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Schlosser for Congress update - 1 week and waiting

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    Our candidate forums in Flagstaff, the Navajo Nation capital of Window Rock, and Winslow
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2006
      Our candidate
      <http://www.schlosserforcongress.com/get_involved/calendar.php> forums in
      Flagstaff, the Navajo Nation capital of Window Rock, and Winslow concluded
      with excellent feedback from the citizens I met there. It's odd but
      gratifying that many people who see me at the candidate forums ask me to
      join and represent their political party - regardless of which other party
      they belong to.

      The Flagstaff debate earned excellent local TV and print media
      coverage, and the Window Rock debate was broadcast throughout the Navajo
      Nation <http://www.ktnnonline.com/> and covered by Sky News
      <http://news.sky.com/skynews/home> from the UK. So, despite the New York
      Times' refusal to acknowledge all the AZ1 candidates, we're still managing
      to get the word out to the whole world.

      This week wraps up with candidate forums at Prescott
      &event_id=32&prevview=month&year=2006&month=11&day=1> College in Prescott
      at 4:30 on Wednesday and Central
      &event_id=33&prevview=month&year=2006&month=11&day=2> Arizona College in
      Coolidge at 3:00 on Thursday. Of the ten joint appearances of the
      Congressional candidates, the incumbent will appear at only one - Coolidge -
      where I'm sure he hopes to continue dodging questions about his blatantly
      false attack ads and impending criminal indictment(s). I believe that our
      strategy of engaging voters with a consistently positive campaign in the
      face of mud slung from both sides will pay off on Election Day.

      I also spent two hours doing a call-in show on the student radio station of
      Northern Arizona University on Sunday night, and an hour this morning with
      the news-talk radio station in my home town. The public radio affiliate in
      this Congressional district will broadcast 30-minute interviews with me and
      the Democratic nominee (the incumbent didn't show, again) at 6:00 PM on
      Wednesday, and also plans to broadcast the Coolidge debate at 6:00 PM on
      Friday (these times are Mountain time, if you want to listen to the
      <http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/knau/ppr/index.shtml> KPUB feed online).

      We're one week away from Election Day, and it's an odd time for candidates -
      basically, everything is on autopilot. We've planned and paid for the
      advertising and the October surprises, and most public events are purely
      style over substance. This year is a little different, since so many voters
      remain undecided so late in the game, but it's a waiting game that keeps
      candidates awake at night.

      Traveling continues to prevent heavy blogging, but I did post my thoughts

      * Those hard-working inky wretches at AP

      * Poor judgment

      * A news story I'm glad to be left out of

      * The world's biggest cookie jar

      With just a few days left, you've helped us reach hundreds of thousands of
      voters in Arizona and across the country, who now know that they have a real
      choice on November 7th.


      David B. Schlosser for Congress - Arizona's 1st

      <mailto:dbschlosser@...> www.SchlosserForCongress.com

      103 E Mohawk Dr | Flagstaff AZ 86001-6904 | 928-255-0195

      Freedom - Responsibility - Accountability ... to balance the checkbook

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      C 2006, Schlosser for Congress

      Authorized and paid for by Schlosser for Congress, Scott Gude, Treasurer

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