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LA Publication on American Ship Building Industry

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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    Dear All, I am pleased to announce the publication of the following: American Shipbuilders in the Heyday of Sail: Entrepreneurs and the State , by Professor
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2007
      Dear All,

      I am pleased to announce the publication of the following:

      "American Shipbuilders in the Heyday of Sail: Entrepreneurs and the
      State", by Professor Larry J. Sechrest, Historical Notes No. 50

      ...The purpose of this essay is to revisit the American shipbuilding
      industry during that heyday of the sailing ship and to identify some of
      the reasons (1) why and to what extent American shipbuilders first
      succeeded and (2) why and to what extent they later retreated from the
      forefront. This topic is not merely economic in nature. To do it
      justice, one needs to understand not just economic principles and the
      general course of economic history. One also needs to be familiar with
      the technical issues of sailing ship design, construction, and
      performance. The author meets those criteria, since he is not only a
      professional economist, but also has long studied maritime history as
      well as being formally trained in the principles of naval architecture
      and yacht design.1 As will be discussed later, the fact that some
      writers in this field have not possessed such a diversity of knowledge
      may have led them to certain errors or misunderstandings....
      More at:

      The pdf document has many tables and figures that had to be cut from the
      html version.

      Now, this may be the last you hear during 2007 from the Libertarian
      Alliance and from me. If so, please accept our best wishes for 2008. I
      hope - though do not expect - that the coming year will be better for
      liberty than the last.

      And for those who are interested - and I am still replying to the several
      thousand e-mails of congratulation - there is a picture of me with the
      latest recruit to the cause of British libertarianism at:



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