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  • rick@stanley2002.org
    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 05/31/05 ** Special Edition **
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
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      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      Phone: 303-329-0481
      E-mail: rick@...

      We the People Scoop 05/31/05 ** Special Edition **
      ** Visit the website: http://www.stanley2002.org **
      ** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! **


      STANLEY NOTE: Our American Patriots are being jailed unjustly. The criminals
      and traitors of the government continue to cause "Unintended Consequences" of
      their actions against Americans. I believe the revolution is coming at a rapid
      pace. The government is afraid and they are creating a tyranny of untold
      proportions for the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA. People of all races and color
      must unite against these criminal and treasonous actions against Americans. It
      can happen to you. It happened to me:


      LIVE FREE or Die!
      Rick Stanley

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      Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 23:34:08 EDT
      Subject: Re: THUNDERHORSE
      To: tomw@...

      I have forwarded our letters to Rick Stanley, a man with a heart and soul
      like no other patriot I've known in years .... I would like for him to be made
      aware of what we are attempting to do, and ask that you consider putting him in
      this loop as well.

      Go to www.stanley2002.org, and aquaint yourself with him, and seriously
      consider contacting Rick. I believe his website can be an asset in this

      There is a war coming, my friend, unlike anything this nation has tasted in
      more than 150 years. Its time to realize that, and prepare ..... keep your
      powder dry!!! Break out the war paint, and sharpen your tommyhawk!

      Stay tuned ....

      Steve Mungie
      "Wounded Bear"

      Don't forget to make contact with the FIREBASE NETWORK ......


      In a message dated 5/26/2005 9:30:54 AM Central Daylight Time, tomw@...
      He ju! Bro. Wounded Bear,

      Greetings and Blessings to You!

      I have forwarded your message to Iron Thunderhorse's wife, Ruth "Little Owl"
      Thunderhorse sunshine47145@.... This way we will keep things centralized
      and avoid confusion.

      I have been in touch with Iron since 1999, when he organized the Native
      American Historical Truth Assoc. (NAHTA), from his prison cell, to block the
      restoration of the "Tom Quick, Indian Slayer" monument in Milford, PA. TQ, Jr.
      was a
      local "hero" who claimed to have murdered 99 Lenape men, women and children
      in the years following the French & Indian War. On his deathbed, he begged his
      friends to bring him one more so that he could make it an even hundred. Under
      the leadership of NAHTA, we organized a rally of over 200 people in Milford
      and convinced the town fathers to back off from restoring this homage to
      genocide that had been destroyed by direct action a few years earlier.

      Iron did several tours in Vietnam as a member of "Shadow Company" under the
      direction of the CIA. When he and others refused to take part in whacking GI's
      who had made the CIA's "hit list" after they went wacky from the experimental
      drugs they'd been given, he was sent home. Like many, he developed a drinking
      problem and ran with a wild crowd, but he also had become politicized and
      began to speak out publicly. This made him a target of COINTELPRO, and they
      the book at him, locked him up and threw away the key. Gradually, he cleared
      himself of all but two of the bogus charges, while at the same time being a
      fighter for Native American spiritual rights and against human rights abuses in
      general in the Texas prison system. Now, it has come to light that the two
      charges he couldn't beat were from crimes committed after he was arrested, and
      state prosecutors knew he was innocent all along.

      The man is almost completely blind now, has high blood pressure and a heart
      condition, but he is still fighting the system and recently won a civil rights
      case against the Texas DCJ. So they are retaliating against him. I don't know
      how much more he can take. He has been a stand up guy, for his fellow
      soldiers, his fellow prisoners and the Native American people. For more than
      years he's been beaten, tortured, denied basic human rights and for most of that
      time kept in isolation, not for crimes he committed but for those he didn't
      commit and those he exposed.

      Yes, this could happen to any vet, and it did to more than we'll ever know.
      Iron survived and remained unbroken. There is a chance we can restore to him
      the freedom he deserves.

      Wanishi! - Tom "Big Warrior" Watts
      Historykeeper & Chief, Trad. United Eastern Lenape Nation

      --- On Wed 05/25, < Wndbear@... > wrote:

      From: [mailto: Wndbear@...]
      To: tomw@...
      Cc: firebaseadrian@..., JEREBEERY@...
      Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 23:48:34 EDT
      Subject: THUNDERHORSE

      In reference to Veteran "Thunderhorse"

      Please send me a VERY detailed letter concerning this veteran, and I will
      post it on the FIREBASE NETWORK Veterans Group website. Please make it very very
      detailed, and direct; no heresay, or other questionable information. If at all
      possilbe, please identify your group name or organization, your title or

      All information concerning this situation needs to be made public, and if
      what has been stated is even the least bit correct, it is by reports I have
      already read, unconstitutional, and illegal as all hell .... and if what has
      happened really did happen as described, then it can happen to any veteran,
      to speak out about injustices.

      This not only affects the Native American Indian peoples, but all Veterans,
      and their families, as a whole. I will do all I can to make this information
      known to as many as possible, worldwide, through this website.

      Please address your letter to me, and to the individuals also listed in the
      "copy to" section above. I'm sure that all of us will in someway, make further
      contact, and comments, accordingly. Thanks.

      Steve Mungie "Wounded Bear"
      To'hono O'ohdam & San Carlos Apache Nations


      If you are not yet a member, please visit us at www.firebasenetwork.net and
      consider joining up with us. Be sure to sign in, and sign our guestbook.

      Also, please subscribe to the Firebase-Chat group at
      firebase-chat-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. For the most part, it is pretty much
      open, and although
      "moderated", most Vets pretty much speak their mind, without censorship.

      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
      We the People Scoop
      Reply to: rick@...
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