republished material. In return for this
      general licence, we ask the following:

      * That the Author and the Libertarian Alliance should receive full
      attribution in any republication;.
      * That the Author’s words should not be edited to bring him or the
      Libertarian Alliance into hatred, ridicule or contempt;
      * That if a work is republished by any organisation that normally pays
      for material, the Author should receive fair payment.

      Media Appearances

      I am on the radio sometimes three times a week. For example, I had a good
      row on the BBC yesterday with someone from the Fabian Society. I accused
      him of talking like a burst water main. He called me a fascist for not
      agreeing that people should be forced to go out and vote in elections,
      whether or not the candidates were any good. Sadly, I was too
      disorganised to record the event. Also, since my Great Reformat of April,
      I still have not reinstalled my software for recording BBC programmes
      from the Internet. I promise to try harder over the next few months.

      Speaking Engagements

      I have spoken during the past few months at the following meetings:

      Monday, 16th February 2009, 7:30pm – Conservative Future meeting,
      Westminster. I did have my video camera with me. However, I spoke from
      beside an air conditioning machine, and thought it best to leave the
      camera turned off. Instead, I wrote my speech up. you can find it here:


      Sunday, 22nd February 2009, 2pm – Marlborough Group meeting, The Town
      Hall, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1AL. I spoke here about the need for
      conservatives to bear in mind that all the things they have defended for
      the past hundred years have now been destroyed or co-opted, and that
      conservatives must start to think how conservative values in the future
      can be embodied in what may have to be a revolutionary settlement. I
      recorded this meeting, and you can see the video at


      Thursday, 26th February 2009, The Oxford Union. I opposed the motion
      "This House Would Restrict The Free Speech of Extremists". I spoke very
      well, and was told that my speech was the best of the evening. The Oxford
      Union, though, does not allow recording, and so my burst of eloquence is
      now a fading memory.

      March and April 2009, various school debates on the European Union.
      Again, I was not able to record most of these. But here is one rather low
      grade recording that I did make. I will upload this in the next few days
      and send out another announcement.

      Property and Freedom Society Conference in Turkey

      At the end of May, I attended the fourth annual conference of the
      Property and Freedom Society in Turkey. As ever, this was an
      intellectually glittering occasion. I have published my own speech "What
      is the Ruling Class" here: http://www.seangabb.co.uk/flcomm/flc183.htm. I
      also helped make a full video record of the whole conference. Most of the
      recordings are of excellent quality, and these will be uploaded to the
      Internet within the next few weeks.

      Libertarian Alliance Events

      Tuesday 17th March 2009 - The Second Annual Chris R. Tame Memorial
      Lecture. Professor Kevin Dowd: Lessons from the Financial Crisis: A
      Libertarian Perspective. Text of this lecture available at:


      Video available at:


      Monday 8th June 2009 – a meeting of the other Libertarian Alliance.
      Christian Michel, European Director of the Libertarian Alliance and
      President of the Libertarian International, will speak on "Why We have
      Rights". Christian is a profound thinker and brilliant speaker and
      writer. I regret that I must look after my Baby Bear all day next Monday.
      But I do urge all who can to go to this meeting.

      The meeting will start at 7:00pm in the upstairs room at The Camden Head,
      100 High Street, London NW1 0LU, which is near Mornington Crescent tube
      station and the
      statute of Richard Cobden. Admission Free

      Libertarian Alliance Book Recommendation

      My very dear friend, Richard Blake, that his latest novel, The Terror of
      Constantinople has met with universal applause. The hardback edition has
      now sold out, and Hodder and Stoughton are considering whether to reprint
      or to break out the export paperbacks. You can order copies from Amazon
      at http://tinyurl.com/bgx5a2. You really should order a copy – preferably
      two or three dozen copies.

      Here is a fine review of the novel by Kevin Carson, the great mutualist


      Here is another fine review by L. Neil Smith, the great science fiction
      novelist and equally great radical libertarian:


      And I must recommend Kevin Carson’s own new book, Organization Theory. In
      a sense, the main point of the book is hardly new to libertarians – that
      the big business capitalism we see around us is not the same as a free
      market. But Mr Carson makes his case with an accumulation of evidence and
      a consistent radicalism of analysis, that I doubt if any libertarian can
      finish the book without having undergone some kind of transformation. The
      book is a brilliant and original contribution to libertarian thought in
      the broadest sense, and will soon be accepted as one of the classics of
      our movement.

      I will review Organization Theory as soon as I have decided where I agree
      and where I disagree with it. In the meantime, you can buy copies here:

      Buy now and buy often. $39.99 sounds a lot of money. But divide this by
      656 pages of analysis that ranges between the interesting and the
      brilliant – and you will agree that copies would make excellent Christmas

      Libertarian Alliance Conference

      This has been set for the last weekend in October 2009 at the National
      Liberal Club in London. I will send out a separate announcement regarding
      speakers and subjects. However, bearing in mind the continuing economic
      collapse, we have decided for a second year to keep the conference fee at
      the old rate of ?85. So many of our friends have now lost their jobs and
      are facing hard times in the year ahead, that we feel obliged to dip
      further into our reserves to subsidise the conference. Do stand by for
      more detailed announcements.

      Video Hosting Service Wanted

      For the past few years, I have been uploading large amounts of video to
      Googlevideo. This service is no longer available, and I am in urgent need
      of a new hosting service. Can anyone suggest an alternative? The
      Libertarian Alliance is able to pay a reasonable price for this. What we
      want is a hosting service that will not go out of business in the near
      future, that will allow our videos to be found right across the Internet,
      and that is not worried by hour after hour of speeches in 500MB files.

      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance
      Tel: 07956 472 199
      FREE download of my book – Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How
      Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back
      Wikipedia Entry
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