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MEDIA RELEASE: Dear Judge Quinn, from Mike Dietz

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    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org Stanley Scoop 30 July 2004 ** Special Edition **
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2004
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      Rick Stanley
      Constitutional Activist
      Phone: 303-329-0481
      E-mail: rick@...

      Stanley Scoop 30 July 2004 ** Special Edition **
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      MEDIA RELEASE: Dear Judge Quinn, from Mike Dietz

      Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy of
      the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of America,
      gave the following media release for your use:

      Dear Judge Quinn,

        I am writing reference Rick Stanley being railroaded by a corrupt,
      unconstitutional & illegal judicial & legal system not confined to just Colorado;
      but indeed, the entire country. The rule of law today is meaningless as they
      now legislate from the bench & make it up as they go & most everybody knows it
      if they have the intestinal fortitude to face up to the truth. The
      legislatures & executives are also to share in the blame as they too have failed in
      their duties of judicial oversight, failed to honor & uphold their oaths of
      office, which makes them traitors to their oath of office & traitors to the
      rotting corpse of what was once a great Republic. Instead what you have now is
      collusion between the so-called 3 branches of government, and instead of
      respecting the public & public rights as it once was, we now have a conspiracy to
      deny & strip the public of all rights at every level of government, and fascism
      far more pervasive than anything Italy suffered under Benito Mussolini.
      Those that face election now want to pass the buck & decision making to those
      that don't face election: the judges. What cowards our elected officials have
      become. I recall a time when the law respected the people & the people
      respected the law. Those days are long gone. Instead of statesmen our so-called
      public servants are now so short sighted they don't even realize the long-term
      implications for their own prodigy whom will eventually be loaded on the cattle
      cars with the rest of us, or those of us whose bodies haven't already been
      piled up like cords of firewood. Again, so short sighted they don't see the
      role domestic policy plays on foreign policy. As an example the troops in Iraq
      & Afghanistan don't need to be there; but instead, need to be here cleaning
      house & hanging the public traitors from Tory oaks assuming there are enough
      oaks in D.C. & the state capitals to hold them all. Again, so short sighted
      they can't see things are going to turn ugly in the near future. The scriptures
      tell us "as in the days of Noah: the earth was filled with violence."
        Everyone with any decency should be concerned with injustice.
      To oppose injustice & tyranny is to serve God or so famous voices of the past
      & contemporary logic tell us. Therefore, I petition the governor and/or
      judges involved to pardon this man as I can see of no crime he has committed or
      parties he has injured. He shouldn't have been charged with a crime in the 1st
      place as none was committed, nor would he have been convicted of the later
      bogus charges had he in fact had a randomly selected jury of his peers instead
      of a bunch of hand picked inexperienced naive youngsters charged with doing a
      man's job. No good will come from incarcerating this man. Indeed, like Waco &
      the Randy Weaver fiasco it will just be another boil to fester & stink. The
      situation already stinks to high heaven & will only aggravate an already
      ugly picture of human rights denial & abuse of public office. Incidentally,
      international human rights groups today fail the US in nearly every category.
      How could it be otherwise when more people are imprisoned here than in Russia &
      China combined? The US has already lost the moral high ground & its moral
      standing in the world & how much lower are our public officials going to pull
      it down? Not much I suspect as it is already near rock bottom. The US certainly
      is no longer qualified to lecture the Chinese on human rights abuses. The
      Chinese are executing their officials for graft & corruption recently executing
      a provincial governor for embezzlement. I would love to see American society
      follow suite & do justice, else God is going to have to resurrect Sodom &
      Gomorrah & apologize to those inhabitants.

      Mike Dietz
      807 Baker Add.
      kamiah, ID 83536

      Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
      The Stanley Scoop
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