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Freedom Day at Constitution Center

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  • Matthew wusinich
    Hello All, This Thursday presidential hopeful Gary Nolan will help us as we help him to the White House. Gary will be in Philadelphia this Thursday at 2:00pm
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      Hello All,

      This Thursday presidential hopeful Gary Nolan will
      help us as we help him to the White House. Gary will
      be in Philadelphia this Thursday at 2:00pm for the
      MCLC's Ballot Access Kickoff in front of the National
      Constitution Center. This is a great chance to learn
      about the constitution and meet a true patriot. There
      will be a photo opportunity with presidential hopeful,
      Gary Nolan and Pennsylvania Libertarian Candidates
      (volunteers, RSVP to Jim Babb jamesbabb@...,

      Thursday night Gary will wrap up the day of freedom in
      a ballot access fund raiser event. The event will
      support ballot access here in Pennsylvania. Gary
      understands that strong local campaigns all build to
      make a revolutionary national campaign.

      The event will be an informal dinner where everyone
      has their own tab. Fund raising will be split between
      our ballot access fund and Gary's run for the White
      House. It will be held at Harry's Savoy Grill and
      Ballroom (address below). I am told Harry's has
      fantastic food and Warsteiner is on tap. Check out
      their on-line menu.

      Again, sorry for the short notice. These just got
      finalized. Please spread the word.


      Matthew Wusinich
      Communications Director
      Montgomery County Libertarian Committee

      Harry's Savoy Grill and Ballroom
      2020 Naamans Road
      Wilmington, DE 19810
      Phone: 302-475-3000

      National Constitution Center
      525 Arch Street
      Independence Mall
      Philadelphia, PA 19106
      (215) 409-6600

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    • Stanley Scoop
      June 11, 2004 Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: 303-329-0481 Email: rick@stanley2002.org Stanley Scoop 06/11/04
      Message 58 of 58 , Jun 11, 2004
        June 11, 2004

        Rick Stanley
        Constitutional Activist
        Phone: 303-329-0481
        Email: rick@...

        Stanley Scoop 06/11/04
        ** Visit the website: http://www.stanley2002.org **
        ** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! **
        In This Issue:

        (1) Rumsfeld Says War On Terror Will Continue For Years
        (2) News Release: Will Southern Baptists Abandon Public Schools?
        (3) Comments on: Don't Know If You Heard About This
        (4) Judge Moore and The Ten Commandments
        (5) Americans Would Trade Rights For Security -experts
        (6) The Pyramid On Our Dollar Bill. What Is It All About?
        (7) Clean Air/Taxes/Liberty
        (8) The Great Whore
        (9) REMEMBER THE LIBERTY?—It Began on D-Day
        (10) Liberty: -- Opinion -- Bushs Real Strategy in Iraq
        (11) WA SC: Court Strikes Down Licensing Laws
        (12) The US Government Is A Fiction
        (13) Buzzy Krongard and 911
        (14) BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh and Bin
        (15) New Study Finds That Illegal Immigration Costs Arizona
        $1.3 Billion a Year

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        ********************SPECIAL NOTE*************************

        Where was I when the raid happened this past Wednesday by the IRS-CID, US
        Marshalls, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Swat teams, and other police agencies?
        I had been lured to the other side of town by a call from a "potential"
        customer. A man identifying himself as Brady Humphrey of CB Electric, who
        stated he was a project manager on a new building down at Buchtell and Colorado
        Boulevard, and wished to look at our product line and open an account.
        I had an appointment for roughly 9:15 AM. I arrived and was told to meet Brady
        Humphrey in the parking lot of Perkins. I did and was surrounded by special
        agents of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. I was searched for weapons and did
        not have any. I was released. They told me my building was being raided by
        them and the IRS at that time. The raid began at roughly 9:30 AM. I called on
        a few customers, stopped for a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate, and decided to
        head back to my building. I was followed the entire morning by special agents.
        I was given a search and siezure warrant upon my arrival at the building, but
        was denied access to the building or the property. I asked that my wife come
        out to talk with me. I explained to them when she came out, that she and I
        were going to brunch with me at that time and did they have any issues with
        that? They said fine, but she would be denied access to the building upon her
        return, as well as me. I pointed out that my wife was tired of having a female
        agent accompany her to the inside of the bathroom, each time she felt the urge,
        anyway. She was not allowed to leave the front office or answer the phones
        during the time of the raid and was detained.

        The 50 to 60 agents of the government searched the premises from 9:30 in the
        morning till roughly 6:30 PM that evening. Boxes and boxes of our property
        were hauled out the door and loaded into vehicles. Vehicles were leaving
        throughout the day loaded down with our property. They cleaned out MOST
        paperwork that was in the the offices and in my home. Cards of customers,
        suppliers, friends, any piece of paper that had a name, phone number or address
        on it.

        I wanted you to understand that we have been left with absolutely nothing, to
        do business with. Orders that had not been entered were taken. Customers must
        now be re-contacted to reconstruct what was on the orders. Bills owed were all
        taken. We have no record of most of them. It appears that the government is
        trying to ruin my credit. They are trying to convince employees to quit. Yes,
        I have verified that with employees. They are trying to get customers to stop
        doing business with me. Damaging stuff isn't it? That is what I am faced
        with. Is this causing problems inside my mind and the mind of my wife? This
        is our business, our livelihood. They are attempting to destroy us and our
        ability to fight back financially as well as in the courts. We will overcome.

        I have been telling people all of the past three years that this is what would
        happen to me. I exercised rights, fully knowing that these thugs in government
        would attack me. It is affecting everything. Does anyone wonder what would
        happen if America would stand up and so no? The Gathering at
        www.stanley2002.org. Come to Colorado for the trial in Brighton, visit an old
        friend you may know here and take a few days to stand up for freedom and
        liberty. It has to start sometime. Let it be now. Hoist a sign and
        demonstrate in front of the courthouse in Brighton for several hours on Monday
        June 21, the first day of the trial. Stay a day or two, if you wish. Signs
        have been donated for the cause. There will be people to give you a sign.
        Bring fully informed jury information for anyone who might be interested.
        EXERCISE your constitutional rights. Stand up to tyranny. Tell the government
        that their unconstitutional actions are not acceptable. Make a stand. Start
        today... Send a letter to the Rocky Mtn News, the Denver Post, Westword in
        Denver, decrying the treatment of Rick Stanley in this whole trial situation.
        Be heard! Rick Stanley represents you all. You are next. The time to make a
        stand is now. A non-violent answer to the tyranny of government is in order
        today. If we don't stop this type of tyranny now, where will it lead? By the way
        people have been asking me if THE GATHERING is still on. Absolutely. Petitioning the
        government for redress of grievance is an absolute necessity at this time.

        Rick Stanley

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        (1) Rumsfeld Says War On Terror Will Continue For Years

        STANLEY NOTE: Try "from now on". Enjoy the illusion of freedom and liberty.

        Forwarded message from Tee
        <eagle11@...> -----

        Subject: Rumsfeld Says War On Terror Will Continue For Years


        Rumsfeld Says War On Terror Will Continue For Years

        (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in Singapore for a
        conference with Iraq war allies such as the U.K., Australia and Japan, said
        the war on terrorism is closer to the beginning than the end.

        Rumsfeld said the U.S. had succeeded in blocking terrorist funds amounting
        to as much as $200 million since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and
        the Pentagon. Many terrorist cells in Southeast Asia too had been broken up
        and arrests had resulted in valuable information that had enhanced the
        region's security.

        While U.S. military alliances with Southeast Asian countries are strong and
        the country is committed to its presence in Asia, no area in the world is
        immune from terrorist attacks, he said. Future threats to the U.S. and
        other countries will come from small cells and not great powers.

        "Our close cooperation with allies and friends in Asia is more essential
        than ever," Rumsfeld said in a speech at the conference. "Because
        (terrorism) cannot be appeased, it must be confronted. Terrorists continue
        to inflict violence, death across the globe."

        Defense ministers of U.S. allies at the three-day conference by the
        International Institute for Strategic Studies include Australia's Robert
        Hill, Shigeru Ishiba from Japan and the U.K.'s Adam Ingram. Rumsfeld also
        met Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Defense Minister Teo Chee
        Hean. The city-state supported the Iraq war.

        Since May last year, when U.S. President George Bush declared major combat
        operations over in Iraq, at least 668 U.S. soldiers, sailors and Marines
        have been killed in ambushes or battles in the country.

        There are 18,000 potential terrorists at large, and recruitment by groups
        is accelerating because of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, the International
        Institute for Strategic Studies said on May 25 in its annual survey.


        The U.S.-led coalition is about to hand over sovereignty to an interim
        Iraqi government on June 30. The U.S. and its main ally in Iraq, the U.K.,
        are drafting a United Nations Security Council resolution on the power
        transfer and setting out details for elections of a permanent government as
        insurgents continue attacks on coalition troops and Iraq's civilian leaders.

        Rumsfeld cited the evolution of "Asian democracy" as an example for Iraq.
        "Think about how much has changed in Asia in this region in the past few
        decades. Today, Asia is one of the fastest growing centers for the creation
        of opportunity, prosperity and knowledge, through freer economic systems."

        Failure of the U.S.-led military occupation in Iraq would result in
        anarchy, civil war, ethnic cleansing and the emergence of another Saddam
        Hussein, the former president of Iraq, Rumsfeld said. "There is no
        alternative to pursuing this effort in transferring power to the Iraqi

        Rumsfeld said the media has been negative in reporting about Iraq. The
        U.S.-led military occupation in Iraq has resulted in economic growth, the
        building of hospitals and schools in the country, while most Iraqis backed
        the removal of former President from power, he said.

        North Korea, accused of developing nuclear weapons, is becoming more
        dangerous and is "operating well outside norm," Rumsfeld said.

        Rumsfeld defended the U.S. against accusations that its foreign policy was
        isolationist and unilateral. While the administration would have been happy
        to pass of intervention in Haiti, for example, to any multinational
        organization, it was forced to assemble a "coalition of the willing" to
        intervene to stem violence in the Caribbean country, Rumsfeld said.

        "Nobody was home. Nobody answered the phone," he said, adding that the
        accusation of unilateralism was "a bum rap."

        ©2004 Bloomberg L.P. All rights reserved.

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        (2) News Release: Will Southern Baptists Abandon Public Schools?

        STANLEY NOTE: While I am no Southern Babtist, I am a Christian. I agree with
        the assessment that Christians should take their children out of public schools
        for a Christian education either through home schooling or private school. The
        cost be damned. It is so very important to have Christian children outside of
        the world of satan, in which government schools are part of his world, as is
        the Police State of America.

        Quoting Columbia Christians for Life <CCFL@...:

        Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 18:28:12 -0400
        From: Columbia Christians for Life <CCFL@...
        Subject: News Release: Will Southern Baptists Abandon Public Schools ?


        May 14, 2004


        T.C. Pinckney: 703-780-1566, <mailto:bapa120@...120@...

        Bruce Shortt: 832-483-8882,

        E. Ray Moore, Jr.: 803-714-1744,

        n NEWS RELEASE n

        Will Southern Baptists Abandon Public Schools?

        If Well-known SBC Leader T.C. Pinckney And Attorney Bruce Shortt Succeed

        Southern Baptists Will Soon Embrace Christian Education

        ALEXANDRIA, VA. - T.C. Pinckney, retired brigadier general and prominent
        Southern Baptist leader and Bruce N. Shortt, a Houston, TX attorney and
        home school father of three children have joined forces to ask the
        Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to consider a resolution urging parents
        to pull their children out of public schools and provide them with a
        Christian Education.

        Co-authors Pinckney and Shortt submitted their April 26, 2004 resolution
        to the SBC Resolutions Committee. The Committee will consider whether to
        present the resolution for a full vote by the SBC Convention when it meets
        June 15-16, 2004 in Indianapolis.

        The strongly worded Resolution urges all officers and members of the
        Southern Baptist Convention "to remove their children from the government
        schools and see to it that they receive a thoroughly Christian education."

        It also encourages SBC churches to "counsel parents regarding their
        obligation to provide their children with Christian education" and "to
        provide all of their children with Christian alternatives to government
        school education, either through home schooling or thoroughly Christian
        private schools."

        Pinckney was quoted May 6, 2004 in an Associated Press story saying "God
        gives the responsibility of children to the parents, not to the
        government, and parents should be taking responsibility, primarily through

        Pinckney and Shortt cite numerous reasons for the need to remove Southern
        Baptist children from "government schools," including research from the
        Nehemiah Institute which "discovered through its extensive surveys of
        student attitudes and beliefs that acceptance of a secular humanist
        worldview by Christian children attending government schools has increased
        dramatically over the past fifteen years."

        They also cited research gathered by the Southern Baptist Council on
        Family Life which reported in 2002 "that 88 percent of the children raised
        in evangelical homes leave church at the age of 18, never to return."

        The resolution also states that public schools are "adopting curricula and
        policies teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable."

        Shortt was quoted May 4, 2004 by World Net Daily: "The issue is this," he
        said, "the government schools are killing our children morally,
        spiritually and academically. The question we confront as Christian
        parents is, how dead do we want our children to be?"

        Resolution co-sponsors, Pinckney and Shortt are active members of Exodus
        Mandate (<http://www.exodusmandate.org/www.ExodusMandate.org); a national
        organization founded by E. Ray Moore, Jr., a retired Chaplain (Lt. Col.)
        USAR. Bruce N. Shortt serves as the Texas State Coordinator for Exodus
        Mandate. T.C. Pinckney is a retired Brigadier General USAF, and former
        second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Pinckney's
        three children home school his twelve grandchildren.

        # # # #

        Additional Media:

        * Washington Times: Southern Baptists Eye Exiting Public Schools

        ~ By Julia Duin, (5/12/04)


        * AP: Southern Baptists Hear Proposal to Pull Children from Public
        Schools (5/6/2004)


        * World Net Daily:
        activists: Pull kids out of school

        Resolution urges members to reject government education ~ By Ron Strom

        * Family News in Focus: Southern Baptists to Consider Schools

        Is it time for Christian parents to give up on public schools? ~ By Stuart
        Shepard (4/30/04)


        TEXT Of the Proposed Resolution: See below and attached PDF document


        Submitted Jointly by T.C. Pinckney and Bruce N. Shortt

        To The 2004 Annual Meeting Of The Southern Baptist Convention

        April 26, 2004

        Whereas, the Bible commands that fathers are to bring up their children in
        the training and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4), and all parents have
        an obligation to strive by all means to bring up their children in the
        nurture and admonition of the Lord, and

        Whereas, all authority in heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus, and He has
        commanded us to make disciples of our children and teach them to observe
        everything He has commanded (Mt. 28:19-20), and

        Whereas, teaching our children everything that Jesus commanded involves
        their learning to think biblically about all the spheres of human thought,
        activity, and life (Dt. 6:4-9) so that they take every thought into
        captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), and

        Whereas, our thinking is not to be conformed to this world's way of
        thinking, but our minds are to be renewed and sanctified by the truth of
        God's Word (Rom. 12:2; Jn. 17:17), and

        Whereas, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Pr.1:7) and
        in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col.2:3),
        any instruction that does not begin with the fear of the Lord, teaching
        the centrality of Jesus Christ for understanding all of life cannot
        properly be said to impart wisdom or knowledge to children, and

        Whereas, Jesus said, "He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does
        not gather with Me scatters" (Lk. 11:23), the government school system
        that claims to be "neutral" with regard to Christ is actually
        anti-Christian, so that children taught in the government schools are
        receiving an anti-Christian education, and

        Whereas, the government schools are by their own confession humanistic and
        secular in their instruction, the education offered by the government
        schools is officially Godless, and

        Whereas, the government schools are adopting curricula and policies
        teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable, and

        Whereas, homosexual organizations are present as approved student "clubs"
        in thousands of government schools and are spreading rapidly, and

        Whereas, the Bible says, children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior
        (Ps. 127:3-5), we must understand that children are weapons (arrows) to be
        aimed for the greatest impact in the kingdom of God. Just as it would be
        foolish for the warrior to give his arrows to his enemies, it is foolish
        for Christians to give their children to be trained in schools run by the
        enemies of God, and

        Whereas, training to be a faithful witness should be a vital part of a
        Christian child's education, and

        Whereas, hundreds of thousands of parents who are members of churches
        associated with the Southern Baptist Convention send their children to the
        government schools, and

        Whereas, the children of those parents are receiving a Godless,
        anti-Christian education, and

        Whereas, the millions of children in government schools spend 7 hours a
        day, 180 days a year being taught that God is irrelevant to every area of
        life, and

        Whereas, many Christian children in government schools are converted to an
        anti-Christian worldview rather than evangelizing their schoolmates, and

        Whereas, the Nehemiah Institute has discovered through its extensive
        surveys of student attitudes and beliefs that acceptance of a secular
        humanist worldview by Christian children attending government schools has
        increased dramatically over the last fifteen years, and

        Whereas, the Southern Baptist Council on Family Life reported to the 2002
        Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention that 88 percent of the
        children raised in evangelical homes leave church at the age of 18, never
        to return; and

        Whereas, it is anti-intellectual to artificially divorce God from his
        creation, and many excellent curricula are available that demonstrate the
        beauty and working of God throughout His creation, and experience has
        proven the superior intellectual accomplishments of children educated in
        such curricula, and

        Whereas, the Bible teaches that the companion of fools will be destroyed
        (Pr.13:20), and that people are prone to be deceived into thinking that
        evil company will not corrupt them (1Cor.15:33), it is incumbent upon
        ministers of the gospel to warn God's people that their children are being
        corrupted by spending half of their waking hours instructed by teachers
        who are required by law to inculcate a Godless education, and

        Whereas, many adult members of our congregations teach in government
        schools, this resolution should not be construed to discourage adult
        believers who labor as missionaries to unbelieving colleagues and
        students; rather, they should be commended and encouraged to be salt and
        light in a dark and decaying government school system:

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the 2004 Annual Meeting of the
        Southern Baptist Convention encourages all officers and members of the
        Southern Baptist Convention and the churches associated with it to remove
        their children from the government schools and see to it that they receive
        a thoroughly Christian education, for the glory of God, the good of
        Christ's church, and the strength of their own commitment to Jesus, and

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Southern
        Baptist Convention encourages all churches associated with the Southern
        Baptist Convention to work energetically to counsel parents regarding
        their obligation to provide their children with a Christian education, and

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Southern
        Baptist Convention encourages all churches associated with the Southern
        Baptist Convention to provide all of their children with Christian
        alternatives to government school education, either through home schooling
        or thoroughly Christian private schools.

        @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

        (3) Comments on: Don't Know If You Heard About This

        STANLEY NOTE: Ahh, many people think I am a clown. I suppose it depends on the
        reason for the observation. My reason for thinking this guy was a clown, is as
        follows. He wanted the government to declare zoning that "he" would accept for
        his neighbors property. He didn't get it. His neighbor was able to do what he
        wanted with the property, as zoned. I believe in property rights, not zoning.
        This "liberal" wanted his way against the other property owner. He didn't get
        his way and went off. Hence, I think the guy is an idiot, a clown, a moron. My
        opinion of course. Again, I think that the government continues to stick it's
        nose into people's business and too many liberals want them to continue to do
        so. This man (psycho) wanted the government to be his enforcer for his way, and
        I believe that is wrong. So there you go. My opinion. Opinions are like
        assholes, we all have them. I get your opinion all of the time. Sometimes I
        print, most times I don't, not because I disagree, but most times because they
        are too long, too ... at times. Not that I think you are an asshole either. You
        have vaild points on many issues. I think the "Unintended Consequences" of
        government sticking it's collective nose into everyone's lives, is creating a
        stressful environment for us all, which will provoke some terrible consequences.
        Pretty simple.

        Rick Stanley

        Quoting "ooglah.com" <ooglah@...:

        "This guy was a clown, but most people are."

        I'm a little surprised that you judge this guy like that. Maybe you have
        unexplained reason. Granted his Method leaves something to be desired. But it
        was his determined Method, above all others. And I, for one, am in no position
        to make any judgement against what he perceived he was up against and how best
        to resolve that. But your unexplained judgement, if to be believed correct,
        that he was a clown raises a question. With regard to those that as
        unexplainedly depreciate Stanley's Method, those thinking Stanley is a clown,
        they are wrong how?

        ---- Original Message ----- From: <rick@... To: ooglah.com
        <ooglah@... Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2004 2:03 PM Subject: Re: Don't
        know if you heard about this.

        STANLEY NOTE: I did see it. More "Unintended Consequences" of individuals
        rebeling from too much government. This guy was a clown, but most people are.

        Quoting "ooglah.com" <ooglah@...:

        "Apparent Self-inflicted"....after which explosion? So...Armour plate is
        two sheets of steel with a concrete filling....Not like any "dumpster" I've
        ever run across. I noticed some guy just invented some plate that is very
        light. The army is now going to use it in Iraq on the Humvees.

        Most assuredly he ran into the BAR ASS. system of organized crime
        protection. And decided to push his Machine against theirs though
        "deliberately avoiding injuring anyone." Too bad all the energy didn't wait
        till the big one....but I guess it was big enough for him.....That isn't just
        some One who was angry over a fine, THAT HE PAID....Why PAY if your going to
        shoot yourself? After hearing some of the comments by officers shooting at
        him on the video, I think we can safely assume he was SWATted.

        And don't miss this:

        "the town's post office"

        The "town's" post office is federal.

        THE CLINCHER: "and state officials will help businesses seek federal help,
        said Mike Beasley, director of the state Department of Local Affairs." All
        business is federal business...and "state" is federal having a "local
        affairs" office...So don't think these entites aren't married or monogamous.


        Man in Bulldozer Rampage Found Dead Muffler Shop Owner Who Went on Bulldozer
        Rampage Through Colorado Town Found Dead in Vehicle

        The Associated Press

        GRANBY, Colo. June 5, 2004 - A muffler shop owner who plowed a
        makeshift armored bulldozer into several buildings after a dispute with
        city officials was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot
        wound after a SWAT team cut their way into the machine with a blowtorch
        early Saturday, authorities said. Grand County Emergency Management
        Director Jim Holahan confirmed that the driver, identified by the town
        manager as Marvin Heemeyer, appeared to have shot himself.

        Heemeyer plowed the armor-plated bulldozer into the town hall, a
        former mayor's home and at least five other buildings Friday before the
        machine ground to a halt in the wreckage of a warehouse.

        City officials said he was angry over a zoning dispute and fines from
        city code violations at his business.

        Authorities detonated three explosions and fired at least 200 rounds
        against the heavy steel plates welded to the bulldozer, which looked
        like an upside down Dumpster. After the third explosion failed,
        officials cut their way in with a blowtorch, Holahan said.

        A statement from Grand County Undersheriff Glen Trainor said the
        driver was found around 2 a.m.

        Holahan said Heemeyer was armed with a .50-caliber weapon but appeared
        to be deliberately avoiding injuring anyone during the rampage, which
        began Friday at about 3 p.m. No other injuries were reported.

        Trainor said the dozer's armor plates consisted of two sheets of
        half-inch steel with a layer of concrete between them.

        Grand County Commissioner Duane Daley said Heemeyer apparently used a
        video camera and two monitors found inside to guide the dozer. Two guns
        were mounted in front and aimed through portals. Other portals were cut
        in the back.

        It was unclear how many guns were found with Heemeyer. Authorities
        speculated Heemeyer he may have used a homemade crane found in his
        garage to lower the armor hull over the dozer and himself.

        "Once he tipped that lid shut, he knew he wasn't getting out," Daly

        Investigators searched the garage where they believe Heemeyer built
        the vehicle and found cement, armor and steel.

        Residents of this mountain tourist town of 2,200 described a bizarre
        scene as the bulldozer slowly crashed through buildings, trees and
        lampposts, with dozens of officers walking ahead or behind it, firing
        into the machine and shouting at townspeople to flee.

        "It looked like a futuristic tank," said Rod Moore, who watched the
        dozer rumble past within 15 feet of his auto garage and towing company.

        One officer, later identified as Trainor, was perched on top, firing
        shot after shot into the top and once dropping an explosive down the
        exhaust pipe.

        "He just kept shooting," Moore said. "The dozer was still going. He
        threw what looked like a flash-bang down the exhaust. It didn't do a

        A flash-bang produces a blinding flash and earsplitting boom designed
        to stun a suspect.

        "Gunfire was just ringing out everywhere," said Sandra Tucker, who saw
        the bulldozer begin the rampage from her office on Main Street. "It
        sounded to me like an automatic rifle, firing about every second."

        At least 40 deputies, Colorado State Patrol officers, federal park and
        forest rangers and a SWAT team from nearby Jefferson County were at the

        Town manager Tom Hale said Heemeyer was angry after losing a zoning
        dispute that allowed a cement plant to be built near his muffler shop.
        Heemeyer also was fined $2,500 in a separate case for not having a
        septic tank and for other city code violations at his business, Hale

        When he paid the fine, he enclosed a note with his check saying
        "Cowards," Hale said.

        "We felt he was venting his frustration that he didn't get his way,"
        Hale said of the note. "We didn't think he was going to do something
        like this."

        Trainor said he believes Heemeyer spent months armoring the bulldozer,
        and investigators were looking into whether he had help.

        Hale said owners of all the buildings that were damaged had some
        connection to Heemeyer's disputes.

        The buildings included the cement plant, a utility company, a bank, a
        newspaper office, a hardware store and warehouse, the home of former
        Mayor L.R. "Dick" Thompson and the municipal building, which also
        housed a library.

        Crumpled patrol cars and service trucks lay in the dozer's path. A
        pickup was folded nearly in half and had been rammed through the wall
        of a building.

        Gov. Bill Owens traveled Friday night to Granby, about 50 miles west
        of Denver and 10 miles south of Rocky Mountain National Park.

        State aid will be available to help rebuild local government
        buildings, and state officials will help businesses seek federal help,
        said Mike Beasley, director of the state Department of Local Affairs.

        William Hertel, owner of High Altitude Audio, said the bulldozer drove
        by his business at mid-afternoon, crushing aspen trees and light poles
        after the rampage began around 3 p.m.

        "I was up on the roof when he came by. I got down and got my wife and
        kids out of the back of the building," Hertel said. He said he had
        heard numerous shots.

        The scene was reminiscent of a 1998 rampage in Alma, another town in
        the Colorado Rockies. Authorities said Tom Leask shot a man to death,
        then used a town-owned front-end loader to heavily damage the town's
        post office, fire department, water department and town hall.

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        (4) Judge Moore and The Ten Commandments

        STANLEY NOTE: A "wise" quote from any religion is still a "wise" quote.
        Government should not "prohibit" the free exercise of any religion in the
        United States of America. The Police State of America is promoting the
        opposite: No religion.

        ----- Forwarded message from JamesNPost@... -----

        Subject: Judge Moore and The Ten Commandments

        Re Judge Roy Moore and the display of the Ten Commandments:

        Though I am not Christian, and I deplore the extent to which
        Judaeo-Christian and Muslim dogma is used to justify bringing Hell on Earth, I
        it is not only fully Constitutional, but is also the truly American thing to
        do to display the Ten Commandments upon the grounds of a courthouse. Our
        Constitution rightly proclaims that the government is forbidden to make laws
        "respecting an establishment of religion," that is, using law enforcement or
        state money to promote the agenda or doctrine of any particular religion.
        Likewise, the Bible warns against such action in many ways, from referring to a

        religious body which "fornicates with the kings of the Earth" by getting into
        bed with secular power and embracing the deadly sword of civil law as a
        whore, to the exhortation that God's work should be done "not by power and by
        might, but by the Spirit."
        Americans are on the wrong track when they quote the Constitution and
        interpret that to mean that all religious symbols and ceremonies should be
        banned from those places where the state is empowered, such as upon the steps
        in the foyers of our courthouses, schools, and legislatures. To few seem to
        read the rest of that most-important First Amendment sentence: "....or
        prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
        The Law is the Law, and a good judge (and we presume Judge Moore is such
        a man) knows he must set aside all of his personal convictions in the just
        practice of that Law when his court is in session. However, we all truly hope
        that all of our judges, and jurors, and all who love that Law might be
        motivated in their hearts by the truth of the wisdom of the Ten Commandments,
        matter to which religion they subscribe. That is pricisely the "Spirit" which

        we should hope to invoke in all of the proceedings of the secular instution
        of power and might which the Law represents.
        Yes, therefore, let us have the Ten Commandments displayed in our
        public buildings, and let us also have perhaps some well-chosen passages from
        Talmud, or from Koran, or from the wisdom of Buddha, and of Krishna, if those
        are inspired by those faiths happen to be willing to finance and organize
        appropriate monuments like the one in question in Judge Moore's court. When
        the Law is so misinterpreted as to ban the singing of Christmas Carols on the
        courthouse steps, or of the songs of Chanukkah or Ramadan, then that great One

        Spirit whom we are all seeking to know and embrace in our religions and our
        lives has suffered a terrible and unrighteous dismissal from this great
        collective venture we call The United States of America.
        To maintain our Freedom Of Religion by banning the use of state power
        by a religious establishment is among our Founders' most profound and wise
        actions. To believe they meant that to be taken as using the law to forbid all

        public religious celebration is not only Constitutionally wrong, it is a
        betrayal of their legacy.

        James Nathan Post
        _www.zianet.com/postpubco_ (http://www.zianet.com/postpubco)

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        (5) Americans Would Trade Rights For Security -experts

        STANLEY NOTE: So I suppose we deserve what we are getting because
        the majority are OK with it. There is your Democratic Socialism at work.

        ----- Forwarded message from Tee
        <eagle11@...> -----

        Subject: Americans would trade rights for security -experts


        Americans would trade rights for security -experts

        NEW YORK, June 7 (Reuters) - In today's America, prisoners are held
        incommunicado for years, newspapers can't photograph soldiers' coffins
        returned from Iraq and the government can secretly track the books citizens
        read and the movies they watch.

        But civil liberties can erode much further before Americans will say enough
        is enough, say experts in social history and political behavior.

        Fear struck by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks helped launch the curtailment of
        civil liberties in the name of national security, and that fear keeps
        Americans willing to trade away rights for safety, they say.

        "We're at war," said Ken Weinstein of the Hudson Institute, a policy think
        tank. "That's why it doesn't bother us."

        Nor is there a clear "tipping point" to swing opinion the other way, added
        Karlyn Bowman, a polling expert at the American Enterprise Institute. "We
        don't seem to be anywhere near it at this time."

        Just after Sept. 11, 2001, polls showed two-thirds of Americans felt it
        would be necessary to give up some civil liberties to protect the nation. A
        year later, that number still stood at about half, Bowman said.

        "Most people don't see a broader threat," she said. "People seem to be
        pretty comfortable with the general state of affairs regarding civil


        Historically, losing civil liberties in a time of fear is nothing new in

        "The question is how tolerant can a tolerant society be to the intolerant
        who may seek to destroy it?" said Weinstein. "This is a fairly standard
        process in American history."

        Historians cite the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, when a threat of war
        with France led to the law making it illegal to speak critically of the
        United States. Editors were arrested, and newspapers closed down.

        In the U.S. Civil War, Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus writs, which
        protect against unlawful imprisonment.

        During World War One, fear of rising communism led to anti-immigrant
        sentiment, deportations and a violent crackdown on the labor movement. The
        1917 Espionage Act prohibited anti-war activity and under the 1918 Sedition
        Act no one could "utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane,
        scurrilous, or abusive language" about the government.

        Cold War fears of communist infiltration helped fuel the powerful House
        Un-American Activities Committee and a "Red Scare" led to discrimination
        and detention. Under the Smith Act, one could not advocate overthrow of the
        U.S. government.

        But, said Isaac Kramnick, professor of government at Cornell University in
        Ithaca, New York, "all of those moments of fear pale in significance to
        9/11 in reality and also in the way it's being exploited and manipulated by
        the Bush regime."

        "Holding prisoners without charge and things of that sort are being
        justified in terms of the old argument of national security," he said.

        But civil liberty issues such as prisoners rights do not trouble the
        average American, experts say. People look the other way when their own
        personal life is not at stake.

        Polls proposing telephone taps and e-mail monitoring evoke far more
        resistance from Americans, Bowman said.

        For Americans to speak out about their civil liberties, she said, "They
        would have to see some widespread, wide-scale abuses in what they think are
        private and personal areas. Then again, they're not particularly attentive."


        But things may not be as insidious as they sound.

        "Are we headed for a fascist dictatorship or a fascist regime with
        fascistic denials of civil liberties? I doubt it," said Kramnick. "Were the
        denials of civil liberties to really spread to the mainstream population
        and outside aspects of terrorism, then I think there would be a hue and cry
        which you do not hear now."

        The question of how far is too far may be like pornography. Maybe you can't
        define it, but you know it when you see it.

        "Americans react pretty quickly when they think their liberties are being
        curtailed to any serious degree," said Weinstein. "The policies of the Bush
        administration have been fairly well accepted because I don't think they've
        crossed that barrier where people say, 'Wait a second."'

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        (6) The Pyramid On Our Dollar Bill. What Is It All About?

        Forwarded message from Maria Hughes
        <mariamhughes@...> -----

        Subject: Fw: The pyramid on our dollar bill. What is it all about?

        www.thelibertycommittee.org www.loc.gov www.unwatch.com
        www.mikenew.com www.constitution.org
        www.getusout.org www.wallbuilders.com (Check links.)

        This is nothing new to most of you, but a good summary of the work of the
        Illuminati and their descendent organizations.

        Look at the pyramid on the dollar bill. What you see is the Illuminati pyramid.
        Few Americans know of the evil plot behind this pyramid. A plot to destroy
        America began 228 years ago when the House of Rothschild (owner of the banks of
        England) financed the creation of the Illuminati.

        The plan was for the "ELITE WEALTHY OF THE WORLD" to create a New World Order,
        with themselves as the masters of us all. The Egyptian pyramid with Latin
        words around it was and is their symbol even today. The pyramid was placed on
        our dollar bill in l935 by FDR. Do you think FDR was ignorant about what the
        pyramid was all about? I don't think so. Notice the words around the
        pyramid, Annuit Coeptus, Novus Ordo Seclorum, in English, Announcing the Birth
        of the New Order of the World, which is the One World Government. Their Global
        Government is closer than you would believe. These people have many friends in
        and out of government. Big names well known to the American people.

        The Illuminati have manipulated our government in the halls of Congress for 228
        years, with little resistance in the past and today. Want proof, get out your
        Atlas and look at a blow up of the area of the Capital Building and the White
        House. There you see the Illuminati pyramid laid out in the streets of
        Washington D.C., Pennsylvania Ave. and Maryland Ave. form the sides of the
        pyramid and Highway # 1 forms the base of the pyramid The White House is at
        the base of the pyramid and the Capital building sits atop the pyramid. ?????
        What do you think that is atop the Washington monument? That's right, the
        New World Order pyramid, it is 34 feet 5 inches at the base, 55 feet high. We
        will not know what else they have accomplished in the halls of Congress until
        it is too late. Their accomplishments are being concealed by our Congress.

        These global ELITE needed a vehicle to advance their World Government, so in
        l945 they created the United Nations. World peace was the big lie, their only
        agenda was and is to force America and the world into their Global Government.

        The United Nations has always been anti America, because it has been dominated
        by communist and third world Dictators. From its creation in 1945 to l988,
        every United Nations Under Secretary for Political and Security Affairs was a
        Soviet General, there were (13) of them. The last one held that post when the
        Soviet Union went belly up in l988. The dates and names of these (13)
        communist Generals was verified by a member of Congress See them for

        1946-1949 Arkady Akexabdrivtch l965-1967 Alexel Efemovtch Nesteernoko
        1949-1953 Constantine Zinchenko 1968-1973 Leonid N. Kutakov
        1953-1954 Dragoslov Protich 1973-1978 Arkady N. Shevehenko
        1958-1959 Antoly Dobrinin l978-1980 Mikhail D. Sytenko
        1960-1962 George Petrovich Arkadev l981-1983 Vlacheslav A. Ustinov
        1962-1963 Eugeny D. Kiselev 1988-l991 Vasiliv Sfronchuk
        1963-1964 Vladimir Paulovitch Suslov

        Believe it or not, during the Korean and Viet Nam wars our military had to
        report our battle plans before the battle took place to these United Nations
        Soviet Secretary Generals. Of course this information ended up in the hands of
        our communist enemy in Korea and Viet Nam. A flight commander in Korea said he
        could never understand how the enemy knew the flight leaders name, how many
        planes, type of aircraft and even the target. While our planes were on their
        way to the target, communist radio would give their names, type of aircraft,
        how many planes and even the target, and of course the enemy was ready for
        them. Our ground forces faced the same problem. Those wars were not lost by
        our military on the battlefield, they were lost by politicians and the United

        General McAurthur planned and won a major battle against the communist. He was
        fired because he did not report the battle plan to the United Nations Soviet
        Secretary General.

        Germany and Japan failed to take control of America with guns, airplanes, tanks,
        and bombs, Russia lost the Cold War to America. Control of America will be
        gained by the "pen" in the halls of the Capital building. Our Constitution is
        being chipped away day by day by the SECRET ENEMY WITHIN Congress fiddles,
        while our freedom, our Christian Heritage and our Sovereignty are being ripped

        In l995 I sent letters to (15) members of Congress, some in both parties. My
        questions to them was, Is the pyramid on our dollar bill the Illuminati
        pyramid? Do the Latin words below the pyramid translate to New Order of the
        World? Are the people behind the pyramid working to take America into the New
        World Order, One World Government? All (15) took the 5th Amendment. Both
        Democrats and Republicans remain silent on this issue, because they do not want
        to jeopardize their beloved, lofty position. This is a violation of their oath
        of office.

        Members of Congress took an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend this
        nation against all enemy foreign and domestic. I see communist China as a
        threat to America, yet our Congress sat with their thumbs up their "PA TUTTIES"
        and gave their O.K. for Red China to take control of our Panama Canal January
        1, 2000. A Senator told me not to worry, we will monitor them. That will
        never happen. We will never know what Red China is bringing into the Canal
        zone until it hits us. It is a fact, members of Congress look the other way
        all too often. They remind me of the FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE. I see our
        Congress as frivolous and petty, with a few Statesmen and a lot of Politicians.

        Congressman Ron Paul, quote: "The International Bureaucrats at the United
        Nations are out to create a One World Government, with our United States as
        their personal piggy bank." Congress John Rankin, quote: "The United Nations
        is the greatest fraud in all history, its purpose is to destroy the United
        States of America.

        Some more facts about the pyramid. Many people think the number (13) is a bad
        omen. Maybe the pyramid had something to do with that idea. Here you can see
        seven time where the Illuminati use (13) objects, count them yourself. On the
        left of the bill, there are 13 letters in Annuit Coeptus, there are 13 layers
        of stone in the pyramid, on the right of the bill, there are 13 stars, there
        are 13 letters in E Pluribus Unum, there are 13 strips in the flag, there are
        13 leaves and there are 13 arrows. Notice the gap between the eye of Horus and
        the pyramid. When they have their New World Order in place the eye will be
        lowered to the pyramid.

        Have you ever heard a members of Congress speak of these secrets.

        Do not take my word for all of the above. Write any member of Congress and ask
        them to verify or disprove what you have read here about the pyramid and the
        New World Order. Their silence will give you the answer.

        @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

        (7) Clean Air/Taxes/Liberty

        Forwarded message from Peter Mancus
        <pmancus@...> -----


        Mr. Spooner:
        1. There is merit to your response.
        2. While I am not an engineer, I suspect the core concept of what I
        envisioned would involve simply changing a piece of charcoal, which would
        serve as the filter, and that would probably be quick, simple, affordable,
        and effective.
        3. A friend took me to task per my last email to you [the one to
        which you responded.] My friend objected to me manifesting disrespect to you
        folks. He said you deserve at least my respect even when my points have
        merit. I told him A) I tried the respectful, factual, velvet glove approach
        initially and for awhile, to no avail; B) It was, and is, you folks who
        manifest the ultimate in disrespect: for your constituents lives and for the
        U.S. Constitution, given your attitudes towards the Right to Life, the Right
        to Liberty, the Right to Self-Defense [the oldest right known to Mankind],
        and CCW reform, etc., and, down deep, each of you have manifested a
        persistent, callous, don't give a damn, disrespectful attitude toward
        peoples' lives, and your idea of "good citizenship," is, when we disagree
        with you, shut up and shop!, and, when attacked by a criminal, just die
        without a fuss to avoid the problems with your attitude toward the Second
        Amendment and CCW reform; C) To exacerbate matters, your refusal to discuss
        the Second Amendment/CCW reform issues, while you belabor your quirky
        issues, is also a violation of the Right to Petition for redress of
        grievances that is found in the First Amendment; and D) Hence, you folks are
        4. Whether you realize it or not, the following is 100% true: A)
        People with good intentions who try to do good can, and do, create harm and
        evil. [I put you and your fellow councilmembers and followers in this
        category.]; B) Those who died at Normandy 60 years ago today would agree
        with me far more than they would with you; C) Despite your good points, you
        are wrong about the Second Amendment, and that undercuts your effectiveness
        and your legacy severely.
        5. I do give you credit for at least responding more often than the
        other councilmembers.
        6. If you had the right attitude about the Second Amendment, you
        would have the potential of being a great councilmember. But, your attitude
        on that amendment is horrible.
        7. On balance, given your position on certain issues, I will be
        pleased when you are no longer a councilmember.
        8. As to the proposed tax increase, another reason I oppose that is
        this: The newspaper write up said that the increase, if passed, is not
        legally limited to pay for anything in specific. Reformulated, you folks
        could obtain a tax increase and then use it to promote your living wage idea
        for city employees or to give "equal" benefits for same sex city employee
        couples. Reformulated, you will be using taxpayers' taxes to fund your core,
        pet projects that are quirky at best. No thanks! And, even if it were
        legally limited to something like a new fire truck, as long as you folks are
        on the council, if more taxes went to a new fire truck, you could use the
        new tax revenue that went for a new fire truck, for example, that freed up
        other revenues, to pay for your quirky projects. Again, no thanks! Again,
        you have outlived your effectiveness on the council, at least for folks who
        think as I do. You have abused your position of power and of public trust,
        in contravention of the U.S. Constitution and core rights. You have devalued
        U.S. citizenship. That, to me, is nearly unforgivable. Even if forgivable,
        it will never be forgotten.
        9. Did you see the letter to the editor where some one wrote,
        sarcastically, that raising the local sales tax will just motivate people
        who live here to shop elsewhere--which underscores Councilmember Litwin's
        --Peter J. Mancus
        ----- Original Message -----
        From: <GCIRCLE@...>
        To: <pmancus@...>
        Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 2:18 PM
        Subject: Re: CLEAN AIR/TAXES/LIBERTY

        Thank you for your interest in clean air solutions. Your idea might have
        some merit for retrofitting existing installations but for new installation
        I think the answer is to use stoves that combust more effecintly. By
        burning hotter, more fuel is converted to heat and they emit fewer
        particulates. Any filter would require maintenance and cleaning and I fear
        might be more expensive than replacing the stove.

        Sam Spooner

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        (8) The Great Whore

        Forwarded message from Mary Severance
        <mesevegdel@...> -----

        Subject: Fw: The Great Whore

        Study this e-mail and determine whether it is suitable for your website.

        ----- Original Message -----
        From: jack Garcia
        To: kathelee@... ; bill_13
        Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2004 5:57 AM
        Subject: The Great Whore

        Hi, Kathelee,

        http://www.666man.net/panorama.html The quotation below is excerpted from the
        foregoing website you sent me.

        "Since the days of the Reformation, Protestantism taught the Beast of Revelation
        13 and 17 was the political power of the Vatican or Papacy. Protestantism
        taught the women riding the beast with 7 heads in Revelation 17 was the Mother
        church or Catholicism." Simply because men have said it, does that make it
        true? Even a wild-eyed paranoid psychotic is able to put together a good
        argument to support just about any contention. Some of the smartest, most
        educated people in the world followed Hitler right into hell. They believed his
        theories, right to the bloody end.

        The web site you sent me is impressive for the amount of work that went into it.
        Of course, I've seen the pictures in a hundred other places, and the ideas have
        been around for two-hundred years. Still, the quantity of work is impressive. I
        spent a couple of hours reading and listening last night.

        The hostility between the Catholics and Protestants has been around for a long
        time. I don't place a lot of store in most of the internecine fighting.

        The Catholics who founded Protestantism would not have agreed with the
        assertions made in the above web site.

        Ask the people in a dozen countries around the world, where thousands of their
        countrymen have been bombed by U.S. aircraft in the last 30 years, who the
        great murderous whore is.

        The U.S. Federal Government® presidents, the Federal Reserve Corporation, Allan
        Greenspan, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and all the other
        presidents, potentates and money-powers all over the world are the Popes
        lackeys. Do you really believe that?


        P.S. Surprise! Surprise! I'm not a Catholic.

        @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

        (9) REMEMBER THE LIBERTY?—It Began on D-Day

        Forwarded message from New Order
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        Subject: REMEMBER THE LIBERTY?—It Began on D-Day


        It Began on D-Day

        It was another day in June, 37 years ago. On the 8th of the month
        an unarmed, clearly marked Navy communications ship stationed
        in the eastern Mediterranean was suddenly attacked without warning
        by Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats. The vessel was the USS
        Liberty. In the slaughter that ensued, 34 U.S. servicemen lost their
        lives, and another 171 were wounded, crippled and maimed for life
        by America's favorite ally.

        Despite the cold-blooded murder of these brave Navy men and the
        calculated attempt to sink their ship and kill all hands by butchering
        them on board and shooting up their lifeboats, the United States
        continues—to this very day, despite huge budget deficits, economic
        difficulties and other pressing domestic issues—to pour out countless
        billions in tribute to the very ones who perpetrated this vile, blatant,
        unspeakable, premeditated ATROCITY.

        How did this come to pass?

        For the answer, we must look to another day in June. For it was
        on the 6th day of this month at 0600 hours along a six-mile front 60
        years ago that the United States sealed its commitment to Jewry and
        to Israel by offering up the lives of thousands of onward-marching
        Christian soldiers as a modern-day HUMAN SACRIFICE, who as
        they were being led to off the slaughter were told it was all for good
        old "Freedom and Democracy."

        Without the sacrifice of these men, it would not have been possible
        to secure the rule of Zion—for which the despicable, cowardly sneak
        attack on the Liberty is but a typical Jewish thank-you as well as a
        fitting metaphor.



        NEW ORDER
        Dept E
        PO Box 270486
        Milwaukee WI 53227

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        (10) Liberty: -- Opinion -- Bushs Real Strategy in Iraq

        Forwarded message from Marc Brands Liberty

        Subject: Liberty: -- Opinion -- Bushs Real Strategy in Iraq

        Read this article and vote at:

        Courting Disaster: Bush’s Real Strategy in Iraq
        by Ivan Eland

        President Bush’s strategy in Iraq is now clear. And I don’t mean the
        five-point rehash of existing platitudes found in his recent “major”
        speech at the Army War College. I’m talking about the real,
        behind-the-scenes plan. In the battles for the Sunni town of Falluja and
        the Shiite cities south of Baghdad, the Bush administration has
        essentially capitulated—hoping to reduce, until the U.S. election is
        over, images of fighting, mayhem and U.S. blood streaming to the
        American public.

        In Falluja, the U.S. military has withdrawn its forces, and the town is
        being run by anti-U.S. guerrillas and a former general from Saddam
        Hussein’s regime. Similarly, the United States has agreed to pull out
        most of its forces from towns in the south and allow the rebellious
        militias of Moktada al-Sadr to remain armed and intact. The U.S.
        military has also agreed to suspend its arrest warrant for al-Sadr
        (there is even talk of offering this “villain” or his supporters a place
        in the interim government, which will be instituted on June 30). This
        most recent Bush administration flip-flop is a far cry from earlier
        boasts to “kill or capture” al-Sadr and “destroy” his militia. In fact,
        in an implicit admission that a unified and democratic Iraq will never
        happen, the United States has elected to avoid the risk of disarming the
        many armies and militias all over the country.

        Of course, for the long-term, this administration strategy does nothing
        to create a stable and peaceful Iraq. The plan is merely a short-term
        way to stanch the president’s hemorrhaging in polls at home and maximize
        his dimming chances for reelection. But then this invasion was always
        less about making life better for the Iraqis than doing so for the
        neo-conservatives who hijacked the U.S. government for their own pet
        overseas social engineering project.

        There is a better and more honorable way for the Bush administration to
        extricate itself from the Iraqi quagmire soon enough for memories to
        fade before the U.S. November election, while at the same time giving
        Iraqis the best chance for peace and eventual prosperity. Such a
        strategy requires true and immediate self-determination for all factions
        in Iraq. Each locality could send a representative to a constitutional
        convention unattended by any member of the U.S. military or occupation
        authority. Thus, the convention would be representative of the views of
        Iraqi society. The delegates would not only negotiate the future
        governing structure of Iraq but also key issues such as the future
        distribution of oil revenues. Iraqis would then ratify by referendum
        what the convention produced. More than likely, the constitutional
        convention would produce some type of loose confederation—giving
        substantial autonomy to various groups, tribes or regions—or even three
        or more independent states.

        The various Iraqi factions have retained their armed militias because
        they fear domination from other groups that might gain control of the
        governmental apparatus of a unified post-occupation Iraq. Such fears
        could cause a civil war. But the creation of a loose confederation or a
        partition should reduce such fears and lessen the chance of internecine
        conflict. Of course, there’s no guarantee peace has much hope after the
        Bush administration foolishly opened Pandora’s Box by removing the only
        thing holding this fractious, artificial country together—the dictator
        Saddam Hussein, who the U.S. once supported for years. But
        self-determination is the best remaining hope.

        To those who say that such a “live and let live” agreement among Iraqi
        factions could not be reached, we need only look at the case of Sudan.
        The Islamic Sudanese government and the major Christian rebel group
        recently reached a peace agreement to decentralize power in the country
        to individual states, which would give the rebels effective control over
        the southern part of the country. Included in the arrangement is a
        referendum on secession to be held in six years in various parts of the
        country. The two factions also agreed to share oil revenues. Although
        the negotiated settlement of Sudan’s civil war isn’t perfect—it doesn’t
        include all factions in the country—the episode does show that
        decentralized governance among ethnic or religious groups can give armed
        combatants enough comfort to negotiate peace. Although the Sunnis
        oppressed the Kurds and Shia under Saddam’s rule, the bad blood between
        groups in Iraq is nowhere near the level of bitterness caused by the
        brutal Sudanese conflict (with more than 2 million casualties).

        If the welfare of Iraqis was the paramount goal of U.S. leaders, U.S.
        policy in Iraq would be designed to avoid a similarly nasty civil war.
        Instead, the Bush administration’s politically-driven strategy of
        retaining a unified Iraqi government, while mollifying armed factions
        that will eventually try to gain control of it, is a recipe for just
        such a disaster.

        Source: http://www.independent.org/tii/news/040601Eland.html

        Archive: http://www.liberty-news.com/showArchiveResult.php?src=t2689
        - This great republic, founded on the concept of inalienable rights and
        self-government, was never designed for a population of heel clickers
        and saluters. It was designed for thinking men and women who could
        independently assess situations and form their own independent
        judgements about what is good policy and what is bad policy. --Charley
        Reese, "What's In A Name?"

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        (11) WA SC: Court Strikes Down Licensing Laws

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        Subject: WA SC: Court strikes down licensing laws


        From: "Frank Taucher"

        Court strikes down licensing laws

        By Sara Jean Green
        Seattle Times Eastside bureau

        The state Supreme Court issued a sweeping ruling yesterday that could mean
        thousands of people whose driver's licenses were suspended won't be
        In a 5-4 ruling, the court struck down two state statutes as
        unconstitutional because the laws don't provide for an administrative
        hearing or an appeal procedure and thus deny individuals due process
        guaranteed by the Constitution.

        At issue is the state Department of Licensing's (DOL) lack of a formal
        hearing or appeal process for people whose licenses were suspended after
        they didn't appear in court or pay traffic tickets.

        Yesterday, state and city attorneys were scrambling to understand the full
        implications of the ruling. In Seattle, the ruling could have serious
        ramifications — and a huge financial impact — because of the city's
        controversial impound policies, which the City Council recently voted to
        scrap for drivers cited for third-degree license suspensions.

        Drivers arrested for third-degree license suspensions typically have their
        licenses<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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