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772118 Steps to Win a Local Election

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  • Robert Butler
    Nov 25, 2008

      I hope you will check out the free ebook, 18 Steps to Win a Local Election. My name is Robert Butler, and you may remember me as the former chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. I was also their full-time Executive Director for 2 previous years. I have worked on Libertarian and Independent campaigns since the year 2000, and as a Republican since 1989. I studied Campaign Management at the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University in Washington DC. I decided to write about my nearly 20 years of campaign experience.

      I'm publishing a new book for 2009 called "18 Steps to Win a Local Election: A Candidate and Volunteer Handbook". It also comes with a companion workbook. The books thoroughly explain the local campaign and election process from beginning to victory. These are the only books to address campaigning from a pro-liberty, independent point of view. Libertarian strategies for success are covered in depth. All the details and a list of the 18 steps are available at http://indyaction.org/Book.html A Free eBook is available for download.

      I will be touring the country to promote my book all throughout 2009. I am currently scheduling my media appearances, campaign seminars, and free one-hour workshops. I would be happy to speak at your next state convention or conference. While I'm in your state, I will also get interviews on the local talk radio stations and newspapers to promote both my book and your LP event.

      Fundraising Ideas for You

      I know how hard Libertarian fundraising can be. That's why I have a special offer for any Libertarian group. I can get you the bulk rate directly from the publisher and save you 20 - 30% off the cover price depending on the size of your order. You can then sell books at their face value or use them as fundraiser give-aways.

      I can also give you a group rate on my seminars. I usually charge $50 per person for a 3-hour campaign training seminar, but I can charge your organization a flat $500. We can also work out a deal for giving books to those who enroll in the seminar. Some groups actually do a full weekend of seminars for $1000, (9 hours for the price of 6). You can see a full listing of my seminars at http://indyaction.org/ICAN.html

      Remember, I do offer a one-hour overview of the 18 Steps without charge, but it isn't as detailed as the seminars. I look forward to working together with you to get more Libertarians elected next year and 2010.

      Thank you,

      For Liberty,
      Robert Butler

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