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We the People Scoop 31 August 2004 Evening Edition

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    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 Email: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 31 August 2004 Evening Edition
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      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      Phone: 303-329-0481
      Email: rick@...

      We the People Scoop 31 August 2004 Evening Edition
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      In This Issue:
      1: STANLEY BUTTS IN: You may've already seen this, Peter; made me think twice...
      2: E-mail to Sam Graves - Rep. for 6th District Missouri
      3: Throngs fleeing the GOP - Many residents are fleeing the city next week
      4: Bibles.Bullets,Butter, and Bravery
      5: Man hires Gerry Spence in case against FBI
      6: Russian TU-134 and TU-154 were exploded from their toilets
      7: Dear Jimmy.....
      8: Won't Vote Mainstream
      9: BREAKING: FBI Investigating Pentagon Spy, Israel Implicated
      10: socialism to foxhole freedom mentality
      11: The End of Privacy as We Know It
      14: My Example For Christ
      15: Bo Gritz in the news.
      16: BREAKING: NYPD Accused of Excessive Force Early
      17: Tampa Police officer arrested for saying President Bush should be shot
      18: INN Exclusive: NEW YORK PROTESTER ARRESTED -in talking with Ron Reagan Jr.
      19: Texans
      20: Computer chips in uniforms: tracking inventory or wearers?
      22: Club of the Most Powerful Gathers in Strictest Privacy
      23: The Bush Betrayal by James Bovard
      24: re: Won't Vote Mainstream
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      1: STANLEY BUTTS IN: You may've already seen this, Peter; made me think twice...

      STANLEY NOTE: Platforms are not always the measure of a man. Michael Badnarik
      is a Constitutional Activist first, a Libertarian second. He does not agree
      with EVERY little nuance of the Libertarian platform particularly if it
      conflicts with the Constitution. Does the Constitution Party have a chance to
      be on all 50 ballots of each state? No. Is the Constitution Party big enough
      to mount a serious campaign? No. Is the Libertarian Party the nations third
      largest party? Yes. Is Peroutka a good man? Yes. Would he make a good
      President? I would say yes as well. Would he make as good a President as
      Michael Badnarik? I would say he might. I know Michael Badnarik. I don't
      know Peroutka. I CAN recommend Badnarik. Who am I? Just a man who would
      stand for our rights. I am a Constitutional Activist, as you well know, as is
      Michael Badnarik. God bless you both. Live FREE or Die!

      Quoting Editor - Coast Writers Syndicate <editor-cws@...>:

      On 8/27/04 10:51 AM, "Peter Mancus" <pmancus@...:

      Dear Joe:
      Thank you for forwarding what you did. I had not seen it. It is worth
      I intend to vote Libertarian.
      --Peter Mancus
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      From: "Joe Slansky" <desertdigital@...
      To: "Peter Mancus" <pmancus@...
      Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 9:14 AM
      Subject: You may've already seen this, Peter; made me think twice...


      BEFORE you vote Libertarian, check the Constitution Party
      (www.constitutionparty.org). While I agree with many Libertarian principles,
      I believe that they are naïve in some critical areas. And while I disagree
      with some of the planks of their platform, I find the Constitution Party to
      be much more in line with my beliefs ‹ and probably, yours.


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      2: E-mail to Sam Graves - Rep. for 6th District Missouri

      ----- Forwarded message from Ed Lewis <elewis@...> -----

      Hi, Rick,

      I just sent this e-mail to this representative. It won't do any good but I do
      like to let him and others occasionally know that they aren't fooling all of

      Best regards,



      Why aren't you people in Congress reining in Bush?
      He has no constitutional authority to do anything that has been done so far, and
      Congress has no authority to let him. The Constitution for the united States
      of America is quite clear on this. Plus, only a dunce would think this union
      was created so the people could replace a king with a dictator. Get real for a
      change, and obey your Oath of Office. Rein in Bush, and do your duty and
      impeach him for the high crime of treason, and a host of other crimes defined
      in Title 18.

      Oh, and by the way, the municipal court for the District of Columbia, the United
      States Supreme Court is not - that is - NOT the constitutional Article III
      court referenced as the "one supreme Court" in Article III of the Constitution
      for the united States of America (the organic name that was unlawfully changed
      to "of' the United ..." Go look at the original copy if you don't believe
      this. I believe it is right down the street from the building where you people
      make unlawful rules against the people within the states.

      It sure appears you people in government haven't a clue as to the America we are
      supposed to be. And, most of the misinformation and outright lies come from
      the unconstitutional group known as attorneys, as they got their hooks deeper
      and deeper into government roles. No wonder the founders found it necessary to
      implement the Original 13th Amendment, and no wonder the English in 1387 slit
      the throats of every attorn they could find and run down.

      And, yes, there was an Original 13th that was in Missouri Law (commonly known as
      the Missouri Constitution) for 50 years and longer in 23 other statues, plus it
      was in the 25th and 26th states' proposed constitutions until I think 1878.
      Then, it was just dropped with the original 14th becoming known as the 13th.
      Missouri Archives can produce no document as to why the Original 13th was
      dropped. Therefore, lawfully it still stands, I believe.

      Answer to these personally if you can but give factual statements under penalty
      of perjury per Title 18, Section 1746, with supportive documentation, like the
      repeal of the original 13th by a subsequent amendment (exhibited by the 21st
      repealing the 18th), and, in the case of the US Supreme Court that your Supreme
      Court rulings declaring the District of Columbia to be an Article I court were
      overturned and the cases that did so.

      Please, if you cannot answer yourself, do not have some lackey paid to send out
      disinformation send some pre-prepared letter to me. I am searching for truth,
      and am sick of the disinformation of those in Washington, DC, flooding the
      world, drowning its inhabitants in profiteering (politically) motivated B.S.
      all that was once good about America.

      With all respect due,

      ed lewis

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      3: Throngs fleeing the GOP - Many residents are fleeing the city next week

      Forwarded message from GeorgiaAnn <nyknak@...> -----

      Subject: Throngs fleeing the GOP

      and CELESTE KATZ

      The exodus of New Yorkers is about to begin.
      With the Republican convention coming to town, many residents - worried about
      traffic-snarling protests and the possibility of terrorism - are fleeing the
      city next week.

      College student Abdel Leala, 31, loves his summer job driving a cab but says it
      won't be worth the aggravation when the GOP takes Manhattan.

      "I'm leaving. I'm going to Miami for three days," Leala said. "I feel like it's
      going to be chaos. They are going to block the heart of the city, and it's
      going to make life harder. When the Republicans come to town, it's going to be
      bad, especially with all the protesters."

      Pausing outside a Borders bookstore in Kips Bay, Donna Bernstein said she has a
      family vacation to Williamsburg, Va., planned "for a little fun and a little

      "I'm taking my children out ... It's going be crazy here," she said. "We might -
      if we're feeling brave - stop off in Washington, D.C."

      But Pam Butler, a nurse at NYU Medical Center, just returned from maternity
      leave and can't get away.

      "I have to work," said Butler, who's not looking forward to the commute from
      Springfield Gardens, Queens. "If I could, I would leave. It's going to be too
      much traffic - too congested."

      Regardless of their views on terror attacks or other forms of unrest, many
      people simply aren't buying official assurances that traffic problems will be
      kept to a minimum.

      "I'm staying out of Manhattan. It's easier to avoid the hassle. It's not that I
      believe anything is going to happen, but why push my luck?" said Jack Mattes,
      who commutes from Great Neck, L.I., to his midtown advertising-sign business
      via Penn Station.

      Mattes, 59, said he'll use the week to call on out-of-town clients. "It's a good
      time to be in Philadelphia or Boston or anywhere the Republicans are not going
      to be," he said.

      Ethan Gorenstein, 50, a Manhattan psychologist who lives in Metuchen, N.J.,
      already was playing with the idea of taking next week off when he learned the
      convention would be held here.

      "That tipped the balance," said Gorenstein, who now plans to visit relatives in
      Kentucky. "I don't know if the trains will get in efficiently."

      Jay Smith, a hospital lab manager from Huntington, L.I., plans to spend the week
      basking in the Florida sun.

      "Even though they are saying it's not going to be that congested, I don't
      believe that," said Smith, 59, in Penn Station. "I think there are going to be
      interruptions in service and delays."

      Smith said he'll be on the beach while New Yorkers deal with protests and high
      security - and don't expect a postcard.

      "Once in awhile, I will think of the people back north," he said.

      13) "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way,
      that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14) Because
      strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few
      there be that find it.
      KJV: Matt. 7: 13, 14

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      4: Bibles.Bullets,Butter, and Bravery

      STANLEY NOTE: Interesting post. I agree with much of it. Passing on to the "We
      the People Scoop". God bless you and yours. Live FREE or Die!

      Quoting DE OPPRESSO LIBER <de.oppresso.liber@...>:

      To whom it may concern:

      As a Conservative Judeo-Christian Constitutionalist,I think Bush is a sneaky

      I was once -for many years- an all out atheist-communist and personally had
      letters from John Kerry and Ron Kovic when I was in the U.S.military in the
      early 70's.

      Actor Tom Cruise got Academy Awards for his part in doing the movie about Ron
      Kovic called ""Born On The 4th Of July"".

      The both of them turned traitor to the "Establishment", were funded by Jane
      Fonda and other Hollywood anti-Americans, they turned anti-Bible, and turned
      into all out Communists, hell bent against the Constitution of the USA..

      As an once gung-ho military person in the Vietnam Era , I like many others
      were methodically beaten down at airports and spit upon and forced to feel
      guilty about wearing a uniform. We were broken down not by Vietnamese
      torturers but by hippie-elitists in the USA.

      It was so unpopular to have a short GI haircut women, parties, social cliques
      and clubs etc., would have nothing to do with any of us. Most of us, jumped
      the line and went with the other side after being brainwashed not to believe
      as we once believed.

      I got the double whammy. My parents, 5 brothers and sister were all
      ultra-liberal Democrats and they joined in against me.

      This is why so many of us committed suicide in the first decade after the
      war.Penthouse magazine did an article on it in the late 70's and 4 times more
      died after the war than in the war-within just a few years.If to date it was
      added up the numbers would be a breath-taking staggering figure of how many
      Vietnam Vets died due to indirect and direct suicide.

      My point is I know John Kerry because I was like him and also corresponded
      with him.I went to many of the radical ultra-liberal rally that even followed
      after the war into other socialist events.

      He - Kerry -changed his suit but not his opinions.I changed back to who I
      really was and refuse to sell out again.Kerry never changed, he just went
      "Gold Digging' and money put him where he has always sought--to be Socialist
      President of the World.

      I was with him then and had his letters for years.But, I see things much
      differently now, and his letters were torched.
      ( As Charleton Heston said as NRA leader holding up his rifle at
      rallies"""From my cold dead hands !"" And I say to John Kerry and all the
      gooks that will come after our guns:"' Hell will freeze over first !"" )

      I jumped the fence to the Republicans some 20 years later.Then, after seeing
      their flaws I decided to drop from them also.

      I despise the two party system.Because ,I am given the choice by one party if
      you want your guns and freedom you must starve to death or die from no
      medical coverage.

      Then, the other political party emphasizes if you want a good job and good
      medical coverage you must surrender your civil rights and also volunteer to
      die at some date the socialist state will set for you--to protect the

      Where is the political party for me ? I like having all of my trees, all of
      my guns, and all of the years of life God grants me?Where is it?

      I personally think everybody should have health care.But, according to the
      control freaks like Hillary Clinton it would be a "Felony" to leave home
      without your health card.If everybody has it then why a National ID card in
      the first place to place millions into the slave-police-state prison system?

      Then , the anti-population elites would surely "spike-the-punch"as the UN's
      WHO did to the African tribes that had shots and now are the first villages
      and towns to be 100% eliminated ages 1 to 100 -all dead of AIDES-only in
      those areas that took "socialistic shots".

      In the USA there are 12 members on the FDA top board of directors.All of them
      have personal financial investment interests --as ex-doctors- in the drug
      (chemical) companies.Thus, vaccines(inoculations) have been proven to be
      deadly in the USA itself, and who cares "There's money in it!"

      The same goes for the ECU. They just outlawed the sale of vitamins and herbs
      across Europe.( It is happening in Canada and Australia also- and the USA
      will be next.

      You have to get a doctors prescription and thus few people get vitamins and
      it costs 20 times more and the doctors and drug companies are getting rich
      off of it .The undertakers and graveyards are getting rich off of it also.

      So you think rebellion is the answer in Europe or the recently "Europeanized"
      Australia and Canada?

      They are arresting people for free speech there and here.But we here still
      have our guns, but they,the ECU,Australians and Canadians have lost their
      last chance to win Freedom back- because they gave up their guns!

      The below article speaks of the ""Treaty of Rome.""Well, they too sent us the
      Georgia Guide Stone idea.The New Agers and Masonic Lodges put them up a
      quarter of a century ago.

      America's Stonehenge in Elbert County,GA., calls for a One World Order,a one
      nature worshipping religion, one language , one court, one political system ,
      an UFO and nature worshipping pagan socialistic society world-wide also
      stating the deliberate massive killing off of 11 out of 12 people on earth.(
      Spiked vaccination will do the trick, and with a paid-off corporate
      controlled media nobody will ever know until the job is well done.)

      In the Bible there is an example of a man that sold his birth-rite for a
      temporary hedonistic pleasure seeking experience. That is a liberal for you
      !They focus on money, social benefits, sexual gratification, get "high"
      gratification and everything moral and ethical is thrown out the door.They
      will even give up their freedom...for a cup of soup.It is "Go for the gusto!"

      And, the new conservative has turned out to be a selfish money grabbing
      mercenary that covers his sin with the flag and Bible.

      Truth and Goodness has been thrown into the trash can.We are presently in the
      Bible Prophecy predicted ""Great Falling Away" that occurs before the other
      dimensions open up for the Apocalyptic Armageddon events.

      The Russian-ECU is generating a super-high tech military that will eventually
      bury us after they betray us.

      The Russian-Red Chinese Alliance is already armed to the teeth and almost
      ready to take us on from an Intercontinental NBC war alone.

      In the meantime, Babylon The Great America romanticizes that it is in control
      of this Beast it has been riding.But, the little monster, it has grown up. It
      is just about rodeo time and we won't survive the bucking bronco if we give
      into the wishes of the Beast.

      We are going to need lots of Bibles,bullets,butter and bravery.

      Pointman USA



      The "New European Soviet":

      European Union is rapidly descending into totalitarianism. Under NAFTA and
      the proposed FTAA, U.S. policymakers have adopted the same socialist EU
      I am going to tell you a story about Europe and America. It is a true story
      about tyranny and freedom, about hope, folly, deception and betrayal. It is
      also a warning about grave danger. Alarmed at the trends I see, I feel
      obliged to tell this story. Now in my 91st year, I am one of the few living
      souls who have experienced the major events of the last century. Being both
      European and American, I have witnessed and studied these events from
      opposite sides of the Atlantic.

      I am Lithuanian by birth and saw my small country suffer under both Nazi and
      Communist brands of totalitarianism. My family was trapped in Russia when the
      Bolshevik Revolution brought the Communists to power. As a young boy in
      Moscow, in 1922, I was forced to march with my classmates in the Communist
      May Day parade in front of Vladimir Lenin himself.

      Like much of Europe, Lithuania was overrun in the 1940s by the Soviet Red
      Army, then by the Nazis, and then again by the Soviets. In 1944, as the
      Soviet Red Army was reinvading Lithuania, and after facing Soviet tanks, I
      was able to escape with my wife and daughter. In 1949, we were able to come
      to America and, later, thank God, to become U.S. citizens.

      In January 2003 I came back to live in Lithuania. As an author, speaker and
      newspaper columnist, I am attempting to use my talents and opportunities in
      the time that I have left to warn my countrymen - both American and
      Lithuanian - about the very real and present danger to freedom posed by the
      evolving European Union (EU) and the very similar project proposed for North
      and South America called the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

      Most Americans have only a very hazy understanding about what the EU is and
      an even foggier notion of how it came about. Unfortunately, most Europeans
      also have a very poor understanding of these things. They have only recently
      begun to recognize how blind they have been to the very real threats that the
      growing centralization of power in the EU poses to their national
      independence and their freedoms.

      However, it must be said that the main reason why Europeans and Americans
      both have such foggy notions about the EU is that the EU architects and
      promoters have purposely kept the real origins and objectives of the EU
      shrouded in deception. They had to do this, in order to foist this scheme on
      the peoples of Europe. If they had openly proclaimed their true objective -
      to end national sovereignty and create an unaccountable, socialist suprastate
      - the entire scheme would have been rejected overwhelmingly, right from the

      When former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev visited Britain in 2000, he
      accurately described the European Union as "the new European Soviet." He said
      this with obvious approval, since he sees the evolving EU as fulfilling his
      vision of a "common European home" stretching "from the Atlantic to the
      Urals," as he described it in his 1987 book Perestroika. Mr. Gorbachev is a
      lifelong Communist overlord who has steadfastly refused to renounce

      In fact, he defiantly remains a Communist. On December 23, 1989, Gorbachev
      declared to his fellow Soviets, "I am a communist. For some that may be a
      fantasy. But for me it is my main goal." On February 26, 1991, Gorbachev
      said, "I am not ashamed to say that I am a communist and adhere to the
      communist idea, and with this I will leave for the other world." He has
      repeated these sentiments many times. In his book he also stated: "I frankly
      admit that we are glad that the idea of a 'common European home' finds
      understanding among prominent political and public figures of not only
      Eastern, but also Western Europe...."

      It is highly significant that a top-level Marxist-Leninist such as Mikhail
      Gorbachev could find such affinity with Western leaders about a "common
      European home" and then, 13 years later, approvingly note that that common
      home was moving ever closer to the Soviet model. After all, hadn't the Soviet
      model collapsed and died? But Mr. Gorbachev was, at least in this instance,
      telling the truth; the EU has been, and is now, moving steadily toward
      Soviet-style tyranny.

      The European Parliament, the European Commission and other EU institutions in
      Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt and The Hague are dominated by radical
      socialists and dedicated one-worlders who are bent on smashing the
      individual, once-independent nation states of Europe into Soviet-style
      conformity with the oppressive dictates of the new EU Politburo.

      A Revolutionary Coup d'Etat

      In their powerful exposé, The Great Deception: The Secret History of the
      European Union (2003), British journalist Christopher Booker and Dr. Richard
      North, formerly a researcher inside the EU bureaucracy, aptly describe the EU
      as "a slow-motion coup d'état: the most spectacular coup d'état in history."
      In what remains of this article, I will attempt to explain why that
      description by Mr. Booker and Dr. North is no exaggeration and how this
      spectacular coup has come about. It is also my intent to show how the
      deceptive NAFTA-FTAA process is directly related to the EU and patterned
      after it to achieve the same kind of coup d'état in the Americas.

      The "European project," as the EU designers refer to their ongoing
      revolution, was launched with the Treaty of Rome in 1957. The Common Market
      was born the following December when Italy became the sixth nation to ratify
      the treaty (joining France, Belgium, West Germany, the Netherlands and
      Luxembourg). It was sold to the peoples of Europe as a "free trade" agreement
      that would bring prosperity by removing barriers to the movement of people,
      goods, services and capital across borders.

      In fact, it was a program for national suicide, for gradual, "slow-motion"
      political and economic merger of the member nations. Booker and North write
      that Belgian Prime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak, known in Europe as "Mr.
      Socialist," was responsible for convincing his fellow EU founding fathers
      that "the most effective way to disguise their project's political purpose
      was to conceal it behind a pretense that it was concerned only with economic
      co-operation, based on dismantling trade barriers: a 'common market.'"

      The Treaty of Rome was, in truth, a constitution for a new government
      disguised as a treaty. Traditionally, a treaty is an agreement between
      sovereign states, concerning borders, military alliances, trade relations,
      extradition, etc. The parties to the treaty remain sovereign states; their
      form of government is not altered and their citizens are not directly bound
      with new laws or obligations. The Treaty of Rome, however, created a new,
      over-arching "community" independent of its member states and claiming the
      power to create laws that are binding not only on the member nations but on
      their individual citizens as well.

      This was not noticed by the people at first, because the EU founders were
      careful only to show their citizens the benign features of their project. It
      had been designed to be implemented incrementally, as an ongoing process, so
      that no single phase of the project would arouse sufficient opposition as to
      stop or derail it.

      The original Treaty of Rome has been repeatedly modified by subsequent
      treaties and legislation, all of which have greatly enhanced the legislative,
      executive and judicial powers of the central EU government. The European
      Communities Act (1972), the Single European Act (1986), the Schengen
      Agreement (1990), the Maastricht Treaty (1992), the Amsterdam Treaty (1998),
      and the Treaty of Nice (2000) are some of the most important benchmarks that
      have transferred vast powers piecemeal to Brussels, where the EU is

      The eurofederalists cloak this destructive, revolutionary process under such
      code words as "integration," "harmonization," and "convergence." In 1991, the
      Single European Act was coming into force and beginning to show the ver
      yuglyteeththathadbeenbuiltintoit.Atthat time, Sir Peregrine Worsthorne of the
      Sunday Telegraph, one of Britain's major newspapers, expressed in a column
      the sense of betrayal and outrage felt by many in Europe. "Twenty years ago,
      when the process began," he wrote, "there was no question of losing
      sovereignty. That was a lie, or at any rate, a dishonest obfuscation."

      It was actually a multitude of lies. The EU founders and their successors
      have been carrying forward nothing less than a brazen scheme of treason
      dressed up as economic trade policy. And treason is not too harsh a word, for
      many of the key leaders of this operation are government officials who are
      betraying a sacred trust and have been lying outright to their constituents.
      As Sir Worsthorne pointed out, for decades the EU advocates had explicitly
      lied, insisting that the developing EU would not affect national sovereignty,
      and that EU laws and regulations would not override national laws and
      constitutions. These were wild, paranoid fantasies, they said.

      Warnings about the true nature of the EU were routinely smothered by the
      globalist controlled, pro-EU press - which includes nearly all the major
      media organs. Now that the project is entering its final stages, however, the
      eurofederalists are dropping all pretenses and admitting openly what they
      previously denied. They can hardly help it now, since the EU established a
      constitutional convention in 2002 to draw up a formal constitution for a
      United States of Europe. At nearly 300 pages, the document is an open-ended
      power grab, with none of the checks and balances and means of accountability
      that we enjoy in our U.S. Constitution.

      Many Americans, no doubt, tend to consider the Common Market and the EU as
      positive steps toward greater freedom. After all, it certainly is more
      convenient to have only one currency, the euro, when touring the continent.
      But whatever conveniences it may offer are offset by far more important
      concerns. Consider:. Regulatory nightmare. British grocers have been arrested
      and fined for continuing to sell bananas and other produce by the pound
      instead of by the EU's newly mandated metric weights. Similarly, the EU
      dictates on the shape and size of cucumbers, the consistency of marmalade,
      the texture and taste of chocolate, and thousands of other consumer items..
      Acquis communautaire. The EU already operates under the doctrine of acquis
      communautaire, which holds that all members must adopt EU law in its
      entirety, and further, that once the EU usurps the right to legislate in a
      new area, its authority in that area is guaranteed in perpetuity. Thus, power
      is guaranteed to flow in one direction - from the member states to the
      central government.. Corpus juris. The corpus juris is the new legal code
      initiated by the Amsterdam Treaty that will, among other things, set up a
      European Public Prosecutor with over-riding criminal law jurisdiction
      throughout Europe. Habeas corpus, trial by jury and other important
      protections will be swept away.. Unlimited migration. Signatory countries of
      the EU Schengen Agreement have given up their right to police their borders,
      thus allowing illegal aliens - including terrorists - to travel freely
      between countries. With Russia and other former Soviet states, along with
      Turkey, scheduled for membership, we will soon have millions of new migrants,
      including many Communists and militant Muslims migrating at will throughout
      Europe - much like what could happen to the U.S. if the FTAA is implemented..
      Economic control. With the establishment of the euro currency and the
      European Central Bank, the EU countries have lost control of their fiscal and
      monetary policy as well as their currencies.. Destroying agriculture. The
      EU's Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) has taken control of nearly all
      agriculture and has nearly destroyed British agriculture.. Power to tax. The
      EU already claims the authority to dictate indirect tax policies such as the
      VAT (value added tax) on clothes, food, public transport, fuel, construction,
      homes, etc. The Treaty of European Union declares that EU decisions to
      "impose pecuniary obligation on persons other than States shall be
      enforceable." That means direct taxes on individuals.. Coercive military and
      police power. If the Eurocrats have their way, they will soon have European
      military and police forces to enforce their increasingly dictatorial edicts.

      The architects of NAFTA and the FTAA openly cite the EU as the model for
      their proposed regional "common market" for the Western Hemisphere. For
      example, Mexican President Vicente Fox acknowledged on May 16, 2002:
      "Eventually, our long-range objective is to establish . an ensemble of
      connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union."
      At the time Fox was referring specifically to the three NAFTA countries (the
      U.S., Canada, and Mexico); the proposed FTAA would further develop the
      "ensemble of connections" while extending them throughout the Americas.

      President Bush, President Fox and the "new world order" Power Elite at the
      Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Council of the
      Americas have all adopted the deceptive terminology of the EU -
      "integration," "harmonization," "convergence" - to describe their "American
      project." They have adopted an aggressive schedule, intending to do in a few
      years what it has taken the eurocrats decades to accomplish.

      We can and must stop this treasonous plan - or Mr. Gorbachev and his ilk will
      soon be able to gloat about the "new American Soviet."

      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
      5: Man hires Gerry Spence in case against FBI

      ----- Forwarded message from spiker <spiker@...> -----

      The Daily Herald - Provo, UT

      Man hires celebrity lawyer in case against FBI

      Friday, August 27, 2004

      Rukmini Callimachi

      PORTLAND, Ore. -- An American lawyer who was falsely accused by the FBI of
      involvement in the Madrid terrorist bombings has hired one of the nation's
      most successful and colorful attorneys to represent him in a lawsuit
      against the U.S. government.

      Brandon Mayfield, who received a rare apology from the FBI after his
      release from two weeks of detention, has hired Gerry Spence, a celebrity
      attorney known as much for his success in the courtroom as for his buckskin

      Spence told The Associated Press on Thursday that he intends to file a
      lawsuit in federal court on Mayfield's behalf on charges that will be
      disclosed at a later time.

      "We will be representing Brandon. But we don't want to say any more because
      we don't want to be in a position where we are criticized for trying our
      case in the media. We want to try it in court where it belongs," Spence
      said in a telephone interview from his office in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

      Spence has won all his criminal cases and has not lost a civil lawsuit
      since 1969. His successes include victories for former Philippines first
      lady Imelda Marcos, white supremacist Randy Weaver and plutonium factory
      worker Karen Silkwood. His Utah cases included representation of workers at
      Geneva Steel at the time USX owned it.

      Mayfield's hiring of Spence marks the beginning of the Portland man's legal
      fight against the FBI.

      Mayfield was taken away from his Portland law office by FBI agents on May 6
      after his fingerprint was incorrectly matched to ones found on a bag of
      detonators near a Madrid train station. The March 11 train bombings in
      Spain killed 191 people and injured about 2,000.

      FBI agents seized Mayfield's computers, modem, safe deposit key, assorted
      papers, as well as copies of the Quran and "Spanish documents" -- later
      determined to be his son's Spanish homework.

      "It was humiliating," said Mayfield, soon after his release. "This whole
      process has been a harrowing ordeal. It shouldn't happen to anybody."

      While Mayfield was being detained, U.S. officials insisted the fingerprints
      on the bag matched those of the Portland attorney -- even though Spanish
      officials disagreed.

      Finally, the FBI conceded it had made a mistake and apologized to Mayfield.

      Officials with the agency said they had been given a "substandard"
      photograph of the Madrid fingerprint, an account disputed by Allan Bayle, a
      fingerprint expert hired by federal public defenders representing Mayfield.

      Court records show that retired FBI agent John Massey, who worked on the
      Madrid case, was reprimanded three times for errors between 1969 and 1974,
      including twice for false fingerprint identifications, The Seattle Times
      reported in June.

      FBI officials have promised an independent investigation into the
      misidentification of the lawyer.

      This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page D6.

      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
      6: Russian TU-134 and TU-154 were exploded from their toilets

      maybe they should check the onflight menus, and see if they
      served beans.... Next thing we'll hear is that the terrorists
      are mexicans, and russia will want to invade mexico. big problem
      there, though, since most mexicans are in the US now....

      ----- Forwarded message from spiker <spiker@...> -----

      PRAVDA.Ru - Russian news and analysis

      TU-134 and TU-154 were exploded from their toilets


      The preliminary results of the investigation of the crash of TU-134 and
      TU-154 gave the grounds to say that acts of terrorism took place.
      The pilots of both the planes gave SOS signals, the damages of both the
      planes were identical - their tails were torn in the air, and there were
      females whose relatives have no interest to their destiny, on both the

      The Gazeta obtained the details of the preliminary investigation results of
      the planes crash.

      It was detected that shortly before the catastrophes, the pilots of both
      the planes pressed the alarm buttons. TU-154 which crashed in Rostov
      region, sent SOS signal, while Tu-134 which fell in Tula region, managed to
      put on the air the signal, "Attack on the plane".

      The source being close to the Staff investigating the plane crashes,
      confirmed to Gazeta that "today all the specialist agree that both the
      catastrophes were caused by planned terrorist attacks" which killed 90
      people. At first, the experts on explosives were puzzled as they saw no
      traces of explosions in the passenger salons or noses of the planes.
      However, when the tail part of the TU-154 was examined, in the area where
      the toilet is, a piece of the edging with the illuminator had been torn
      away. Experts believe this is an evidence of small explosion, and after it
      the tail was torn and the plain went down and collapsed into pieces. This
      version was confirmed by the results of the searching on the ground. In
      both Tula and Rostov regions the planes fell in the same way: the tail,
      then - fuselage, the nose part and the cockpit. Had the planes collapsed in
      the air with no explosions, their tails would inevitably have fallen
      behind. It could be brought forward only after an explosion had taken place.

      As for explosives, they could be of small power - up to 500 grams of
      trotyl. This was sufficient for blowing up the planes. It would not be hard
      for the terrorists to bring explosives in size of two bars of soap, aboard
      the planes.

      Chairman of the Commission on investigating the crashes" causes Igor
      Levitin said that the information is collected on passenger Jebirkhanova
      who had been on the plane flying to Sochi. No relatives asked about her,
      and no information is known on her. A similar situation is about a native
      of Chechnya Amanta Nagaeva who was flying on the plane to Volgograd.

      The experts have a version that the martyrs put the explosives in action in
      the toilets. For this reason, there was no fire on the planes, and most of
      the bodies were neither burned no disfigured by explosion.

      Gazeta obtained the information that soon the investigation of the cases
      can be put under article 205 of Russian Criminal Code ("Terrorism").
      Previously, the cases were under article 263 on breaking the rules of
      exploiting aircrafts which carelessly caused people"s deaths. "Breaking the
      rules of exploiting aircrafts" means bringing charges against the pilots or
      technicians who prepared the planes for the flight. However, no evidence of
      their fault has been found. Had there been plane breakage during the
      flight, the pilots would have had time to notify the air traffic
      controllers about this. The version of the low quality of the plane fuel is
      unlikely to be true either.

      During fuelling plane, explosive mixture of kerosene and air can be made,
      and any spark can cause an explosion. However, no traces of powerful
      explosion and flame were found in the plane salons.

      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
      7: Dear Jimmy.....

      STANLEY NOTE: A must see. Absolutely...

      ----- Forwarded message from Tango <Tango@...> -----


      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
      8: Won't Vote Mainstream

      ----- Forwarded message from Joe Slansky <desertdigital@...> -----

      To: Editor - Coast Writers Syndicate <editor-cws@...>, Peter
      Mancus <pmancus@...>

      Hey Peter, & Gang...

      I may vote for Libertarian Badnarik, too,
      or for President Peroutka,
      or if they had a candidate from the Constitutionalist Party...
      or the Patriot Party http://www.patriotparty.us/

      It's embarrassing to have such shabby choices for our mainstream vote.
      This... is the best democracy can do for us? ... in this great land of
      I'd vote for ANY random black woman instead! (statement not meant to be
      ...or any other candidate that might not be so...: OIL! OIL! WAR! WAR! WAR!

      I'm pissed that the mono-candidacy is ultra-pro-foreign-oil-war &
      domestically ineffectual (other than in negative ways)(& even though Kerry
      hasn't yet proven it). On the one hand, Dub is going for title of "worst
      president ever"... On the other hand, Kerry is working for the same man:
      obviously similar neo-con goals, same anti-constitutionalism, big-shot
      rich-bitch going after the figurehead job.... And the machine will continue
      to militarize, globalize, culturo/enviro-terrororize... corporat--ize,
      sellout future generations--ize, special interest--ize... (Media: all at
      once now: Rah, Rah, Rah, Nationalism! (fascism!) )

      If Kerry had brass balls he'd cite what a disaster Iraq II is from the
      American perspective, how the war was improperly initiated and executed, and
      how it's not prudent to keep such a blundering and corrupt head of state,
      with such low charisma... I guy who the whole world already hates because he
      seems not to understand his own lies; just tobogganing his cabinet...

      I'm half convinced that all we really want is a president that doesn't make
      us ashamed as americans; doesn't make us lawless hypocrites; doesn't blunder
      when he speaks or have to always use a teleprompt; doesn't even expect us to
      notice how idiotic his political stunts have been... The national
      egg-on-the face feeling is prevalent--and getting really getting old.
      That's why I hope America votes him out.

      But..... I'm not going to vote for Kerry of mainstream, though my family
      says it's unconscionable not to. I believe that--given the candidates--and
      my lack of faith in the system--and the corruption of the Electoral College
      and the Supreme Court--that no matter what, I will apparently be casting a
      "throw away vote." Such a pity; so it goes.

      In another time, I would have given anything for my country, including my
      life. But now we're sending kids off to war with sub-nukes, killing
      indiscriminately on both sides, violating the UN, violating the Geneva
      Convention, violating a standard American sense of decency. For so long we
      as a country (and our politicians) maintained a pretty reasonable
      understanding of right vs. wrong. Maybe it's just the veneer that's worn

      The following site gave me a chuckle (though really it isn't very funny)...
      A little necessary levity.


      Have a good weekend,


      From: Editor - Coast Writers Syndicate <editor-cws@...>
      Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 12:38:44 -0700

      Subject: Re: You may've already seen this, Peter; made me think twice...

      On 8/27/04 10:51 AM, "Peter Mancus" <pmancus@...> wrote:

      Dear Joe:
      Thank you for forwarding what you did. I had not seen it. It is worth
      I intend to vote Libertarian.
      --Peter Mancus

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Joe Slansky" <desertdigital@...
      Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 9:14 AM
      Subject: You may've already seen this, Peter; made me think twice...


      BEFORE you vote Libertarian, check the Constitution Party
      (www.constitutionparty.org). While I agree with many Libertarian principles,
      I believe that they are naïve in some critical areas. And while I disagree
      with some of the planks of their platform, I find the Constitution Party to
      be much more in line with my beliefs ‹ and probably, yours.


      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
      9: BREAKING: FBI Investigating Pentagon Spy, Israel Implicated

      ----- Forwarded message from t r u t h o u t <messenger@...> -----

      BREAKING: FBI Investigating Pentagon Spy, Israel Implicated

      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
      10: socialism to foxhole freedom mentality

      Forwarded message from Endwatch@... -----

      so says George W. Bush as he continues to promote giving downpayments to
      would-be homeowners. These homeowner wannabes are people who can afford the
      monthly payments but who haven't bothered to save the money needed to buy.
      A few years ago, a partner and I bought a small house from the recipient of
      one such (state-level) program. We rushed to close the deal just days before
      the house would have been foreclosed. Then we proceeded to spend $10,000 and
      a year of labor to erase the effects of neglect. The woman who purchased her
      "self-reliance" and her "American dream" with taxpayers' largess had merely
      inhabited the house for the two years she managed to hang on to it, clueless
      about the responsibilities of homeownership. We cleaned out hundreds of
      lottery tickets she'd left behind. For months afterward we continued to receive
      chain letters, pitches from psychics, and myriad get-rich-quick proposals sent
      to the woman, who had obviously had plenty of money to indulge in all of the
      Pretty predictable outcome, as anybody with common sense could have seen.
      When I read Jim Bovard's _The Bush Betrayal_
      (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/140396727X/clairewolfeco-20) I was
      startled to find that such
      gimme-gimme programs are one of the highlights of GWB's tax-and-spend
      In today's Barrons Jim takes his literary lash to those programs once again.
      Since you must be a paid subscriber to access the article, Jim has given me
      permission to quote liberally from it. And I've put the most [ahem] liberal
      interpretation on the word "quote." Here's Jim ...

      Nothing Down
      The Bush administration's wrecking-ball benevolence

      ONE OF THE PROUDEST ELEMENTS of President Bush's "compassionate
      conservative" agenda has been government financial support to home buyers for
      payments. Bush is determined to end the bias against people who want to buy a
      but don't have any money. But he is exposing taxpayers to tens of billions of
      dollars of possible losses, luring thousands of moderate-income families
      into bankruptcy, and risking the destruction of entire neighborhoods.
      Bush began pushing his down-payment plan in 2002. The administration's
      rhetoric echoed the grand works of President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. A
      White House Fact Sheet issued June 17, 2002, declared that Bush's agenda "will
      help tear down the barriers to homeownership that stand in the way of our
      nation's African-American, Hispanic and other minority
      families. ... The single biggest barrier to homeownership is accumulating
      funds for a down payment."
      If true, the comment shows how much times have changed. The biggest barrier
      to homeownership for minorities used to be racial prejudice and unequal
      access to credit. Now, it's just the same lack of thrift that afflicts people
      all races.
      Nevertheless, Congress passed Bush's American Dream Downpayment Act last
      fall. It authorizes federal handouts to first-time home buyers of up to $10,000
      or 6% of the home's purchase price, whichever is greater, to anyone with
      income 20% less than their local median income. In San Francisco, where the
      median income is more than $113,300, a family of four with an income of up to
      $90,500 is eligible for this freebie.
      The president is also urging Congress to permit the Federal Housing
      Administration to begin making zero down-payment, low-interest loans to
      Americans. The administration forecast that zero down-payment mortgages could
      be given to 150,000 home buyers in the first year. Federal Housing
      Commissioner John Weicher said in January 2004 that "the White House doesn't
      think those
      who can afford the monthly payment but have been unable to save for a down
      payment should be deprived from owning a home," National Mortgage News
      reported. While zero-downpayment mortgages have long been considered profoundly
      unsafe (especially for borrowers with dubious credit history), Weicher
      confidently asserted: "We do not anticipate any costs to taxpayers."
      Character Building
      So down-payment handouts are now part of building up the American character.
      Bush proclaimed on June 16, 2003: "Homeownership is more than just a symbol
      of the American dream; it is an important part of our way of life. Core
      American values of individuality, thrift, responsibility, and self-reliance are
      embodied in homeownership."
      Is individuality something that the Feds have any competence to try to mass
      Is thrift something which can be fertilized with billions of additional
      dollars of deficit spending?
      YOU'LL BE GLAD TO KNOW THAT _guns-drawn raids on innocent high school kids_
      (http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/local/9447676.htm) are A-OK and
      don't violate anybody's rights. Whew, what a relief! For a while there, I
      thought some of our Sacred Men in Blue might actually have been behaving like a
      gang of criminal raiders. How could I ever have doubted their saintly
      This item from _Free-Market.net_ (http://www.free-market.net/) .
      I'M PRETTY SURE I COULD LOSE $8.8 BILLION, TOO. At least, I could promise to
      make a really, really good try at it. But it takes talent to _disappear that
      much money in that short a time_
      (http://www.free-market.net/rd/51300897.html) .

      A MONTH AGO TODAY I WROTE ABOUT ANTHONY HARGIS, wondering how a long-time
      figure in the freedom movement could _be in jail for four months with scarcely
      a whisper_ (http://www.clairewolfe.com/wolfesblog/00000916.html) being heard
      about his plight. Anthony was jailed after refusing to turn over the records
      of _his private banking service_ (http://www.anthonyhargis.com/) to the IRS.
      Anthony is still in the Santa Ana, California, jail. In response to my
      query, "Where the &^%$#@! are your supporters?" he writes:

      The answer is complex. Unfortunately most people in the freedom movement
      have a foxhole mentality. ... Another factor is just plain fear of the IRS. An
      attorney friend contacted 6-8 other attorneys about helping and when they
      learned the IRS was involved they said, "No way!" More, the IRS has indicated
      its filings that it intends to audit every one of my customers/supporters.

      Who can blame them for wanting to avoid publicity? For not supporting me?
      It's the Catholic Inquisition with a different name.

      The IRS has accused Anthony of operating an illegal tax-evasion scheme. On
      the contrary, Anthony points out in his court filings that he never promotes
      his services as a way of avoiding taxes, and that when prospective customers
      ask about the tax benefits in his service, he explains that there are none.
      This wouldn't stop the IRS, of course. And Anthony is all too right that the
      IRS has a notorious history of going after the customers -- the little guys
      -- while letting supposedly "illegal" business operators off the hook. It's
      quite the exception that Anthony, who owns the company, is in jail while his
      customers remain unmolested. It seems that's largely due to Anthony's courage
      and integrity in refusing to reveal information about them.
      _Here's the latest public letter from Anthony_
      (http://www.anthonyhargis.com/news.htm#current) regarding his case.
      It sounds as if he has adequate legal representation, and he says so many
      constitutional violations have been committed against him that he's hopeful of
      winning his case on appeal (which shows a lot of faith in the justice system
      for someone who's basically jailed without due process). But it's a damn
      shame if those he's defending are too intimidated to defend him.
      Any of you folks with legal or PR skills who'd like to look into this case
      further? _Get in touch_ (mailto:webmistress-SPAMTRAP@...) . I'll
      relay your offers of assistance to Anthony. (Note, you'll need to remove
      "SPAMTRAP" from that e-mail address before sending.)
      Posted by _Claire_ (http://www.clairewolfe.com/) @ 07:51 AM CST [_Link_
      (http://www.clairewolfe.com/wolfesblog/00000992.html) ]
      _Click here: Mail Index _

      _FPC-News - Ex-KGB Head Is Homeland Security Consultant_

      From: <freedom@...>
      _FPC-News - PATRIOT ACT II: New anti-terrorism bill threatens civil
      From: <freedom@...>
      _FPC-News - Patriot Act II_
      From: <freedom@...>
      From: "Joe Saladino" <joe@...>
      _FPC-News - Lawyers_
      From: <freedom@...>
      From: <freedom@...>
      _FPC-News - Raise the Flag_
      From: _freedom@..._ (mailto:freedom@...)


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      11: The End of Privacy as We Know It

      ----- Forwarded message from spiker <spiker@...> -----

      A Terrifyingly Real Hypothetical Application of the National ID Card in
      Your Daily Life -- The End of Privacy as We Know It

      If the above flash presentation won't play on your computer, click below to
      download the free Macromedia Flash Player

      @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

      Forwarded message from Tee <eagle11@...


      Part 1

      By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. ZZZ
      August 28, 2004

      In my last article, I focused on the connection between mental health and
      world citizenship. However, there is more to the use of mental health by
      the power elite than world citizenship. In MENTAL HEALTH, vol. 1, no. 4,
      October 1940, one finds a speech by John Rawlings Rees (deputy director of
      the Tavistock Institute for Medical Psychology begun in 1920) on June 18,
      1940, in which he revealed: "We can therefore justifiably stress our
      particular point of view with regard to the proper development of the human
      psyche, even though our knowledge be incomplete. We must aim to make it
      permeate every educational activity in our national life....Public life,
      politics and industry should all of them be within our sphere of
      influence....Especially since the last world war we have done much to
      infiltrate the various social organizations throughout the
      country....Similarly we have made a useful attack upon a number of professions.

      The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the
      Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine....If we are to
      infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people, I think
      we must imitate the Totalitarian and organize some kind of fifth column
      activity! If better ideas on mental health are to progress and spread we,
      as the salesmen, must lose our identity....Let us all, therefore, very
      secretly be 'fifth columnists.'...We have often been too spasmodic in our
      work and I feel we need a long-term plan of propaganda....I doubt the
      wisdom of a direct attack upon the existing state of affairs; even though
      there is a war on, that would still raise opposition, whereas the more
      insidious approach of suggesting that something better is needed---'why
      shouldn't we try so and so'---is more likely to succeed....Many people
      don't like to be 'saved', 'changed' or made healthy. I have a feeling,
      however, that 'efficiency and economy' would make rather a good appeal
      because there are very few people who would not welcome these two suggestions."

      At the end of the Second World War, Canadian psychiatrist Brock Chisholm
      would pick up Rees' assault upon the Church in the February 1946 edition of
      PSYCHIATRY, writing that "a program of re-education or a new kind of
      education" needed to be charted whereby "the science of living should be
      made available to all people by being taught to all children in primary and
      secondary schools....Only so, can we help our children to carry out their
      responsibilities as world citizens as we have not been able to do....We
      have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents,
      our Sunday and day school teachers,our politicians, our priests....The
      reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong
      which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent
      and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these
      are the belated objectives...for charting the changes in human behavior."

      Chisholm was the first director-general of the World Health Organization
      (WHO), and just a few months after his article in PSYCHIATRY, Chisholm's
      friend Alger Hiss in July 1946 persuaded the founders of WHO to stimulate
      the concept of "world mental health" by including in their constitution the
      following definition: "...Health is a state of complete physical, mental,
      and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

      Logically, with this broad definition of "health," it was possible for the
      advocates of linking mental health and education to claim this was
      necessary to promote social well-being. Thus, in the October 1954 edition
      of MENTAL HYGIENE, one finds "Education for Mental Health" by George
      Stevenson, M.D.

      It is a transcript of his April 2, 1954 radio broadcast, in which he
      remarked: "...it may be well to look into education for social action. If
      such education is to be one part of a broader effort to reach a goal,
      certain steps may be followed to make sure that mental health education has
      its proper place in the total scheme....The schools stand in an especially
      strategic position....They are in position to provide a good atmosphere
      within the school that can counterbalance the reverse at home....Education
      for mental health...is everybody's business."

      Unfortunately, American public schools bought Dr. Stevenson's reasoning and
      increasingly introduced mental health programs in schools across the land.
      The results of these initiatives soon became obvious. In MENTAL ROBOTS
      (1957) by Dr. Lewis A. Alesen (former president of the California Medical
      Association), he declared: "Americans today are being deluged
      with...propaganda...under the disarmingly innocent title of 'The Mental
      Health Program.'...Its (robotry) objectives...the ultimate destruction of
      the human individual as a person; the eradication of all the traditions,
      ideals and moral concepts which he has learned from home, church, and
      school...and taught to deny and reject responsibility for himself, and to
      transfer that responsibility to the group, that is the state. The master
      plan...has been the result of...thousands of individuals...who have not had
      the time,...or the ability to gain a perspective of the ultimate aims of
      the plan which they have actively aided in bringing to fruition. Summer
      sessions in group dynamics...under the direction of... a subdivision of the
      National Education Association, with...the fundamental objective to prepare
      those so trained in the subtle art of propagandizing without seeming to do
      so. Here among academic surroundings a carefully arranged schedule of
      indoctrination has been prepared by the National Education Association."

      full article at:

      Part 2 of this article will appear in the near future.

      © 2004 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved

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      Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D.
      from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American
      History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the
      university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an
      international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the
      U.S. Department of Education.

      Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S.
      Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited seventeen books and
      booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers
      around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA
      Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of
      the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a
      guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.

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      14: My Example For Christ

      STANLEY NOTE: Thank you Bill. Yes we are brothers in the Lord. We are brother
      Patriots for a return to a Constitutional America. Thank you for publicly
      saying so. God bless you and yours. Live FREE or Die!

      Rick Stanley

      Quoting Bill Stegmeier <rmsroll@...>:

      Thank you Rick Stanley. I know you will not mind me adopting your words as
      mine. I could not offer a better admission of faith to Jesus our Savior as
      you have. (I must however, correct your first sentence. Mankind, in it's
      entirety, will not be saved. The path is a bit too narrow for that.)

      Yes, our days on earth are numbered. Our days in heaven are not.

      Now I want to say, for everyone's consideration, is what I see as my, and
      every human's natural limitation , whether they are aware, is concerning our
      ability to comprehend subjects outside of our physical universe, such as

      I will speak for myself.

      I, as a mortal, can not comprehend the majesty of heaven, let alone it's
      existence, and I certainly cannot comprehend eternal life. I accept the
      foregoing on faith, as my mother persuaded me to do, so many years ago.

      But since then, and because of my mother, I have been a steadfast student of
      the word of God, trying and usually failing at doing what the word of God
      commands of us. But trying.

      What I find wonderful, is that the Word of God, not only commands us to learn
      the truth (the word of God, The King James Bible, as I see it), it commands
      us to test the Word, so that you know it to BE true. That is the most
      fantastic challenge that God puts to us. God challenges us to prove his word
      (hint, you can't)

      Well, I then challenge anyone to prove my word wrong also. Which means I
      best speak the truth also.
      As best I can. That is how I live my life.

      I just wanted to express my realization of what has and continues to be the
      limits of my human awareness. Done.

      My Prayer: I pray that I am worthy of God's grace, come my earthly
      departure. It is my intention to earn God's grace, with everything I do.

      Thank you Brother Rick.

      Bill Stegmeier
      In Service of Jesus Christ my Lord, I am

      STANLEY NOTE: We who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the savior of
      mankind, sent to earth by our Lord God Yahweh, to die upon the cross for our
      sins, if we accept his death as redemption for our sins, and follow him, we
      shall be raised to everlasting life in heaven upon Jesus Christ's return to
      earth to reclaim his kingdom for the Lord God Yahweh. Live FREE or Die! We
      only be free if we accept this gift from our Lord. Regardless of what sins
      are persecuted with, we will be secure in the knowledge that we will be the
      Lord's chosen to live in heaven per the prophesy of Revelations. The only
      to heaven is through the son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Live FREE or Die!

      I highly recommend this writing for everyone who wants to learn the truth.
      There is much truth, that is being hidden from the world of man. We have to
      search it out. It is each and everyone's duty to find the truth and EXPOSE
      fraud, lies and deceit.

      We are all messengers if we follow the Lord Jesus Christ. If not, you are of
      Satan by default, and you are of this world. Revel in your material things
      now, and you reject the Lord's kingdom. You must make a choice: The Lord
      Jesus Christ's gift of everlasting life or Satan's world. There is no middle
      ground. By choosing one, you reject the other.

      I have made my choice for all to see: Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.
      commitment is complete. While I am human and have human failings, Jesus
      Christ has saved me with the precious gift of his blood on the cross on
      some 2,000 years ago. What I am, is but to serve the Lord. I am but a
      messenger for the Lord Jesus Christ. This is my testimony this day and for
      future. Live FREE or Die!

      Bill Stegmeier

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