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  • gilsonde
    This is an occasional report of potential matters of interest to your activists. HOTLINE: 727-347-2879 EMAIL: mg4u@oasis.net LIO News, Spring 2002:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2002
      This is an occasional report of potential matters of interest to your
      HOTLINE: 727-347-2879
      EMAIL: mg4u@...

      LIO News, Spring 2002:

      http://www.maxpages.com/lio or

      This report sponsored by Texas Libertarians and Lance Flores
      Check out our multi-station Lib-friendly cable show,
      Contact LIO if you wish to sponsor a report.


      Check out the latest Lib world news at the LIO site. This is a great
      source for intellectual ammo as it targets current topics from a
      world Lib perspective.


      *Don't know how to answer questions on the Lib response to 9/11,
      international action, rolling back government? Did you know...?

      ...Did you know that there are influential Afghanistani Libertarians,
      many working on the Afghanistan crisis? Libertarians were among the
      heroes who died at WTC?

      ...New Lib groups in Africa and India? Libertarians working on anti-
      malaria projects in Bangladesh? What is the Lib view on the Argentina

      ...The Peruvian government has credited local Libs with saving
      democracy? A Lib led tax revolt in Guatemala? There is a Libertarian
      Congressman in Costa Rica...who advocates hard line Libertarianism (
      including a libertarian governmentless province) and is polling 10%?

      Don't be a Libertarian with an opinion who does not know what other
      Libs are doing to fight terrorism at the source and behind the
      scenes, end poverty, cut back government...and the effective action
      they're taking.

      And...Lib headlines, magazine articles and newsfeeds from every major
      service--all on the main page.


      What have Libertarians done in the last 30 years? Will they be more
      than a social club? Don't be an "I dunno" Libertarian when challenged
      on what Libertarians have done: dowload now and handout these talking
      and research points...



      Check out new and expanded features:

      *Thinking of starting a Libertarian Cable Access in your area? Go to
      Media and TV page
      *New Activist tools at Tour page, including how-to manuals for your
      *Innovative web sites with ideas you and your group can
      use...gradualist http://www.swaminomics.org/
      or exposure of how politicians contradict themselves in the popular

      LIO NEWS

      *International Artist J. Stelle, founding father of the Libertarian
      movement in Brazil ( where hundreds participated in the Walk for
      Capitalism and has several Lib Think tanks) will join LIO Board of
      *LIO Advisor and former Lib Legislator Don Gorman touring US training
      candidates and activists
      *LIO Co-ordinator M. Gilson De Lemos, a member of the LNC of the
      LPUS, and warned of the Taliban a month before,meets with Afghan
      activists on crisis.Helps get LP to endorse actions by Ron Paul to
      reduce all US ballot requirements, meeting with the Congressman in
      *LIO Honorary Chair Ralph Swanson developing fund raising program to
      get successful Libertarian activists and educators to travel for one
      day intensives with fledgling Libertarian groups.
      * LIO volunteers are creating a new website expected up this summer
      *The LIO newsletter is still under design awaiting the new website.
      When up, it can be dowloaded for free, along with the LIO activist
      brochure presently being tested.
      *ISIL and LIO to share web info...and check out ISIL conference in

      DID YOU KNOW...

      Don't be an "I dunno" Libertarian misled because he doesn't realize
      that Libertarians are working everywhere to solve problems. Don't
      know how to answer Lib positions on immigration and National Defense?
      The short answer is Libs are working worldwide to create Libertarian
      peace prosperity on both sides of borders...and you should show your
      group how to say that. Meet a Libertarian Mexican Congressman who is
      a best selling author there...


      One book a month...Target your Libertarian club reading program,
      Library donations or gifts to friends by giving 12 Libertarian books
      in best-seller order of popularity--and check out International
      Libertarian books and translations:

      Download free manuals at:

      Libertarian International Organization:

      LIO is an international network of Libertarian activists to
      publicize and focus effort, and work behind the scenes to advance
      Libertarian perspectives. Libertarians are at work in over 100
      countries. It accepts no funds and all projects are independently
      managed by their volunteers."

      Subject: DLP joins the FFN news network

      The Dallas Libertarian Post has become part of the FNN (Freedom News
      Network) it will begin being viewed by more visitors that ever - the
      network link receives more than 1.2 million hits from more than
      100,000 unique visitors each month which should give us significantly
      more viewers as well.

      Thanks to all that have supported this effort.
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