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  • Terry L Parker
    When war could be just days away, Ted Koppel will host a 90-minute town meeting tonight on the war in Iraq: WHY NOW? Has the Bush administration made its case
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003
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      When war could be just days away, Ted Koppel will host a 90-minute town
      meeting tonight on the war in Iraq: WHY NOW? Has the Bush administration
      made its case to you? Do you support the U.S. acting without the support
      of a new United Nations resolution? Without the support of many of our
      longtime allies? Without Turkey as a military staging area? We'll talk
      about all of that and more - tonight.
      : ----
      : The scuttlebutt around Washington these days is that war is coming
      : soon....very soon. And a majority of Americans, 6 of 10, support it. But
      : within that support, which hasn't moved significantly in the last few
      : weeks, there are many Americans who voice concern for the timing, among
      : other reservations. Have all other options been exhausted? Will we act
      : without our allies? Without another U.N. resolution? Have the
      : consequences of the aftermath of such a war been fully explored and
      : planned?
      : Tonight Ted Koppel will host a town meeting before a live audience at St.
      : John's Episcopal Church on Lafayette Park in Washington DC, directly
      : across the street from the White House. This is the church that is often
      : called "the church of the Presidents" because every American president
      : since James Madison has worshipped there. Surely more than one president
      : has ducked into this church to offer one more prayer, or seek one more
      : request for guidance, on the eve of war.
      : So, in this historic and distinguished setting, we will bring together
      : diplomatic, political, ethical and military perspectives for a discussion
      : on the decision to go to war with Iraq. The panelists will include:
      : - Joseph Wilson, former deputy chief of mission, U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
      : - James Woolsey, former Director of the C.I.A.
      : - Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan
      : - Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona
      : - Rev. Richard Land, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the
      : Southern Baptist Convention
      : - Rev. Susan Thistelthwaite, Chicago Theological Seminary
      : If you feel like you missed the debate over this issue in the Congress,
      : it's because there wasn't much of one - not in recent months, anyway. So,
      : tonight we have invited every member of Congress to attend the town
      : meeting, to have the debate that hasn't taken place in its own chambers.
      : Not surprisingly, only a handful of members accepted our invitation, but
      : we are glad to have all of them, and will allow some to speak, as they do,
      : for the Americans they represent.
      : We will also have a cross-section of Americans in the audience - some who
      : are concerned that the decision to go to war is coming too quickly, others
      : who feel that Saddam Hussein has been given ample time to disarm or step
      : down and refused all alternatives, and still others who haven't made up
      : their minds yet.
      : Have you? We hope you'll join us.
      : Sara Just and the Nightline staff
      : Senior Producer
      : ABC News
      : Washington bureau
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      -Terry Liberty Parker
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