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RELEASE: Uniting the existing ineffective constitution defending third parties into ONE NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY

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    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 11/15/06
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2006
      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      E-mail: rick@...

      We the People Scoop 11/15/06

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      RELEASE: Uniting the existing ineffective constitution defending third parties into ONE NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY

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      From: "Rick Stanley" <rick@...>
      To: <gevensen@...>
      Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 11:36 AM
      Subject: Uniting the existing ineffective constitution defending third parties

      > STANLEY NOTE: Uniting the existing ineffective constitution defending third
      > parties into one NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY with a "simplified" platform of "the
      > constitution", makes sense if we are ever going to take the government back
      > from those who have overthrown this nation from within. Can we unite for the
      > good of the country? Can the Constitution Party unite with other constitution
      > defending third parties on a reduced platform of the Constitution only, for
      > the good of the country, so we may get candidates elected to office and take
      > the country back? At the Revolutionary Coalition we are 2,154 activists to
      > date who are calling for this to happen. Uniting the constitution defending
      > third parties would combine a million activists to go out to America with a
      > "new purpose", a renewed belief that we can take America back by actually
      > electing candidates to office. America will see a UNITED front of
      > constitution defending third parties and the existing third parties would
      > become factions of a much larger base, unified to return America back to
      > constitutional rule of law. America is looking for a unified effort to take
      > America back, separate from the two major parties. However, they do not
      > believe in the existing ineffective third party structures to date. The
      > Constitution Party, The Libertarians, the Reform Party and many others, all
      > have common ground in the Constitutiton. We are trying to facilitate this
      > historic UNITING. Won't you help us do this?
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheRevolutionaryCoalition/
      > We have one small third party, the US Parliament Party, who have agreed with
      > us and have sent a letter of support that they would join, and thousands of
      > other Americans who will join this NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY, and work "hard" for
      > it if it is formed.
      > If the Constitution Party would agree to support this effort, you would be the
      > leaders of this effort. It is up to you. We are looking for one of the
      > leaders of the larger third parties to STEP UP and help make this historic
      > uniting come to fruition. What would this do for the Constitution Party?
      > Give it a MUCH needed boost in prestige and potential future shared power with
      > other constitution defenders in the government. Not outside looking in, but
      > in the government. Now, there is a concept. A third party that actually
      > elects candidates to office and "is the government"...
      > If we could only get all the third parties who defend the constitution and all
      > the liberty defending single issue groups to come together to form a
      > "political arm for our various interests", defending the rights of Americans,
      > we could take back the government that has installed the tyranny of the POLICE
      > STATE OF AMERICA. We are running out of time folks... Can't we unite to fight
      > this with a "political arm for liberty"????
      > LIVE FREE or Die! LIBERTY in our Lifetime!
      > Rick Stanley
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      > From: "Gene Chapman" <genechapman@...>
      > To: <rick@...>
      > Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:03 PM
      > Subject: Re: Election Commentary from CP Founder Howard Phillips
      >> If he's the founder of the cp I want to meet him.
      >> Gene
      >>>From: "Rick Stanley" <rick@...>
      >>>To: <gary@...>
      >>>CC: "TheRevolutionary" <TheRevolutionaryCoalition@yahoogroups.com>,
      >>><chuck@...>, <genechapman@...>, <jsk@...>
      >>>Subject: Re: Election Commentary from CP Founder Howard Phillips
      >>>Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 08:55:28 -0700
      >>>STANLEY NOTE: Is it time to barrage the Constitution Party with requests to
      >>>become the first "major" third party to send us a letter of support for the
      >>>Revolutionary Coalition cause of facilitating the existing ineffective
      >>>constitution defending third parties to UNITE and form the NEW SUPER THIRD
      >>>PARTY so we may actually elect candidates who will defend the constitution
      >>>and take back the government from those who have overthrown America from
      >>>within. Could I ask the "activists" of the Revolutionary Coalition to do
      >>>this, each of you, individually? Would that be something you could do?
      >>>Thank you in advance if you will.
      >>>Rick Stanley
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      >>>Sent: Monday, November 13, 2006 10:31 PM
      >>>Subject: FW: Election Commentary from CP Founder Howard Phillips
      >>>Why should we have to pay taxes to support this kind of govenment. Oh..let me
      >>>see..yes, King George is back in the US.
      >>>Any comments?
      >>>Gary De Capua /http://www.civilrightstaskforce.info
      >>> contactus@...
      >>> Republican Defeat is Attributable to the Demoralization of
      >>> Conservatives
      >>> by Bush Administration Policies
      >>> Howard Phillips, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, a
      >>> non-partisan public policy action organization founded in 1974, issued the
      >>> following statement concerning the nationwide defeat of Republican
      >>> candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives:
      >>> "The November 7 election results are, to a significant
      >>> degree, attributable to the policies of the Bush Administration in many
      >>> areas, in addition to Iraq. These include:
      >>> ���,��� advocacy of amnesty for illegal aliens,
      >>> ���,��� failure to enforce existing immigration laws which
      >>> require penalization of corporations which hire illegal aliens,
      >>> ���,��� promotion of a North American Union (NAU) scheme to
      >>> merge the United States with Canada and Mexico,
      >>> ���,��� historically high subsidies to Planned Parenthood,
      >>> ���,��� appointment of open homosexuals to key positions,
      >>> ���,��� massive expansion of the Federal role in education,
      >>> ���,��� increased funding of the United Nations,
      >>> ���,��� expansion of foreign aid,
      >>> ���,��� failure to move forward deployment effectively of a
      >>> ballistic missile defense,
      >>> ���,��� budget busting expansion of non-defense Federal
      >>> spending and massive increases in annual deficits and the overall national
      >>> debt,
      >>> ���,��� trade policies which have undermined
      >>> America���,��"�s manufacturing base and placed millions of American jobs at
      >>> risk,
      >>> ���,��� approval of anti-family FDA policies such as
      >>> authority for the distribution of RU-486 and over-the-counter sales of
      >>> "morning after" contraceptives,
      >>> ���,��� approval of threats to U.S. civil liberties,
      >>> including elements of the Patriot Act,
      >>> ���,��� signing into law the McCain-Feingold election
      >>> regulation bill in clear violation of the First Amendment to the
      >>> Constitution.
      >>> "The tragedy is that the Republican Congressional
      >>> leadership in the House and Senate, by and large, rubber stamped
      >>> unconstitutional Bush Administration policies, instead of fulfilling
      >>> responsibilities of oversight and independent judgment as intended by the
      >>> framers of the U.S. Constitution which made the Legislative Branch of our
      >>> government primary in our Federal system. "One can only hope that, during a
      >>> time of partisan gridlock, Republicans in Congress will manifest a degree of
      >>> independence from unwise Bush Administration policies and that the President
      >>> himself will stand against unwise policies of the new Democrat Party
      >>> majorities in Congress.
      >>> "Tragically, during the campaign season just ended, in most
      >>> parts of the country, conservative voters, in order to manifest their
      >>> unhappiness, were put in a position of either (a) holding their nose and
      >>> voting for Republicans with whom they disagreed, (b) staying away from the
      >>> polls, or (c) voting for imperfect Democratic candidates.
      >>> "Fortunately, in some instances, the Democrats put forward
      >>> candidates who were more conservative than their Republican adversaries and
      >>> a handful of these candidates were successful on election day. "My hope is
      >>> that, as we draw closer to the 2008 Presidential and Congressional
      >>> elections, Constitutionally faithful candidates not tied to the Bush
      >>> Administration will receive significant media attention and popular
      >>> support."
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      >>> here
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      >>> Please visit our website at www.constitutionparty.org.

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      the opinion of the editor or staff. It is shared for information
      purposes only and it is recommended that you come to your own conclusions.
      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
      We the People Scoop
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