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RELEASE: New Members honored at the Patriot A List and two disgraced patriots removed from the Patriot A List

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    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 09/01/06
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      E-mail: rick@...

      We the People Scoop 09/01/06

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      RELEASE: New Members honored at the Patriot A List and two disgraced patriots removed from the Patriot A List

      STANLEY NOTE: The Patriot A List is at the Constitutional Activism website at
      http://www.stanley2002.org and an offshore mirror site at
      http://www.wtpcontitutionalactivism.org and honors Patriots for taking action to
      "Stand Up For America" in a meaningful way.

      I am pleased to honor the following individuals at the Patriot A List:

      George Peabody

      Chris Bollyn

      Judge Andrew Napolitano

      Please read about these Patriots at the Patriot A List on the We The People
      Constitutional Activism websites listed above.

      I am saddened to remove two prior members of the Patriot A List for selling out
      the Patriot community in America with their continued attacks against Patriots
      across America when they did not live up to their (Guliani & Thorne's) personal
      standards of Patriot behaviour. I personally asked Thorne and Guliani not to go
      down this road as it was divisive to the Patriot Movement.

      They are:

      Lisa Guliani

      Victor Thorne

      These two individuals are the very first to be removed from the Patriot A List.
      They have been removed because they have decided to install themselves as judge
      and jury "against patriots" across America, without trial, by their own
      standards, telling the patriot community that only "they" are qualified to
      decide who should be BLACKLISTED, and the list continues to grow each month, as
      if Thorne and Guliani had sold out the Patriot Movement with their actions by
      discrediting the Patriot Movement, instead of uniting it. They haven't created
      a "positive" situation, just a "negative" atmosphere. These two individuals
      started out initially doing good things and exposing those in government for
      wrongdoing against the constitution and formed Wing-TV with the stated vision to
      unite constitution defending individuals , but with their distorted reasoning
      somewhere along the way, it reverted to attacks upon patriots, which quickly
      became personal attacks against patriots for ignoring the dynamic duo of Thorne
      and Guliani. For this reason, they have become the first individuals removed
      from the Patriot A List of those HONORED for "Standing Up For America". Too
      bad, they had such promise. Their personal attacks against dozens of well known
      patriots does no service to the Patriots of America who are risking all by
      standing up for America. Creating strife and division in the Patriot movement
      serves no valid purpose and appears to support the agenda of the paid government
      disinformer. If this is true, then Gulliani and Thorne serve their tyranny
      supporting masters with their creation of dissension in patriot ranks, those who
      have overthrown this country from within. We Patriots who serve the
      constitution and the defense of the rights enumerated therein, disavow the
      tactics of the dynamic duo from Wing-TV, as serving the government that is
      creating tyranny in the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA, all the while, telling us they
      are something other than what they appear to be. Fill in your own
      blank________________., as to what that would be. I won't list all the patriots
      they have defamed in recent years in complete disregard to the effects on the
      Patriot community. Personal attacks because Thorne and Gullini were ignored by
      the Patriots in question, was just one reason for the justification of those
      personal attacks. There were many other "reasons". Some perhaps had merit, but
      did not need to "focused" upon by the dynamic duo. These "reasons" were petty,
      many of the times that I saw. I warned Gulliani and Thorne about this type of
      behaviour, and I was misquoted and attacked as well by the dynamic duo of Thorne
      & Guliani. They have made their own bed with the Patriot community by stating
      that there is no Patriot community in America. It is time to move away from the
      depradations of those who would sell out other patriots, for wahtever reason and
      justifications pontificated about. We have enough trouble with a runaway
      tyrrany in government that must be corrected, to tolerate wanna-be patriots. In
      their "attempt" to "expose" patriots for some wrongdoings, they have "exposed"
      themselves as agents of the government that has overthrown America from within.

      God bless the fighters for freedom and liberty in the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA.

      LIVE FREE or Die!

      Disclaimer: Information shared in the Stanley Scoop is not necessarily
      the opinion of the editor or staff. It is shared for information
      purposes only and it is recommended that you come to your own conclusions.
      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
      We the People Scoop
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