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the Empire of Freedom

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  • Terry L Parker
    The War for Civilization enters the 21st Century! Throughout history and around the world today, a truce on personal physical aggression is observed as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2003
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      The 'War for Civilization' enters the 21st Century!

      Throughout history and around the world today, a 'truce' on personal physical aggression is observed as the essential foundation for a free civilized society. Whatever additional beliefs people have, to the extent that this 'truce' respects the individual sovereignty of each person (aka: personal sovereignty), to that extent that society is free. Thus the common denominator in a free civilized society appears as a reciprocal physical autonomy for each person with in that society.

      MoreAt http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LibertyProspects/message/997

      Promotion of this civilizing 'truce for freedom' is opposed by totalitarian authoritarians, of course. They are the obvious 'bad guys' from the perspective of most people. However, there is also a not so obvious endangerment to this truce; and it is in two basic forms.

      One is the vast majority of people who, knowingly or not, abide by the truce in most activity. However, they make exceptions to the truce (violate the personal sovereignty of others) for some thing, or set of things, that to them are more important. The exceptions are different from one set of people to another. Some think that people should be free; except for the pictures that they look at, for example. Others want to take over some of the honestly acquired possessions of another. Then there are those who feel that a cherished enterprise should be coercively subsidized, in some form or another, by people unwilling to so do. Politicians (here and abroad) play these folks off against each other as they attempt to have one set of exceptions or another become dominant in that area. Remedy for this is to learn how to not have the exceptions AND/OR segregate willing people by the respective exceptions. Easier said than done; but still apparent as remedy. In the meantime, one segment of this 'exceptional' form of 'truce' endangerment tells us:

      "As we enter this time of war, it is vitally important to send a message to all America that we support our troops and we support our president. That is what the Online Rally for America is all about"
      MoreAt http://www.gopusa.com/rally/

      The other 'not so obvious' endangerment is from some of the 'truce promoters' themselves!

      "The war on terrorism, war in Afghanistan, war with Iraq, and a worldwide culture war: since 9/11, America has been fighting a struggle to preserve freedom, the basis of civilization itself"
      MoreAt http://www.objectivistcenter.org/special/war-civ.asp

      This faction is reacting to perceived 'credible' threat; rather than intentionally seeking an 'exemption' from the truce embraced by them. This premise for the 'physical aggression truce' can be expressed as the political liberty of each individual to do as they chose of their own free will except initiate, or do a CREDIBLE threat to initiate, physical force against the unconsenting person or justly acquired possessions of another. It is a matter of self defense, as far as they are concerned; which is, after all, allowed for when said truce is broken by an initial aggressor.

      Observing that much of the world is in the clutches of deadly dangerous authoritarians who tyrannize via ignorance and irrational fears, an 'offensive' 'defense' seems appropriate from this perspective. In this view it is totally logical and desirable to employ the superior military might of the USA to impose an enlightened 'libertarian' hegemony that countervails and subjugates the authoritarians currently in charge. But, this approach discounts the role played for decades by US govt interventionism (among others) in provoking these 'credible' threats to American security:

      Cato Foreign Policy Briefing No. 50
      Does U.S. Intervention Overseas Breed Terrorism? The Historical Record by Ivan Eland, director of defense policy studies at the Cato Institute (2nd most influential Wash DC public policy institute)

      Are the same set of known liars and cheats, that are properly denounced for usurpatious govt at home and abroad, to be trusted with a public policy that apparently seeks the power to rule the whole world?

      Liberty vs 'Patriot' Acts in the heart of Texas
      Austin/Houston area (dstr 14) US Rep Ron Paul (R) on 'Patriot' Acts
      at a packed University of Texas Law School Auditorium in Austin on Feb 17, 2003;
      sponsored by ACLU, Libertarians & Republican Liberty Caucus.
      MoreInfoAt http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Libertarian/message/4563
      Find WindowsMedia playback on-line by scrolling down at

      Can free and innovative people be creative enough to avoid imperiling their souls (let alone life and limb) with power that is way too absolute?

      Is the world wide 'Empire of (hopefully) Freedom' really the best that we can and should do?

      Terry Liberty Parker
      AustinVoiceMail 1.512.462.1776
      Find 21st Century 'War & Peace' via 'Search'
      on my name at: http://www.austin.indymedia.org
      Confer at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LibertyProspects
      WATCH LibertyTV at the 'Links' area of that site
      SeeMoreAt http://www.austinliberty.org/lptv.html
      And http://www.libertariantv.com
      Also, In Austin Every Sunday 6:30pm - ?
      I host informal discussion to which all are welcome
      who want to talk about ideas & issues of freedom
      and Reciprocal Individual Physical Autonomy
      at Hickory St Grill on 8th St & Congress Ave
      MyPicAt: http://profiles.yahoo.com/txliberty
      Please consider signing petition
      at: http://www.libertarians4peace.net

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