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Re: Libertarian principles

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  • joyceannwentworth
    <<<You claim to be an ardent follower of libertarian principles. You assert libertarians reject violence. Many posts later, I continue to ask: Where
    Message 1 of 1348 , Dec 14, 2001
      <<<You claim to be an ardent follower of
      libertarian principles. You assert "libertarians reject
      violence." Many posts later, I continue to ask: Where is
      your evidence that libertarians reject
      violence?><br><br>Libertarians reject violence, yes generally they
      do!>><br><br>Here's some progress. Generally, libertarians reject
      violence. So there are circumstances where libertarians do
      not reject violence. What might these circumstances,
      or the characteristics of these circumstances be?
      <br><br><<There may well be exceptions.>><br><br>What might
      these exceptions be? When would a libertarian tolerate
      violence?<br><br><<As I said many times, I try to accommodate a wider
      range of views within libertarianism than some
      do.>><br><br>How is this possible to do, when you say that
      principles define libertarianism? And those principles are
      internally consistent within a libertarian framework,
      created by some libertarian consensus? It seems
      unprincipled. <br><br><<<We weren't discussing me. Why
      do you keep trying to discuss me?><br><br>Because
      you seem quite an odd libertarian to
      me.>><br><br>The only thing anyone in other libertarian clubs
      suggested was unusual about me was my gender. And I'm an
      active participant in several other clubs, as many of
      the members here could testify.<br><br>In any case,
      that would be a topic for a different thread.
      <br><br><<<This was a refutation of your POSITIVE
      ASSERTION.><br><br>Is that the typical way to argue your case,
      attacking other people, making insults, shouting for
      EVIDENCE when it's totally
      inappropriate?>><br><br>It is appropriate to ask for evidence whenever
      someone makes a statement of fact that is contrary to the
      status quo. You made statements that were contrary to
      the knowledge of libertarianism I have accumulated
      over the past decade and a half. So I ask for
      evidence, because I certainly don't want to go around being
      wrong. If you are right, I want the ability to support
      it when I repeat it. Asking for evidence was
      appropriate. It is still appropriate.
    • scottbannock
      Thanks a lot, I ve added it.
      Message 1348 of 1348 , Apr 7, 2002
        Thanks a lot, I've added it.

        --- In LibertarianDebate@y..., jgmaynard <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Hi Scott:
        > I have a group that I think would go great on your regional list -
        > New Hampshire Libertarians
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nhlibertarians
        > Thanks!
        > Jim Maynard
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