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9-11-Lib action

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  • gilsonde
    http://www.libertyforall.net/mg.html ..and check out photo of banglades Libs spreading the word in Afghanistan even in 1995 at LIO site 9-11: Libertarian
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      ..and check out photo of banglades Libs spreading the word in
      Afghanistan even in 1995 at LIO site

      9-11: Libertarian Action
      by Michael Gilson De Lemos

      Libertarians and Civil libertarians have been hard at work in the 9-
      11 emergency in the areas of pro-action, defense, and civil
      integrity. There are in fact ongoing strategies that have been crying
      out for better support, from helping Libertarians abroad to ISIL
      conference scholarships.

      This could have been better reported. In fact, Libertarians acted
      with immediate unity, and in the process highlighted problems getting
      the story out to Libertarians and well wishers. It's time to get the
      story out, and here it is.


      We had a share of Libertarians and people often friendly to
      Libertarians who, at best, assumed no one was doing anything, issued
      confusing statements or seemingly forgot everything they know. I do
      not criticize any of them. Many people have trouble explaining
      themselves under stress or in matters of any complexity. We are not
      all good explainers, and from there it is easy to slip into strange
      statements. You be the judge:

      Though the LP Chair Dr. Lark spoke very well and issued excellent
      statements, the LP Libertarian National Committee issued a
      problematic resolution that at first glance read fine, and reflects
      the sense of many average Libertarians, as the LP US Treasurer, Dr.
      D. Martin, wisely pointed out. I agree, especially compared to simply
      crazy calls for nuclear holocaust by some in Congress, but on second
      glance it reads not so well or tightly philosophically. As a result,
      the resolution was criticized from many quarters. Yet this learning
      experience only made the LNC look like wise Philosopher Kings of
      Atlantis though, compared to statements of others in the movement or
      friendly to it. The present LNC was after all consciously elected
      from action-oriented and management people by members at the last
      convention who wanted things managerially straightened out; and most
      make no aggressive claim to being theoretically precise LP
      intellectuals or regular journalists carrying the banner. And some
      Libertarians are saying "thank heavens"--for here is what the freedom
      intellectuals said:

      Economic Philosopher Alan Greenspan reportedly called for higher
      taxes in the emergency

      Civil Liberty champion and Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz
      called for a conference promoting the legality of torture--a practice
      outlawed in the West when Pope Innocent fought to protect Jews from
      accusations of well-poisoning terrorism.

      One revered columnist of up to now impeccable statements associated
      with the Western Libertarian Alliance called for destroying
      Afghanistan first, asking questions later--including, one presumes,
      our fledgling Libertarian movement there playing an important behind-
      the-scenes role

      Another self-characterized anarcho-Libertarian implied government
      must do anything to save our ally Israel, with whom by the way the US
      has no alliance, and destroy the Islamic barbarians.

      Many thoughtful Libertarian activists of repute, some versed scholars
      or activist leaders, suddenly became advocates of sealed borders,
      random searches and an increased military.

      The pro-Libertarian Objectivists who count among their number
      excellent philosophers, historians, economists and scientists
      produced well-meant articles on how we must go get those people who
      destroyed the symbol of Capitalism, the WTC, and how Anti-freedom
      Islam was historically. Now I admire this group, am a proud
      Objectivist Hero, was dandled on Ayn Rand's knee when I was a boy (I
      was unaware of that until 35--I thought she was one of my Spanish
      aunts) but I'm sorry. I had an office in WTC and loved it in many
      ways. I knew people who died there. But facts are facts. The WTC was
      built by expropriating and evicting at gunpoint thousands of families
      to glorify some bureaucrats, was a primarily government building, was
      the eavesdropping and some say US torture headquarters of the CIA. In
      fact, when it was built, it was denounced by local Libertarians and
      was an early movement cause celebre. As migratory birds brained
      themselves against the ill-placed building and fell on hapless office-
      workers below, there was little doubt that if Howard Roark were
      alive, he would be plotting to get rid of that mess. The twin towers
      may in fact sadly symbolize schizoid feeling on freedom in the
      conflicted American soul. And while the Objectivists at TOC have some
      point historically, a seminal Libertarian book, "The Discovery of
      Freedom," begins by illustrating Libertarian concepts with the
      minimalist governments of Medieval Islam and its wide encouragement
      of tolerance, trade and invention. Right after the crisis, a
      distinguished Libertarian lectured on tour before respectful
      audiences in the Middle East on the Minaret.org pro-freedom message
      and Muslim Libertarians are out there in a way that is exemplary--at
      memorial services, Jerusalem conferences, Op-ed pieces, promoting
      Libertarian ideas at discussions for a new Islamic University,
      spreading harmony at an interfaith discussion at the National Press
      Club--what else should they be doing?

      Perhaps the worst, most shocking, but most self-aware, was a REASON
      columnist and best-selling social critic who said in an almost
      wistful tone, "There are no Libertarians in foxholes."
      You bet. For many activist Libertarians are in the vanguard working
      to prevent the foxholes, of course.


      Please, I'm not criticizing anyone. A lot of people were caught
      unprepared and simply did what they could. But let's learn from this
      to focus on Libertarian actions, not governmental reactions. Let's
      focus on, as Dr. Jim Lark the LP US Chair tirelessly says and does
      his best to awaken us, discovering, celebrating and repeating the
      good work of our often unsung and unrecognized fellow Libertarians.
      Here is a sampling what the majority of Libertarians were working on
      during the crisis:

      Libertarians warned repeatedly of how foreign policy interventionism
      was creating a terrorist threat; how government un-accountability was
      leaving us open to conspiracy skullduggery in high places, and US
      Government support of the Taliban would backfire-in some cases
      articles warning the Government to cease support of the Taliban just
      weeks before 9-11.

      Libertarians played key roles in creating a volunteer and thus
      relatively clean military so, in Europe at least, journalists are
      being informed of what is happening.

      And unlike anyone else in the political world, there is a Libertarian-
      interested network in Pakistan and Afghanistan, including admirers of
      a pro-Freedom and Libertarian familiar member of the Royal family,
      Aslam Effendi, a noted and much admired author whose work will be
      translated by ISIL. Libertarians have in fact advocated some of the
      saner solutions we are now hearing on the TV, for years.


      a. Libertarians warned that the discriminatory, politicized and non-
      refugee oriented immigration policies of the US were an open
      invitation to wrongdoing under official cover, which now seems to be
      what happened as terrorists were invited in under US Government

      b. Ron Paul and numerous Libertarian activists have called for
      restoration of terrorist rewards and letters of marque, arming of
      passengers (Swiss Liberty lovers got busy and now Switzerland has
      announced it will let passengers be armed with their military knives)
      and pilots (the FAA has responded with a call for public comment).
      These are effective and meaningful actions based on people's rights
      and natural, voluntary action.

      c. Growing Libertarian credibility-sometimes from simple things.
      While the CIA and the president demanded millions for Arabic
      translators in Afghanistan, Libertarians pointed out to legislators
      they do not speak Arabic there.

      Civil Integrity:

      a. Before either the D & R leaders, Libertarians were being
      interviewed calling for calm and unity. LPF Chair Frank Longo was
      being interviewed even as events were unfolding, calling on
      Libertarians to pull together, donate, and calling for calm.
      Libertarians have led the charge to expose the Patriot act and other
      civil liberty monstrosities--including sensational revelation by Rep.
      Ron Paul, causing debate in numerous newspapers, that Congress didn't
      even read what it passed--, and including the sustained and widely
      read polemic on www.lewrockwell.com, causing according to
      confidential sources the President to order investigations into war
      crimes in Afghanistan. And more: Libertarians writing letters and
      taking action led in the Washington Post Ashcroft to complain that
      Libertarians were derailing his more involved proposals... and even
      as the US Government banned through filtering Libertarian sites.
      Don't listen to me. In an editorial published in many newspapers, the
      editor of the lefty New Republic said that while despising the
      growing Libertarian influence, he admitted they might be the last
      hope of defending Liberty and correcting Government excesses.

      b. Libertarians have been catalysts of several rights coalitions, and
      have begun a sustained campaign of protest by letters and phone calls
      and public information such as at this site. Libertarians were the
      first political group to call for blood and Red Cross donations, had
      in-place organized blood drives, and Libertarians such as Kurt
      Russell anchored public inquiries that revealed the money was being
      sidetracked by leftists for pet causes.

      c. Perhaps most symbolically, even as the UK Government incredibly
      blamed Libertarianism for 9-11, a Libertarian police officer, filing
      for retirement to pursue activism, died as he made a choice not to go
      home-and led rescuers in the WTC disaster, an act so singular it was
      not only honored by praise from fellow officers but was praised at
      the Hollywood Testimonial on national if not worldwide TV by George
      Clooney, the actor.

      Libertarians, by being now in many countries, and working
      simultaneously and generally independently for common freedom and
      prosperity, have in fact begun to change the assumptions of foreign

      The time is increasingly here when the first question should be, not
      what is the passive Libertarian response to the latest government
      foreign policy fiasco, but what action is already underway by
      Libertarians here and abroad. For in the final analysis, it is the
      freedom lovers in each country that will set their signature on the
      times. Von Mises said peace is a matter, not of armies, but freedom
      movements spreading.

      As war is too important to leave to generals, Libertarian activists
      know peace among nations is too important to be left to governments.

      Many Libertarians new to the movement have been engaging in pointless
      peacenick vs warnick arguments on whether we should support some
      national defense scheme of the government. They forget two things.
      First, our job as Libertarians is to support what Libertarians do,
      not waste ink on when the other guys paint themselves into a corner
      and holler for more taxes, more weapons and more regulations on
      freedom--and two, recognize and explain that Libertarianism is the
      ultimate wonder weapon. It was Libertarianism, by changing ideologies
      and specific actions, that was key in bringing down the USSR and many
      dictatorships around the world. The object is not trying to formulate
      a hopeless position on some government action pro or con--but show
      how people are working to replace with Libertarianism.

      Just as Libertarians agree that there is a need for medical doctors--
      but not for government created medical doctors with a record of
      killing thousands with doctor induced goofs (in some hospitals death
      rates are 30% caused by physician error), by attempting to keep
      prices high while restricting access to everything from alternative
      therapies to hypnosis--so also we can agree on the need for National
      Defense, while denying it need be done by coercive government ...and
      highlighting the many voluntary, Libertarian alternatives available:

      Strict adherence to Constitutional protections to defend the accused
      and keep us from hysterical military adventures

      Taking seriously the long stated US National goal of abolishing its
      military--in favor of an officer elected, voluntarily supported,
      defensive militia

      Stop supporting non-democratic and indeed any groups abroad with tax
      dollars in alleged "sophisticated" politics that continually makes
      people despise us and creates the reason for terrorist retaliation

      Focus in the UN on encouraging voluntary NGO initiatives, so it is
      truly a commonwealth for discussion between nations, not a "united
      governments" designing to oppress everyone--and leave funding of UN
      efforts to voluntary groups so they are actually responsive and non-

      Aggressive use of bounties by private groups to capture wrongdoers

      Recognition that private groups from the Libertarian's LIO to the Red
      Cross by getting out there and knowing the people have better
      information than any government group can ever hope to develop
      through coercion, torture, bribes and fraud

      A foreign policy focused on non-intervention and impartial
      encouragement by free trade of democratic republics on the one hand,
      and admission as confederated commonwealths (as e.g. Puerto Rico) or
      States as intended by the Fathers as our defense perimeter on the
      other--and so Libertarians abroad can do their work, period

      An immigration policy that, long term, focuses on a borderless
      Libertarian world--mid-term on personal sponsorship immigration as in
      many Latin countries and Switzerland--and short term on balanced
      entry and focus on the real suffering political and economic
      refugees, not red carpet treatment of Saudi Rich Kids as special
      government entrants that, it appears, then flew jet planes into
      office buildings while supposedly under special government
      I guarantee you one thing.

      If I were a terrorist, I would view the increasingly Byzantine rat's
      maze of US Government regulations as an invitation to forge the right
      papers, blend in with the woodwork and, cruising under government
      radar, prey like Godzilla on a disarmed, timid and dependent US
      Population, spreading terror as they believe, like atheists wielding
      crucifixes against Dracula, that their self-righteous Government can
      stop me --instead of being an irresistible target for glass-jaw

      I would reflect that one reason the Hijackers got away with it is it
      is still illegal for US passengers to defend themselves. I plead
      insanity and go free, they go to jail for disturbing a Federal

      But even if I had a bazooka, no way am I going up against 148 annoyed
      Swiss passengers wielding their little Swiss Army knives.

      Globe-trotting Michael Gilson-De Lemos, affectionately known as "MG"
      helped found the second modern Libertarian movement in Spain in 1970,
      co-founded the Libertarian International Organization has guided many
      ground-breaking Libertarian initiatives, and as a pioneering three-
      time Lib in Government Office was a key person in both the 2001 SPT
      and the Systems Analysis/Review process on the LP US Executive
      Committee. A retired Fortune 100 consultant, he is working on books
      on Libertarianism. More of his intriguing, contrarian, inspiring or
      dead-pan hilarious articles are at http://www.gilson.uni.cc

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