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[Scooplist] OPINION RELEASE: On a Clear Day....You can SEE FOREVER

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    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 05/06/05 ** Special Edition **
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2005
      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
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      We the People Scoop 05/06/05 ** Special Edition **
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      OPINION RELEASE: On a Clear Day....You can SEE FOREVER

      STANLEY NOTE: More Americans speaking out, asking questions, realizing the
      facts over the illusions. I have read 9-11 On Trial by Victor Thorne. May I
      suggest you order a copy? America MUST know the truth...

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      Subject: On a Clear Day....You can SEE FOREVER
      To: Don Stott <gold@...>

      Clear DayThanks, Don, Patty, Peter--

      Some folks say that the 911 tragedy was the most damaging & harmful & dangerous
      attack on our country ever perpetrated by its own government. Perhaps so, 'tho
      I suspect that the effects of the 5+ years of aerosols sprayed into our skies in
      the form of those pesky chemtrails will prove to be even more damaging & harmful
      & dangerous. Perhaps all part of the same plan?


      Don's Column (Mon, Wed, Fri)

      9/11 - part one

      All America shuddered when the World Trade Centers came down. Many of us didn't
      accept the "official" explanations of the whole mess, and I, as usual, believe
      little of what the government tells us, whether it be the various statistics
      about inflation, employment, or what have you. I watched in horror as they
      crumbled, and remembered when the WW II B-17 crashed into the Empire State
      Building. The Empire State didn't come down, and it caused not too much damage
      other than the area where it hit, plus severing an elevator's cables, as I
      remember. So why did the WTC come down? I never thought it was a pretty
      building. It isn't just the WTC's coming down, but the Pentagon crash. That
      one's far more simple. No large passenger plane ever went into the Pentagon.
      There's no wreckage! The hole in the wall fits a missile, not a plane. But the
      WTC? Did the fires weaken that strong, ugly structure? If so, why did the fires
      go virtually out within a few minutes? Why are there photos of people standing
      at the gash where the plane went in, if the fires were so hot? The so called
      "pancake effect?" That one had me for a brief period, but that never really
      satisfied me either. Then a gal client of mine sent me a book, which I devoured
      over the weekend. It's not long. Only about 160 paper back pages, and it doesn't
      even have but a few photos. But the information in it, will enlighten anyone who
      reads it. Titled "9/11 on Trial, The World Trade Center Collapse." Get it by
      going to www.wingtv.net." It's less than $10 including postage. I defy anyone
      to disprove its contents. The book doesn't say who did it. But it does tell how
      it happened, and that's what no news media has ever had the nerve to say, even
      though logically, it couldn't possibly have happened as the government and
      media stooges say it happened. The book will blow a million holes in the common
      opinions about the WTC collapse. Everyone needs to read this book! For god's
      sake people, are you going to allow the most hideous event in modern American
      history go unexplained? Are you really going to go through your life, accepting
      the shallow, stupid explanations of this supposedly fierce fire bringing down
      those mighty buildings? No fire in history has ever brought down a steel framed
      building. Never. You need this book! Know what the temperature of burning jet
      fuel is? The book is a must read. Thanks "M" for sending it to me. Had you not,
      I might have always been leery, but now, there is no longer any doubt about
      those collapses. Get it.

      Unless, of course, you are completely satisfied with the government statistics,
      Iraq, the War on Terror, etc. Did you ever stop to think, (and this is not in
      the book,) that there was no War on Terror, and a terror cost and czar, until
      the 9/11 happening? Until 9/11, there was no invasion of Afhganistan or Iraq.
      Did you ever stop and think that the Brits are also in Iraq, and they have
      never been attacked? Imagine America before 9/11, and think about no terror
      threats and panic. No colored stop lights indicating the danger of a terror
      attack. Isn't the WTC collapse important enough to spend 10 bucks to read about
      how it happened? Those collapses changed America forever. You need to know how
      and why it happened...I think!

      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
      We the People Scoop
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