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61411No education - no personal responsibility

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  • Angelos
    Jun 24, 2008
      If I understand it right the whole Libertarian philosophy is based on
      the principle of personal responsibility. We do not want the
      Government to tell us how to run our lives. We want to be able to take
      risks and make mistakes.

      However, we can not reasonably expect personal responsibility from
      people who are not educated at least at a basic minimum.

      This is why providing FREE education is something that the community
      (or its representatives, i.e., local Government) needs to make
      available to everyone.

      This is why, although people like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
      never advocated free Healthcare, or free pensions or free Housing for
      the poor, they DID advocate FREE excellent education for the poor.

      Some posters here keep mentioning the 1700s amd early 1800s as great
      examples of high literacy rates and lack of Government educational
      mandates. The same people, forget to mention that back then it was
      ILLEGAL to educate blacks. So 99% of ALL BLACKS were illiterate (or
      20% of the people living in the US at the time.

      Fortunately, today as a society most of us care about making sure that
      the underprivileged minorities get a basic free education
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