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7958Libertarian Alliance Appeal

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  • Dr Sean Gabb
    Sep 9, 2013

      Libertarian Alliance Appeal
      Date: Monday the 9th September 2013
      Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
      07956 472 199, sean@...


      The Libertarian Alliance has had a bill for £700 for Internet services. I can pay this out of my own pocket, but would rather not. Would anyone like to contribute towards payment? Any excess will be spent on posting some of our books to public and university libraries.

      We are the oldest and most prominent libertarian movement in the United Kingdom. Our blog is filled with interesting and original essays. Our spokesmen are on the radio at least once a week. In the past year alone, our Officers have published four books. My obituary of Margaret Thatcher was reprinted in full by The Independent. Our material is republished in newspapers all over the world. Whether to get someone on air, or just to talk something through, we are the first point of contact for much of the British media.

      Our only failing is our inability to ask for money. We are far too polite to join in the competitive begging of other organisations. We get round this by keeping our total costs to about £2000 a year, and by covering all shortfalls in funding from our own resources. Our total income is probably less than other less active organisations spend on tea and biscuits. However, my wife is angry with me today. She says she doesn't expect the Libertarian Alliance to make a profit - but that I should do something to make it cover its main operating costs.

      So here is my appeal for donations. You can send cheques to our London maildrop - Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, London W1J 6HL, England. Or you can send money directly, via credit card and PayPal, to here.

      Oh, and here is our general page by which we solicit donations: http://www.libertarian.co.uk/?q=node/220

      Every little helps, and will be privately acknowledged. Anyone who gives us more than £100 will get a signed copy of my new book in defence of freedom of speech.


      Sean Gabb 


      The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)
      director@... Tel: 07956 472 199

      Postal Address: Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, London W1J 6HL, England


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