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[Scooplist] OPINION RELEASE: American Reads Treason Notice in Court in ND

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  • rick@stanley2002.org
    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 05/06/05 ** Special Edition **
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2005
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      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      Phone: 303-329-0481
      E-mail: rick@...

      We the People Scoop 05/06/05 ** Special Edition **
      ** Visit the website: http://www.stanley2002.org **
      ** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! **

      OPINION RELEASE: American Reads Treason Notice in Court in ND

      STANLEY NOTE: God bless another American for Standing Up For America. Please
      NOTE: Ed Curtis, a REAL American, not the sheeplike so called Patriot afraid of
      his own shadow, or the sheeplike American who refuses to see the truth about the
      government that has overthrown this country from within. Ed Curtis will be
      honored at the PATRIOT A LIST at http://wwww.stanley2002.org in the upper right
      hand side of the main page (scroll to the right). He wasn't afraid to take
      action for America. Too many are...That is the reason America has failed us.
      Are you part of the reason?

      Quoting Ed Curtis <edatthebenson@...>:

      > Rick, The problem is no one knows they are not free? The officials are just
      > people invested in there job. They are the ones that need this education! by
      > the way, I turned heads in court reading your treason notice in court today
      > rick@... wrote:STANLEY NOTE: No one can liberate America, except
      > America. North Dakota is no
      > exception. The POLICE STATE of America is now in firm control of Americans
      > because cowardice is rampant in America. The refusal to "Stand Up For
      > America"
      > by the majority of Americans, is proof enough for my statement. Cowardice is
      > destroying America, the heritage and birthright of a free America. Thank you
      > for your efforts for freedom and liberty Ed Curtis. God bless.
      > Live FREE or Die!
      > Rick Stanley
      > http://www.stanley2002.org
      > Quoting Ed Curtis :
      > >
      > > Every day I send the cops, judges and officials of North Dakota treasures I
      > > find on the web! I forward things I found interesting in efforts to help
      > > reform there minds, to become happy humans again! I am kinda stupid so I
      > ask
      > > them silly things like Who tells you you need to harrass and steal from me
      > or
      > > anyone? What did anyone do to anyone that was a crime against anyone? Who
      > are
      > > you protecting in the course of your day? I send lists of people killed
      > > because of people with the same cover as theres. I seek to help reform
      > there
      > > minds from the brainwashing they have suffered, .I ask them,Why they do it?
      > > If there is someone making them do it, who is it? What spoecial powers do
      > > they possess over your actions?, Is it your job to steal from me? I ask
      > > bazzar things like, Is your mind that weak you can not think for yourself?
      > > Are you an honest human? What Country are you from? Is theft, force,
      > > extortune, kidnapping,threatning, enslaving, murdering, and fraud cool in
      > > your world? Is it just
      > > wrong in my world? How can anyone else make you damage me? Do you do it
      > > because you hate me? Are you stupid, bitter or better than I? Is there a
      > > force I can not see? Have you forgot what right and wrong is? Why will You
      > > will chase a scared kid to his death for no piece of plastic? What will you
      > > do when the people wake up and understand you and your bad, brainwashed
      > mind?
      > > I seek to turn them on to what they are really doing in ignorance. I seek
      > to
      > > educate them. I am not any bodies enemy and wouldn't hurt a fly, unless it
      > > stung me first. I am honest, there is a new realaty realaty on the way and
      > I
      > > seek to share it with the world!, The honest people are waking up! What
      > will
      > > you tell them in the light of honesty? You will stand were you are. for all
      > > the world to see? ...and they ignore me? will North Dakota ignore you? I
      > beg
      > > you to find out
      > >
      > > They got "THE STATE" to hide in, I seek to let them know, from this day
      > > forward, there is no magical word, they are only fooling themselfs. It is
      > > time for them to accept the truth for there actions, simply ask them, How
      > can
      > > they even be human if they keep doing it after confronted by the truth? We
      > > all will walk the halls of justice together, we will seek a real jury! Your
      > > days of being judge and jury and exicutioner will be over soon. Beware
      > > mindless fools that seek to steal from me, The value producers are waking,
      > > your days are numbered. those who pay your way will learn they truth, you
      > > tried to steal from me? P.H.PRODUCTS Inc. is a cover for all and means
      > > Prosperaty and happiness for all PLEASE, TELL ALL North Dakota!
      > >
      > > 13
      > >
      > > 14
      > >
      > > 15
      > >
      > > If you get the concept, contact me for a list of sites I call the P.H.
      > > Products conspiracy to educate list!
      > >
      > > edatthebenson@...
      > >
      > >
      > > rick@... wrote:Anytime sir. We all have to speak out and take
      > > action in our own way. Some
      > > ways are more effective than others. Write to me with your address and I
      > will
      > > send you a copy of a speech I made to several Rotary Clubs here in Colorado
      > > recently which I re-created for my Sunday night radio show program which
      > has
      > > now been taped and recorded to Computer CD-ROM. I will send you a copy if
      > you
      > > wish and have others listen to it if you would. It is pretty darn good if I
      > > do
      > > say so myself. Truth is. God bless.
      > >
      > > Live FREE or Die!
      > > Rick Stanley
      > > http://www.stanley2002.org
      > >
      > > Quoting edatthebenson :
      > >
      > > >
      > > > I finally spent the time and went through your site, TOTALLY
      > > > IMPRESSED!You said the thing I feel but unable to say. I am truely
      > > > proud that you spent the time to write me back. I am a ruff and
      > > > unrefined fighter and am glad to see you are not. I hope people will
      > > > listen to you and place an add! I wish I was a writer enough to
      > > > convince others to target North Dakota and promote there products
      > > > here under the P.H. Products illusion. It is a small state, once it
      > > > is refined... we have only 50 more to go! good luck and keep the
      > > > fight happy!

      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
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