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MEDIA RELEASE: Stanley Endorsement of this BOYCOTT!

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  • rick@stanley2002.org
    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 1/6/05 ** Special Edition **
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      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      Phone: 303-329-0481
      E-mail: rick@...

      We the People Scoop 1/6/05 ** Special Edition **
      ** Visit the website: http://www.stanley2002.org **
      ** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! **

      MEDIA RELEASE: Stanley Endorsement of this BOYCOTT!

      STANLEY NOTE: I support this boycott and "EVERY" boycott against the policies
      of a government that is operating outside the boundries of Constutitional rule
      of law, destroying this nation from within, setting this nation up for a fall
      with the policies of destroying the Constitution by the JUDICIAL, LEGISLATIVE ,
      and the EXECUTIVE branches of government, at ALL levels of government right
      back to the local level, from the very top of the federal government. It is
      over folks. The jig is up. I suggest that government wake up RIGHT NOW and
      stop the lies, the fraud, the deceipt and apologize to Americans, and REPEAL

      Live FREE or Die!

      Rick Stanley

      I suggest we participate and spread the word.

      NATIONAL CONSUMER BOYCOTT 30 Days Away - Spread The Word To America !


      --to compel immigration and border enforcement--

      1) Seal the border with Mexico by any means necessary

      2) Arrest and fully prosecute employers of illegal aliens

      3) Arrest and immediately deport all illegal aliens; extend arrest and
      detention authority to all U.S. state and local law officers


      Beginning February 1, 2005, consumers across America are urged
      to only purchase necessities and withhold their "disposable" income,
      making no "unnecessary" purchases: automobiles, TVs, stereos, jewelry,
      clothing, video games, CDs, appliances, etc.
      The initial "boycott" will be for the month of February, with likely
      extensions until REAL illegal immigration and border enforcement begin.
      Immigration "reforms", "guest worker", or any other amnesty scheme
      will not be tolerated.
      The EXISTING laws must be enforced.
      This will come to pass by pressure from big business, who is currently
      the opposite: dictating White House immigration posture and financing
      A 10 - 30% drop in sales will trigger instant reversal of position.
      Corporate America has used the POWER of money to bring about the current
      state of illegal invasion chaos. We are going to turn the tables, eye
      for an eye,
      fire with fire, and good for the gander.


      George W. Bush pressured congress on December 7th to DROP certain
      immigration proposals from the 911 bill, including Federal prohibition
      issuance of driver's licenses for illegal aliens, now being issued in
      ten states.
      This is unbelievable in a post 911 world. In a written "promise" to
      of Congress, the White house pledged to address immigration issues 60
      days after.
      What WILL BE addressed is a major push for Bush's work program
      Bush may agree to the driver's license ban in EXCHANGE for passing his
      amnesty program.
      Of course once 20 million illegal aliens have AMNESTY by any other name,
      CAN get driver's licenses legally and will be embedded in the U.S.
      so will the TERRORISTS who have infiltrated under Bush's reckless cheap
      quest for his contributors.
      The quest for money is the PROBLEM. Denial of money is the SOLUTION.


      Voting and millions of emails, phone calls, letters, and faxes have
      to be totally futile, as seen on December 7th.
      Anti-illegal immigration PACs have expanded awareness, but
      "Email Your Congressman" campaigns have accomplished next to nothing,
      while certainly gaining an "E" for effort.
      A fresh approach is needed to compliment their efforts.
      A "National Consumer Boycott" has no associated costs to participants,
      and if 30 to 50 million Americans will make the 30-180 day "sacrifice"
      impact will bring the necessary changes.
      The more people that take part, the shorter the duration will be.
      One only needs to remember the fight for a MLK national holiday.
      It was accomplished solely by utilizing boycotts and THREATS of
      MLK supporters were DETERMINED. Are you?


      Soliciting American's participation will be done primarily by email
      posting on various websites, and generally spreading the word in any
      means possible.
      To get "legs", people need to forward this to everyone they know, and
      them to do the same.
      This is pure grass roots.
      No websites, "contact us", debates, pep rallies, victory parties, or
      progress reports.
      No writing ten letters a month to the White House, congress, and
      Just basic, quiet, INDIVIDUAL abstention.
      It is vital that word of this effort get to as many INDIVIDUALS as
      possible by February 1, 2005 .


      It's not likely by any media, PAC, or public figure; although if someone
      with notoriety would get behind it, God bless them.
      It must be understood that ALL media is sponsored.
      It also must be understood how many corporate dollars went to
      defeat Arizona 's Proposition 200.
      Profiteers and their government whores spent well over a million
      and were able to "chip away" at support, but not enough (thank God).
      The "National Consumer Boycott" is the enemy's worst nightmare,
      and the beauty of it is there is not thing one they can do about it.
      For once, their money CANNOT intervene.
      If enough Americans take "action" on February 1st, the "publicity"
      should materialize within a few weeks. Until recognition arises,
      participants will have to withhold their disposable income "alone" and
      After the campaign becomes evident by word of mouth, it has the
      potential to snowball.
      Who will announce/promote? ALL OF US! We cannot cave-in to
      BECAUSE we won't know how many people ARE participating.


      A congressman recently interviewed on radio AFTER the "collapse" on the
      911 bill said: "The PEOPLE will have to FORCE illegal immigration law
      or it will never be done."

      Should you believe this campaign is an irresponsible and reckless attack
      on the economy you do not comprehend that there is NO OTHER NON-VIOLENT
      and you incorrectly assess the agenda, motives, and narcissism of your
      Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is
      George Bush and Karl Rove have full knowledge that 80% of Americans want
      the borders sealed and ALL illegal aliens deported.
      This has NEVER been ACKNOWLEDGED by the White House and you have heard
      Bush's views, which are the exact opposite. Now do what you have to do.
      It couldn't be easier. And it sure beats the hell out of a civil war.

      Fellow patriots, although this has never done before, it CAN BE.
      Who would have ever dreamed a few years ago that AMERICA would be
      fighting AMERICANS to stop the INVASION OF AMERICA?
      It's time to fight SMARTER, not HARDER.
      The un-wealthy and the un-elected do have power! It must be used NOW!
      Someday you can tell your grandchildren and great-grandchildren what you
      to save the language, culture, and spirit of the United States .

      or Real audio feed
      Courtesy of http://www.americanpatrol.com/>www.americanpatrol.com

      MEChA Chairman Spills the Beans
      on The O'Reilly Factor
      March 8, 2002

      Gochez: We are the nation of Aztlan.
      O'Reilly: All right, that's good, you are the nation of Aztlan. That's
      great. Do you want your own territory? Do you want them to give you some
      Gochez: We understand that we are sitting on stolen land. This is
      indigenous land. This is native land, you know, Mexicano land.
      O'Reilly: So if I gave you Arizona would you be happy with that?
      Gochez: They took a lot more than Arizona .
      O'Reilly: So you want more than that..

      3 million illegals to U.S. this year
      Borders more porous since 9-11, as thousands enter country daily
      © 2004 WorldNetDaily.com

      A quote from the Arizona/Mexico border:
      "Just got out of the bush on the Mexican border. Oh my God, this
      invasion is real and it is growing by the thousands. We saw them being
      loaded into vans and busses in Mexico and we saw them being discharged at
      the border. I've got 20 new op-eds that will curl your toes. We've got
      pictures and video story. You CAN'T believe the mountains of trash they
      leave at the layup areas unless you see it. This is a nightmare and I'm
      going to write and speak to America in the coming weeks. Oh my God, this is
      a nightmare growing by the day. "

      "... Border Patrol agents had encountered a group of approximately 158
      illegal border crossers near the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains .
      Only 71 members of the group were apprehended. According to the Tumbleweed ,
      "among them were 53 males of middle-eastern descent." ..."
      Terrorist Crossing: Cover-up on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 11-29-04

      " America is just a big flop-house for Vincente Fox." -- District
      Attorney John Morganelli

      "The combined multi-culturisms in America are dangerous and they're
      pointed at the very heart of America ." --- Tom Tancredo

      I suggest we partricipate

      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
      We the People Scoop
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