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Libertarian Alliance Bulletin 1st July 2008

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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    To: Yahoo Group: Libertarian Debaters Dear All, here is our Director s Bulletin of the 1st July 2008 url at
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      To: Yahoo Group: Libertarian Debaters

      Dear All,

      here is our Director's Bulletin of the 1st July 2008
      url at http://www.libertarian.co.uk/about/bulletin-2008-07-01.htm

      Libertarian Alliance Conference, London, October 2008
      Jim & Sue Thornton Garden Party
      David Davis Campaign
      Libertarian Alliance Blog
      Sean Gabb Radio Discussion with Marxist Labour MP
      Sean Gabb Radio Discussion with Simon Hughes MP
      Sean Gabb Latest Publication
      Property and Freedom Society Conference Video Files
      Recommendations for Summer Reading


      I am at the moment tearingly busy. I have examinations to supervise and
      mark. I have one novel to finish and another to begin. I have two
      commissions for political books. I am trying to finish my long report on
      the Property and Freedom Society conference in Turkey. I am also looking
      after the Baby Bear whenever Mrs Gabb goes up to London to make money.

      All this explains why I have done so little this month for the
      Libertarian Alliance. However, I have not been completely idle. This
      Bulletin, though not a record of exceptional activity, is not completely

      Libertarian Alliance Conference

      Our 25th-26th October conference will, as usual, be at the National
      Liberal Club just by Trafalgar Square. This will be a fine event, with
      speakers from all over the world, including Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Aubrey de
      Gray, Guy Herbert, and Christian Michel - and ME!

      If you are European, you may think London far too expensive to visit just
      for a conference. If so, think again. The New Labour Terror has now
      brought on a collapse of the Pound. My wife was in one of the big London
      department stores earlier today, listening to some Czech tourists. They
      were crying out at the low prices, and buying everything in sight. If you
      are from the Eurozone, or if your own currency is pegged to the Euro, you
      will find London as cheap as I used to find Eastern Europe. If you do
      your Christmas shopping in Oxford Street - and the sales by then will be
      in full swing - you will probably save the cost of your flight, your
      hotel booking and the conference fee.

      If you are American, bad luck - the Dollar is going down even faster than
      the Pound. But we can offer "free" coffee, and the conference fee
      includes a really decent London club dinner. NO SMOKING is permitted on
      British territory in any structure enclosed by three walls and a roof -
      or the Metropolitan Police will either shoot you dead or detain you
      without charge until Christmas. You decide which is worse.

      Go here for more information and to book your place. If you are British,
      hurry - in the next few days, I will put the price up by £15!

      Jim & Sue Thornton Summer Garden Party

      On Saturday the 21st June, I braved our extortionate petrol prices - most
      of it tax for HMG - and drove off to Nottinghamshire, where Jim and Sue
      Thornton were having their summer garden party. I spoke for about ten
      minutes to a mixed group of Conservative Party activists and doctors from
      various local hospitals. This being England and in June, it rained
      steadily throughout the afternoon, and I spoke under cover.

      Because we had to keep the camera under cover, the sound quality is not
      brilliant. But here is a video record of the event:

      David Davis Campaign

      Further to our promise made last month, we have now sent our donation of
      £100 to the David Davis campaign. We did hope that Mr Davis would roundly
      condemn all detention without charge beyond 48 hours. Even so, his
      campaign is the closest the people of this country will have to a
      referendum on the police state that Labour has given us.

      Here are our publications on the David Davis campaign:

      Libertarian Alliance Blog

      For nearly two years now, the Libertarian Alliance has had its own blog.
      Filled with the writings of David Davis - our one, not the other one! -
      and virtually no one else, this is building up a reputation on the
      Internet for prompt and forthright comment on the horrors of England
      under the Brown Heel. You can find it here:

      Sean Gabb Discussion with Marxist Labour MP

      Last 12th June, I had a radio discussion with a Labour Member of
      Parliament about the new law brought in by Labour that allows six week
      internment of political prisoners. At the end of the discussion, I was
      asked if I would like a drink with the Honourable Member. I replied that
      if I met her, I would be unsure whether to laugh at her or vomit on her

      When I publicised this to a few members of my list, the recording of the
      discussion got 3,000 hits. I notice it was much enjoyed by members of the
      British National Party. One of my American friends suggested the wretched
      woman would be a waste of good vomit. Here is the discussion in full:

      Sean Gabb Radio Discussion with Simon Hughes MP

      On Tuesday the 24th June, I was called on at the last minute to discuss
      with Simon Hughes, a senior Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament,
      whether voting should be made compulsory in England. He spoke about the
      need to "renew" our democracy. I gave the man a good roasting over how he
      and his colleagues voted to deny us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
      The discussion is most notable, however, for being my daughter's first
      ever media appearance. Mrs Gabb had left her with me, and the BBC was
      good enough to accept both of us.

      Sean Gabb Latest Publication

      Here is the text and video of my speech to the Property and Freedom
      Society last May in Turkey. I spoke on Ancient Financial Markets. This
      may seem rather a dry subject, but is of some importance, bearing in mind
      the Marxist capture of Classical Studies during the past half century.
      The fiile is here:

      Property and Freedom Society Conference Video Files

      I will finish my conference report, but it has expanded to considerable
      length, and I feel some parts of it could be trimmed. But video files for
      the whole conference are now on the Internet. Some of these are of
      acceptable quality. Others have been savagely downgraded by Google Video.
      Of particular note, given the Supreme Court judgment of the past few
      days, is John Lott talking about guns. Here is the link to all the video

      As ever, I do most strongly recommend the Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum:

      And here is the Property and Freedom Society:

      Recommendations for Summer Reading

      Many of us are preparing to go on holiday. I will therefore make my
      recommendations for a good read on the beach.

      First, we have what has been called the novel of the century - a blazing
      masterpiece set in early mediaeval Rome. Conspiracies of Rome by Richard
      Blake was published by Hodder & Stoughton in February to immense acclaim,
      and translation rights have been sold for Spanish, Italian and Hungarian,
      with Czech rights presently in negotiation.

      The hardback sold out within a week. The British market is being supplied
      with the export paperback. The mass market paperback comes out at
      Christmas. I think EVERYONE on my list should run out and order ten
      copies, for distribution as presents to friends and loved ones.

      If one of your friends of loved ones is a film mogul in Hollywood, you
      should certainly give him a copy for Christmas or Hanukkah. It will make
      him drop his cigar and reach for his chequebook!

      Here it is:
      And here are some reviews if you doubt my word:

      Oh, but I will quote one of the reviews - this one from someone living in

      "I have not even finished reading the book and I feel safe in rating it 5
      stars. Living in Rome, I should be better informed as to its history and
      this book has given me not only the motivation to read more Roman history
      but a very good starting point! Buy this book! Keep it in your library

      Second, we have Crap: A Guide to Politics, by Terry Arthur. This is a
      revision and updating of a classic, first published in 1975, that helped
      me discover that I was a libertarian and not raving mad. The new version
      is just as entertaining as the original. You can buy it here:

      Third, we have Licensed to Hug by Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow. This
      has already made a splash in the newspapers with its denunciation of the
      Sexual Offenders Register maintained by the British Government and the
      requirement that about a third of the population should be checked
      against it before being allowed near children. My last mention of a book
      from Civitas was so damning that the book had to be withdrawn, and there
      was a crisis in the Conservative Party. But this one is well well worth

      Fourth, we have Old Nick's Guide to Happiness by Nicholas Dykes. This is
      a long philosophical novel in the tradition of Ayn Rand. Because Nicholas
      put an invalid ISBN on the cover, you cannot buy the book through Amazon.
      But you can order it directly:

      Fifth, we have Lodging of a Wayfaring Man by Paul Rosenberg. This is
      another philosophical novel - about how freedom fighters create their own
      alternative society on the Internet. You can buy it here:

      In closing, I wish you all a happy summer. The world economy has been
      messed up by big government and its handmaiden big business. But the sun
      still shines - everywhere, that is, except in England!

      Sean Gabb
      Director, The Libertarian Alliance
      Tel: 07956 472 199


      FREE download of my book - "Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How
      Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back" -
      Wikipedia Entry: http://tinyurl.com/23jvoz

      Libertarian Alliance home
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