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  • Bruce Porteous
    SLEEP-WALKING TOWARDS SLAVERY – THE COMING SLAVERY OF THE ANGLO-SAXON PEOPLE One of the fastest growing global businesses in the world today is the people
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2007
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      One of the fastest growing global businesses in the world today is the
      people business – providing skilled workers to meet the labour demand
      for growing economies. The rapid economic growth around the globe has
      put pressure on many employers for skilled staff. Even countries such as
      India, which have traditionally supplied skilled staff to overseas
      businesses (especially the IT sector), are now facing skills shortages
      themselves. Mature economies such as the European and Northern Asian
      economies have a growing skills shortage as their population’s age, and
      younger people move into non-traditional occupations.

      Over recent years whenever there is a financial crisis within the US
      economy has been for the Federal Reserve to inject more money into the
      banking system. Japan has also followed this policy to inflate its
      economy to stimulate domestic growth, but with a large current account
      surplus, has not been dependent on the inflow of overseas capital –
      rather has been an exporter of capital. The increase in the supply of
      dollars has flooded the world with liquidity, providing the capital to
      nations that were once America’s enemies to enable them to expand their
      economies to where they now threaten and compete with our very economic

      Meanwhile the world is experiencing one of the greatest shifts in
      economic power in history. The global economic dominance that the
      Anglo-Saxon nations have maintained for the last 200 years is now
      rapidly disappearing. America’s wealth continues to decline as the US
      dollar falls against the Euro as investors withdraw their capital before
      loosing all value on their investments. The US dollar is no longer being
      accepted as an international reserve currency, America is being replaced
      from being the dominant global economic power with the Euro Zone
      nations. The Euro will be become the only international accepted reserve
      currency, allowing the Euro Zone to become the dominant global economic

      Over recent years Central Banks in some countries (especially the USA
      and Japan) have inflated their money supply to provide domestic stimulus
      to their economies. This “created” money has flowed out from the
      Anglo-Saxon countries and Japan, providing the emerging economies
      (especially in Asia) with the capital to finance their rapid economic
      growth. Those Anglo-Saxon nations which have been operating with large
      current account deficits have benefited from their trading partners
      willingness to continual lending to finance their consuming habits and
      lifestyle. Now they are faced with the dilemma of being unable to
      attract the capital to finance its deficits and to maintain its current
      level of domestic growth, as well as to service its enormous debt. It is
      now resulting in the collapse of the US dollar.

      The Anglo-Saxon nations have traditionally plundered the world’s
      resources to maintain their extravagant standard of living. Now the
      emerging economies are aggressively competing for these same resources.
      Not only does this include exploiting the planet’s natural resources,
      but will also include competing for many of the most talented people
      with specialisied skills residing in the Anglo-Saxon nations. Those
      emerging economies with the new purchasing power now want to have the
      same quality of life that the Anglo-Saxon people have enjoyed. However,
      the planet does not have the natural resources or the advanced
      technology for the rest of the world to maintain the same extravagant
      lifestyle as Americans, British, Canadians, Australians and New
      Zealanders. There is growing competition for natural resources as well
      as the skills by emerging economies to develop to compete with the west.

      America has bought the world globalization – where capital has the
      freedom to exploit natural or human resources to maximum profits. US
      capital has in the past been able to move into third countries to take
      advantages of cheap labour to produce manufactured goods or services to
      gain profits to shareholders. With the collapse of the US dollar, some
      of the vary countries that America has exploited in the past will do the
      same – but with even less respect to human rights than American capital
      has shown in the past.

      Especially since WW2, some of the best brains and talent have been
      recruited to work in the USA which has had the money to attract the
      skills to help maintain the standard of living Americans now have. As
      the dollar declines, America will no longer be able to compete for this
      talent. The top skilled people will be recruited by those nations that
      can offer the best price. Global capital is now fleeing to Europe as a
      safe haven - this inflow of capital will stimulate economic growth in
      Europe, and the demand for skilled labour. The EU is becoming the
      economic powerhouse of the world,

      It is only a matter of time before the US dollar totally collapses. Each
      day is slides further and further down against the Euro. Soon it will be
      totally worthless. The collapse of the dollar will be followed by the
      collapse of the US economy and nation-wide poverty. Their populations
      will become destitute. There will be wide-spread economic hardship and
      starvation. The collapse of the US dollar will bring about economic
      turmoil and political instability around the world. It will bring about
      widespread hatred of the Anglo-Saxon nations, who will be blamed for the
      troubles of the world.

      People will become desperate to do anything to obtain money to live.
      They will accept extremely low wages if just to have sufficient money to
      survive. The USA will be come a fourth-world country – its people
      desperate. Its skilled workers and resources will be defenseless and
      ripe for plundering. Former international trading partners will set up
      factories in the USA using cheap labour – those working in those
      factories will be employed as slave labour. What we are about to see
      unfold over the coming months is increased competition for the world’s
      resources. This is just not just for oil and food – it will also be for
      the talent and skills necessary to maintain a modern industrial society.
      It will allow international capitalism to exploited human capital to
      maintain the factories and demands for keeping an advanced society.

      There will be a growing demand for skilled labour resources from the
      Anglo-Saxon nations by the European and Asian economies to meet their
      skills needs as their population ages. Human capital from the
      Anglo-Saxon nations will be plundered at will – their new taskmasters
      will not be generous with respecting employment laws as exist in our
      countries today. In Europe German has had a history in WW1 & WW2 of
      using slave labour on a large scale. This was also practiced by the
      Japanese. There is no reason why the same policies will not be adopted
      in the future.

      The export and recruitment of people is now a major international
      industry. Nations such as the Philippines earn more from the
      repartitions of income from overseas workers than international trade –
      it is their single largest export industry. Yet these nations do not
      have the same level of skilled workforce that resides in the Anglo-Saxon

      The reverse movement of talent and skills from North America to Europe
      will see some of the greatest migrations to take place in recent
      history. This migration will take place because a desperate people will
      be willing to accept anything just to survive. They will be willing to
      give up their freedom to provide the skills and technology to support
      the EU and Asian economies to survive. There will be no respect for
      individual rights and freedoms as we have today – amongst many of these
      nations there is no love for the Anglo-Saxons, and their individual
      rights. The new taskmaster will not have any conscience of exploiting
      human capital.

      Bruce Porteous
      3 November, 2007.
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