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61428Re: No education - no personal responsibility

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  • Wendie Slovak
    Jun 24, 2008
      Well said.


      --- In Libertarian@yahoogroups.com, "Sasan Sadat-Sharifi"
      <sasan.sadat@...> wrote:
      > --- In Libertarian@yahoogroups.com, "Angelos" <kavouriadisez@>
      > > However, we can not reasonably expect personal responsibility
      > > people who are not educated at least at a basic minimum.
      > >
      > > This is why providing FREE education is something that the
      > > (or its representatives, i.e., local Government) needs to make
      > > available to everyone.
      > >
      > It doesn't take expensive education to teach a child The Golden
      > That philosophy is ingrained by a combination of good parenting and
      > life experience.
      > If anything, state education teaches exactly the opposite; that it's
      > OK to initiate violence against others as long as it's for the good
      > the Collective.
      > I have often seen you use the fact that education is expensive as an
      > argument for Government schools. What you have failed to address is
      > the reason WHY education is so expensive. It's the same reason why
      > health care and gasoline are so expensive: STATE INTERVENTION.
      > You have also argued that it would not be profitable to educate
      > children who come from families that cannot afford to pay, but it
      > doesn't have to be profitable. Charities are proof of that, and
      > Compassion itself is a market force.
      > Consider the following effects of the Free Market on education:
      > --- Competition will keep costs lower and quality higher.
      > --- Less taxes means more money to spend on education and charity.
      > --- Schools would be focused on REAL education, not obedience to the
      > State.
      > I would also dispute the idea that's it's acceptable to subject
      > children to the Lobotomy of State Education as long as the literacy
      > rate of the Collective improves.
      > When you quote Jefferson and the other "founders" it means
      > nothing to me. They made the same mistake that you are making today,
      > which is to believe that Government can "help". It only has the
      > to murder and enslave, and Public Education trains children to
      > it as being necessary.
      > ---Sasan
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