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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    Director s Bulletin 9th December 2008 Introduction Book Recommendations 1 Book Recommendations 2 Libertarian Alliance Conference Eton College Media Appearances
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2008
      Director's Bulletin
      9th December 2008
      Book Recommendations 1
      Book Recommendations 2
      Libertarian Alliance Conference
      Eton College
      Media Appearances
      Negative Scanner Wanted


      I will begin by wishing a Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates
      these things, and a Happy Holiday Season to those who don't. You can see
      my personal card here: http://www.seangabb.co.uk/christmas.htm

      Book Recommendation 1

      Richard Blake, who is a very dear friend of mine, has now published his
      first novel in Italian. La Cospirazione Papale. This has already received
      a most flattering review by Marian Halcombe. I urge all my Italian
      readers to go out and buy copies of this novel. It will make an excellent
      Christmas present for any Italian interested in how an Englishman sees
      his country in the seventh century. And Mr Blake promises that, unlike
      certain other popular novelists, he will never give a million pounds to
      the Labour Party. You can order your copies here:

      Book Recommendation 2

      I have discovered another box of my own first novel, The Column of
      Phocas. This means that after a year of being unavailable, it can now be
      offered again to the public. Again, it will make an excellent Christmas
      present for people who already have everything else. You can order copies
      from me directly at http://www.candidlist.demon.co.uk/hampden/phocas.htm
      All orders received will be sent out the same day. Again, I can promise
      that not a penny of the proceeds will go to the Labour Party - assuming,
      that is, the British State is not nowadays simply the executive wing of
      the Labour Party.

      Libertarian Alliance Conference

      This has been set for the last weekend in October 2009 at the National
      Liberal Club in London. As yet, we are unable to make any announcement
      regarding speakers or subjects. However, bearing in mind the continuing
      economic collapse, we have decided for a second year to keep the
      conference fee at the old rate of ?85. So many of our friends have now
      lost their jobs and are facing hard times in the year ahead, that we feel
      obliged to dip further into our reserves to subsidise the conference. Do
      stand by for more detailed announcements.

      Eton College

      On the 19th November 2008, I spoke about libertarianism to the Shelley
      Society at Eton College. I had always thought of Eton as a place where
      the boys were stuffed at night into cold and filthy dormitories and
      flogged all day into learning how to write Greek iambics. It is actually
      a most impressive place of learning. The boys were all polite, and they
      asked me some very interesting questions. How so many members of our
      ruling class emerged from here as thick as they are is a mystery.

      Media Appearances

      I have done about a dozen media appearances in the past month. Sadly, I
      have only bothered to record two of them. This is most remiss of me, I
      accept - indeed, which writing this, I was called by a Christian radio
      station and asked to comment on the Government's further steps towards
      banning tobacco. I made my comments without recording them. The recorded
      appearances are:

      My debate with Lord Levy on the 19th November 2008. This went out on BBC
      Radio 4's PM programme and was heard by millions of people.

      A comment on the Queen's Speech on Talk Sport Radio from the 3rd December

      Negative Scanner Wanted

      I have several thousand negatives from the Chris R. Tame collection of
      photographs. I want to have these scanned in for upload to the Internet.
      Is there anyone out there able and willing to lend me a good negative

      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance
      Tel: 07956 472 199


      FREE download of my book - Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How
      Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back
      Wikipedia Entry

      Libertarian Alliance home
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