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Re: Libertarian principles

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  • revitaliser
    <<<If you re finally interested in my arguments, go back and read them. Of course, if you ve also gotten around to acquiring knowledge about what
    Message 1 of 1348 , Dec 14, 2001
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      <<<If you're finally interested in my
      arguments, go back and read them. Of course, if you've also
      gotten around to acquiring knowledge about what natural
      law really is, instead of that fiction in your head,
      you might be embarrassed by your
      responses.>>><br><br><<Well, I'm actually getting less and less interested in
      your argument, because the more you avoid producing
      and discussing it, the more I have to assume yhou
      don't have a case.>><br><br><I didn't avoid
      anything. I told you exactly where you could find my
      arguments.><br><br>Exactly? I didn't find them. I didn't even find a
      case.<br><br><What I'm interested in, and I imagine the club is
      interested in, is this radical fundamentalist libertarianism
      you've been espousing. Where can I read
      more?><br><br>More interested in your statements about some supposed
      radicalism, than in your original case (if you had
      any)?<br><br><<I'm not defending a case.>><br><br><Yes. You
      are. You're defending the assertions you made about
      libertarians, libertarian principles, natural law, and other
      related topics.><br><br>When I make a case, I'll let
      you know.<br><br><<<I've done it all along.
      Answer the questions. Produce your evidence. Or be
      silent and annoy the club members no
      more.>>><br><br><<You've stated your case? Where? You came up with
      argument? Where? Evidence? Well, I'm not even going to ask
      you for that.>><br><br><Yes. I stated my
      case at the beginning of the thread. I referenced
      literature and provided a few links throughout the thread as
      topics came up. You don't need to ask for it. It's all
      there for you to go and get.><br><br>This (part of
      your) message doesn't seem to bring up anything new. If
      there was something in this message that you want to
      further comment on, feel welcome to reply, otherwise I
      suggest we discuss things in reply to other messages.
      <br><br>As discussed. <br><br><<If you really had
      anything, why be so pedantic and refuse to repeat
      it?>><br><br><Because you didn't understand it the first time. Why
      should I risk history repeating itself and putting the
      club through another long thread? What has
      changed?><br><br>Perhaps you never had a case to start
      with!<br><br><<If your case depended on it, why not be happy for an
      opportunity to state what you believe
      in?>><br><br><We've been discussing your counterarguments to my case
      for weeks now. You asserted that I was wrong, and
      offered up some reasons. I've been trying to get you to
      offer up some evidence that I am wrong, because if I
      am, I will be grateful for learning the error of my
      ways.><br><br>I only said that we seemed to be in disagreement on
      some things. Why don't you just agree to disgaree?
    • scottbannock
      Thanks a lot, I ve added it.
      Message 1348 of 1348 , Apr 7, 2002
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        Thanks a lot, I've added it.

        --- In LibertarianDebate@y..., jgmaynard <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Hi Scott:
        > I have a group that I think would go great on your regional list -
        > New Hampshire Libertarians
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nhlibertarians
        > Thanks!
        > Jim Maynard
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