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Re: Libertarian principles

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  • revitaliser
    <<<<<.. Competition is force .. competition is violence...>>> <<Is it? Is competition one of the libertarian principles?
    Message 1 of 1348 , Dec 14, 2001
      <<<<<.. Competition is force ..
      competition is violence...>>><br><br><<Is it?
      Is competition one of the libertarian principles?
      Where's your argument?>><br><br><This is a
      refutation of YOUR ARGUMENT. It is now up to you to back up
      what you originally stated by meeting the BURDEN OF
      PROOF. Quit annoying your fellow club members and
      produce your evidence.><br><br>It's not a "refutation"
      of anything, it's nonsense!<br><br><<Did I
      have an
      argument?>><br><br><Yes.><br><br>When I have a case and provide argument, I'll let you
      know!<br><br><<I didn't know I was defending a
      case!>><br><br><I can't help you with your observational powers.
      You made statements as though they were fact. They
      were contrary to my understanding of the facts, so I
      asked you for evidence so that if wrong, I can correct
      my flawed understanding.><br><br>It seems you are
      trying to seek statements in every sentence I make, just
      on order to evade stating your case more clearly and
      providing argument that makes sense. The more you fail to
      do so, the more I must conclude that you didn't have
      a case to start with, which I long suspected to be
      so anyway. <br><br><<Competition is force,
      competition is violence, is that your
      case?>><br><br><No. That was about your claim. You are free to
      retract, revise, correct, or defend as you see
      fit.><br><br>When I make a case, I'll let you
      know!<br><br><<<You made the argument. I refuted. Where's your proof.
      If you have no proof, be silent and post no
      more.>>><br><br><<You really need to work on the difference between
      arguments, refutations, statements, assertions, proof, case,
      comments and opinions.>><br><br><No. I state my
      opinions as opinions. I gather you state your opinions as
      facts, neglecting to preface them with "I think" or "In
      my opinion" or some similar statement. You need to
      work on your clarity - particularly in regard to
      written communications where vocal inflections are not
      available. Precision is important, both in reading and
      writing. You might have saved a lot of time had you
      understood natural law before commenting on
      it.><br><br>As I've said numerous times, when I make a case,
      I'll let you know. The unclarity is yours. You seem to
      start new cases all the time, while refusing to
      indicate whether you're making a new case or
      not.<br><br><<Why should I be silent and post no
      more?>><br><br><Because without evidence to back up your arguments,
      refutations, statements, and assertions, you have nothing to
      offer the group.><br><br>It sure showed the club
      your true nature, didn't it?<br><br><<I am being
      attacked and insulted.>><br><br><No. You're
      not.><br><br>I was repeatedly and you still continue to add
      insults and attacks. It's clear to anyone who reviews the
      archive.<br><br><<I am being accused of not being a
      libertarian.>><br><br><No. You're not. There are contradictions in the
      things you have stated which logically lead to the
      conclusion that either you are not a libertarian, or that
      your assertions about libertarians are false. This is
      not an accusation. This is applied
      logic.><br><br>So, you're saying that I'm either not a libertarian
      or a liar. Attack or insult, which one is it going
      to be?<br><br><<There's someone constantly
      twisting my words and I should remain
      silent?>><br><br><Nobody is twisting your words. If there is a problem, it
      is because you are not saying precisely what you
      mean. If I misunderstand you, it may well be because
      you did not exercise care in crafting your statement.
      ><br><br>When I "craft" a statement, I'll let you know.
      Moreover, I'll state my case prior to providing
      argument!<br><br><<Why don't you change your
      attitude>><br><br><I can't imagine not being interested in seeing
      whatever libertarian literature you have referenced
      concerning the absolute rejection of violence, f
    • scottbannock
      Thanks a lot, I ve added it.
      Message 1348 of 1348 , Apr 7, 2002
        Thanks a lot, I've added it.

        --- In LibertarianDebate@y..., jgmaynard <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Hi Scott:
        > I have a group that I think would go great on your regional list -
        > New Hampshire Libertarians
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nhlibertarians
        > Thanks!
        > Jim Maynard
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