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NBC 'War Wing' vs UT Austin

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  • Terry L Parker
    Tonite America watched Martin Sheen portray seduction of the US Prez into military interventionism on NBC s West Wing But, hours earlier Austin s University
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2003
      Tonite America watched Martin Sheen portray seduction of the US Prez into military interventionism on NBC's 'West Wing' But, hours earlier Austin's University of Texas campus erupted into AntiWar protest. And, oh yeah, ex Prez Clinton spoke about peace at the nearby Erwin center today too; www.statesman.com


      UT students protest war
      Updated: 2/12/2003 9:03 PM
      By: Antonio Castelan

      After spending Tuesday night camped out on campus, many UT students gathered to protest the U.S.'s possible war with Iraq. More than 3,000 students and university faculty walked out of class Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. to protest a possible war with Iraq. The peace rally also included government supporters.

      With the Texas Capitol in the background, a sea of anti-war demonstrators filled UT's South Mall. Protesters were out in full force with signs and chants.

      Student Michael Young said the war effort lacks foresight. "If we attack now, we incur the wrath of the Muslim world, and we just can't deal with that right now," he said.

      Government supporters were also on hand to show their support for President Bush. Students Allison Sharp called the protest "a waste of time. A stupid reason for kids to get out of class."

      "They don't make sense. I feel like the people here, though well intentioned, don't know the world they are talking about," government supporter Josh Gottesman said.

      Jerry Kraft, a Korean War veteran, was out to support the anti-war effort. He doesn't believe young people should lose their lives in Iraq.

      "We are going to unleash something. A problem in Korea is that we lumped the Koreans and Chinese together," he said.

      Austin City Council member Daryl Slusher spoke at the rally.

      "I think we need to give the inspectors more time, and not rush into a war which is going to have untold consequences and plunge the whole world into a war. That's not good for us in the city of Austin," Slusher said.

      If a war with Iraq happens, protesters promise they'll be out on a daily basis to push for peace. They also said this is the first time a walk-out of class time has happened since the late 1960's.

      A global day of protest is planned for Feb. 15 on the steps of the Texas Capitol.


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