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OPINION RELEASE: Deconstructing The World As We Know It

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      We the People Scoop 09/01/06

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      OPINION RELEASE: Deconstructing The World As We Know It

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      Deconstructing The World As We Know It

      Deconstructing The
      World As We Know It
      By Jim Kirwan

      How much longer are we going to continue to buy whatever this government
      says is happening? These people are the same people that lied about each and
      every minute of the events on September-Eleventh of 2001. The government has
      continued this cover-up from that day to this. 911 was "a self-inflicted wound,"
      a major crime that makes everything the US government has done since 911 a part
      of their treason against the people of the United States. This crime was
      committed on the world stage to justify their final chapter in the theft of our
      way of life. We once had a president who said: "The only thing we have to fear �
      is � fear itself!" Today the imposter that claims to be the president says: "The
      only thing we have is fear!"

      In the 1980's Ronald Reagan began talking about the USA as a "Shining
      City on the Hill. A metaphorical 'beacon' of hope for all mankind, an example to
      the world, of what freedom and democracy could offer to all people everywhere.
      His administration introduced the concept of "Greed is Good!" Since that time
      his metaphor has been transformed from a shinning city, to a surrounded and
      heavily fortified Bastille, where the citizens within are terrified of even
      their own shadows. That grand design for this glowing dream is now just another
      island in the troubled seas of the global community of nations. In this place
      our foundations have been demolished, and the better natures of the original
      spirit have been relegated to the pounding surf that continues to eat away at
      whatever remains of our way-of-life. This isolation is one of our own making. We
      are now surrounded by the siren-calls of what we could've been-yet now they call
      to us from beneath the ruins of so many lives, in that "other" wider-world that
      should've never been attacked!

      With the help of the lazy and the indolent, Ronnie set the stage, and he
      brought with him the cult of ignorance, the fraternity of the cynical and the
      mind-set of the Barbarians that are now in their final hours, to convert all
      that was, into something that can never be. So much fear and guilt and pain has
      been spread around the planet by the many masks of fascism-that it has become
      nearly impossible to tell the players-without a program. However there are some
      basics that can shed a little light!

      Neither fear nor guilt are sufficient reasons on which to build a
      country. Fear is necessary whenever a real threat is present, but no threat ever
      made, can actually support "unending war." The state of Israel was founded by
      several forces, many of them dark: and those future leaders of that State
      invented many of the same acts that we see every day in the news. The bombings,
      the sabotage, the murders for effect, in fact all of what the Palestinians have
      had to use, because they have so few traditional weapons. This is what the
      Palestinians learned from the founders of Israel. Israel has become a pariah
      among nations. It is state that creates weapons, terror, and international
      intrigue; as the basis for their continued existence. Criminal elements within
      the US government, in tandem with massively corrupt multi-national corporations
      have used this tiny rogue state as their spear-point to attack the world. The
      driving force behind this was and is, to redraw the world's maps, and to
      reconfigure the major wealth of this planet into the hands of the few who want
      to own everything that it is possible to possess. What the world needs most,
      right now, is "regime-change" in the USA and Israel.

      The term "HOMELAND Security" was taken directly from the Nazi plan for
      the camps in 1934: This is not an American term. Those who run US security
      within this agency came from the now defunct East German Stasi, (Gen. Markus
      Wolf.) and General Yevgeni Primakov from the KGB that vanished along with the
      old USSR. These ex-directors and ex-generals supervised the spying on all US
      citizens, in tandem with a disgraced US Admiral Poindexter, (TIA). It was these
      people and their policies that created the passage of the National ID Card
      legislation on 5-10-05; that unofficial beginning for the internal passport that
      is required for every American, beginning in 2007.(1)

      Bush has repeatedly said: "We need to address the root causes of
      terrorism" in the Middle East, and this is true! We and our most intimate allies
      have been the most recent "root cause" for the destabilization of the planet,
      especially in the Middle East. However, too many simply take the words of this
      government as fact, forgetting that their political and military history
      consists solely of lies, misleading statements, and contrived "threats" that are
      designed to "Keep-the-Fear-Alive." Mass-media for its part continues to rush to
      support whatever these failed rogue's claim � with no critical examination, or
      analysis. How can Americans listen to an Israeli citizen (Chertoff), the head of
      "Homeland Security" without even asking basic questions? This happens because we
      have collectively 'drunk the political Kool-Aid' and bought into the Privateer's
      party lines. So many here now pride themselves on being 'so connected,' so
      clearly in-the-know when it comes to business. Yet if Bush & his Pirates were
      employed by any successful enterprise, they would have been fired soon after
      they began-because their inept performance has been so pitifully lacking in
      anything that speaks to either planning or competence... Yet politically, these
      same in-the-know people never even blink when this government begins to take
      away those rights that others paid for with their fortunes, their honor, and
      their lives!

      This works because too many see these larger-than-life events as part of
      an on-going film in which each person plays a starring role. What is not noticed
      is that nothing has succeeded. Not a single threat was valid, not a single
      'solution' led to anything but Lots-More-War. This crucial test of any policy
      should have been part of any review of recent history, (by congress, the courts
      or the public), before granting continuing support for such obviously
      criminal-acts. Yet these simple evaluations never seem to occur to those who
      allocate the costs and direct the dislocations in so many lives (mortgages,
      taxes, credit-card charges or banking and the cost of fuel): all of which are
      driving up the cost of daily life to the point where only the wealthy can afford
      to do the things that all of us must do, just to stay alive!

      The information is out there to be discovered on the internet. The
      information is everywhere; yet many choose not to know, not to see, and not to
      even think about what is so clearly visible. The reason is simple. It's
      unthinkable that the leaders of so many nations, including the USA could be as
      corrupt as they obviously are. Because � for these blatant crimes to be
      continually committed, by so many of the world's leaders-in broad
      daylight-violates every possible aspect of what most want to believe their lives
      have always been about. If people continue to allow this to happen, then what
      will this say about those who support this nightmare? So instead of "knowing,"
      most just shrug off these events as 'just politics' or business-as-usual:
      believing, as too many do-that this will somehow, 'all work-out!?'

      But the brutality of the feral military actions undertaken, have scarred
      the residents of the Middle East for decades to come. Time after time from the
      War on Palestine forward, Israel has made it clear that their needs are all that
      matters in any dispute in which they might become involved. And given the US
      support of that view: This could force the civilized world to choose between the
      continued existence of Israel as a state, and the survival of the free world.
      This is a most serious question that must begin to become part of an
      international dialogue. Unless and until there is some hope of a survivable and
      sustainable solution to these continuous wars that surround the validity of
      Israel-as a single state in the community of nations-then far more states in the
      world may soon find themselves in the crosshairs of Israeli attacks. The rights
      and privileges of all nations have to be considered along side the rights
      claimed by Israel; because that's the only way that any lasting solution can
      ever be found, to this continuing onslaught under cover of the needs of an
      international identity for Israel.(2)

      The crimes of the US-Israel-&-Britain have been committed before, by the
      Nazi's that stole Germany, from the German people. The difference this time is
      one of scale and power. The Nazi's controlled their media, but the New World
      Order now controls far too much of the global media. Part of the reason for the
      nearly total subservience of Americans has to do with the death of American arts
      and letters, along with the humanities, compounded by the murder of Journalism.
      This was begun by the CIA in the 1950's with their efforts to influence the
      launch of abstract art and later still deconstruction, as a way to separate
      people from the images and the meanings in their lives.(3) This matters because
      the counter-point to "news & information" has always been the arts. When the
      arts are part of everyday life, then reason has a chance to be heard, whereas
      without the arts there is no need for anything but profits. The balance between
      the arts and everything else results in global treaties on human rights, the
      Geneva Conventions, the Kyoto Accords and the other now damaged compacts that
      have sought a balance between the financial powers and their military components
      vs. the health and well being of the planet. The UN is the currently failed
      arbiter of these lofty goals. This monumental struggle has haunted the long
      march of human history down through the ages. It reached a high point during The
      Italian Renaissance (1420-1600).

      It's time for a New Renaissance of the Twenty-first Century, to begin to
      redress the nightmare being spread by the "New World Order." The NWO is just a
      re-named re-run to the days of the Robber-Barons that seek to usher in nothing
      less that a new Dark-Age-of-Nuclear-Devastation for most of the planet. With a
      'New Renaissance' the profits to be made just from cleaning up the environment
      while returning to things other than oil for the basis of our societies-could
      reap profits on a scale that would dwarf the current gusher of excess-profits,
      and possibly save the world at the same time. The management of natural
      resources, world-wide, when seen from the point of view of sustainability
      instead of private profits � could also revolutionize the planet. Why haven't we
      done this already-because those who run these governments are deeply imbedded in
      hidden oceans of illicit oil and secret contracts that will maintain the
      military-congressional-industrial-complex; for oil for war, for water and for
      unregulated international commerce into the foreseeable future!

      If people want a more productive and more sustainable world; it's "out
      there" now; just waiting to be developed! The jobs alone could lift the world
      economy for virtually the entire global population: Of course this would kill
      the 'protected and secretly illicit profits being stolen each and every day by
      those who want to reduce the population by at least four billion people �
      because they actually fear us! We outnumber them, and they know it! All that's
      preventing a complete reversal in the fortunes of so many are the corrupted
      leaders of so many nation-states that have signed on with the Dark-Side: as
      Criminals-Against-Humanity. This is a war for survival that is about to come
      down to "US vs. THEM." If the people of the world rebel, and demand changes at
      the roots of power, it's just possible that we might finally get that "Peace
      Dividend" that was promised to the world, at the end of the Cold War.

      In the United States there is an invisible chain gang that is making its
      way trough all levels of this society. This chain is anchored to each ankle
      bracelet by a US dollar sign, and this is the common denominator that links us
      all. What befalls the dollar and the far-flung US interests in the world, will
      befall each and every one of us, because we are inescapabably bound to whatever
      shall befall the dollar, in the wider-world. There are ways around this
      'problem.' But most will not be able to afford to go that route.

      The alternative course is to take back the authority that we have
      invested in those failed politicians that have brought us to this impasse � if
      it's not too late. Here's part of what the "Price of Prosperity" looks like in
      the USA today!

      These problems are complex and require people everywhere to participate
      in creating any real change. If the world rises-up against the barbarity, then
      it is just possible that we could actually reverse this onslaught and take back
      this world that we each have more than just a primary interest in!


      1) Stealing the Dream

      (2) Israel Hits the Heart of Beirut

      3) UNPOPULAR FRONT American art and the Cold War. By LOUIS MENAND

      Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals


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