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Software for ranked ballots story

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  • Demorep1@aol.com
    D- A major step to wipeout plurality and minority rule. ... Voting Solutions Announces City of Cambridge Upgrades Vote Counting Software With ChoicePlus Pro
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2001
      D- A major step to wipeout plurality and minority rule.


      Voting Solutions Announces City of Cambridge Upgrades Vote Counting Software
      With ChoicePlus Pro

      OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 15, 2001--Voting Solutions, a leading
      developer and marketer of data processing software for ranked-ballot election
      systems in the U.S., announced that the Board of Election Commissioners of
      the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts has selected Voting Solutions'
      ChoicePlus Pro 2.1 software to process its upcoming City Council and School
      Committee elections.

      Powerful and flexible, ChoicePlus Pro (formerly PR Master) is the leading
      software used for tabulating ranked-ballot elections in the U.S. including
      Choice Voting (Single Transferable Vote or STV), and Instant Run-Off Voting
      (IRV or Alternative Voting). ChoicePlus Pro is the only computer program that
      has ever been used to count ranked-ballot style government elections in the
      United States, including Cambridge, MA, City Council and School Committee,
      and the New York City Community School Boards elections.

      "ChoicePlus Pro is fast and accurate and gives us the ability to publish
      unofficial results on Election Night and official results the next day,"
      explained Teresa Neighbor, executive director of the City of Cambridge Board
      of Election Commissioners. "It used to take an entire week counting by hand.
      But now we can expect to get results into the paper the next morning."

      The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts uses the choice voting (STV) form of
      Proportional Representation to elect its nine-member City Council and
      six-member School Committee. Voters rank the candidates by preference: first
      choice, second choice and so on. If a voter's first choice is defeated then
      the ballot counts for the voter's second choice, and so on. This voting
      method ensures that all majority and minority viewpoints are both fairly
      represented on the City Council and School Committee.

      Voters mark their preferences by their first choice candidate, second choice,
      third choice, and so on. Voters then feed their ballots into optical scanners
      developed by Global Election Systems and the election data is transferred to
      a PC. Voting Solutions' ChoicePlus Pro program then processes the election
      data within minutes, and produces detailed reports that permit a complete
      audit of the election.

      See http://www.votingsolutions.com/camb99council/COUNCIL%20Round.htm to
      examine the Cambridge election data from 1999 as processed by Voting
      Solutions software to see how votes are transferred round by round until all
      seats are filled by STV.

      Ranked-ballot voting as employed in Cambridge is used widely around the world
      and is swiftly gaining popularity in the U.S, as many jurisdictions have
      approved the use of IRV as an alternative to expensive runoff and special
      elections as it produces a clear majority winner on Election Day.

      "Ranked-ballot voting systems truly make every vote count," noted Rob Richie,
      executive director of the Center for Voting and Democracy, a non-partisan
      organization that promotes fair elections. "They can also save jurisdictions
      the cost of runoff elections. San Francisco stands to save up to $2 million
      per year by implementing instant runoff voting in next year's ballot measure.
      Cambridge demonstrates that with modern voting equipment and software like
      ChoicePlus Pro, you can have ranked-ballot election results on Election

      Voting Solutions, LLC is a closely held partnership based in Oakland. For
      more information, contact Voting Solutions by phone at 925/676-1974, or by
      e-mail at info@.... Please visit Voting Solutions' website at


      Voting Solutions

      Bill Gram-Reefer, 925/676-1974




      Board Of Elections, Cambridge, MA

      Teresa Neighbor, 617/349-4361



      Center for Voting and Democracy

      Rob Richie, 301/270-4616

    • gkLtft@aol.com
      May I presume ranked voting is used only for candidates and not ballot measures (such as a Bond issues)?
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 3, 2001
        May I presume 'ranked voting' is used only for candidates
        and not ballot 'measures' (such as a Bond issues)?
      • Demorep1@aol.com
        In a message dated 11/3/01 12:34:14 PM, gkLtft@aol.com wrote:
        Message 3 of 3 , Nov 3, 2001
          In a message dated 11/3/01 12:34:14 PM, gkLtft@... wrote:

          << May I presume 'ranked voting' is used only for candidates
          and not ballot 'measures' (such as a Bond issues)?>>
          D- Ranked ballots can be used for competing issues.

          Examples --- Rank your choices --

          How much money should be raised from taxes ??? A, B, C etc

          What are the priorities for spending any such tax money ??? D, E, F, etc.

          For *numerical* issues, another remedy is median votes.

          Example- What should total taxes be (as a percentage of the Gross Domestic
          Product) ??? Choose a number 0 to 100. The median vote would be the
          majority rule result.
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