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Libertarian in 2001 PR race

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    Hi, I am very pleased to announce the successful completion of Jim Condit s petitioning for a slot on November s Cambridge City Council ballot! The more time I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2001

      I am very pleased to announce the successful completion of Jim Condit's
      petitioning for a slot on November's Cambridge City Council ballot!

      The more time I have worked side-by-side with Jim on this effort, the more
      I have come to enjoy his company. Jim Condit is a very likeable fellow.

      Jim Condit is running in the only non-partisan proportional representation
      race in the United States for the election of city councillors. In
      November, the nine top ranking vote-getters will win the at-large city
      council seats and serve out identical two-year terms. Two of the nine
      current Cambridge councillors are not running for re-election. The mayor
      is chosen from a vote by the nine winning councillors. In 1999, I was a
      last minute fill-in candidate to represent the LP.

      Robert Winters, Cambridge Civic Journal editor, and former city council
      candidate, is reporting the official list of 19 ballot qualified candidates

      Name, address [Year of Birth, Occupation]

      James Condit, 164 Raymond St., 02140 [1964, programmer]
      Henrietta Davis, 120 Chestnut St., 02139 [1945, city councillor]
      Marjorie Decker, 55 Magazine St, 02139 [1972, legislative aide]
      Vince Dixon, 287 Harvard St., 02139 [1952, consultant]
      Anthony Galluccio, 30 Normandy St., 02138 [1967, city councillor]
      Robert Hall, 364 Rindge Ave., 02140 [1950, economist]
      Jacob Horowitz, 101 Western Ave. #21, 02139 [1977, newspaper editor]
      Steve Iskovitz, 60 Bishop Allen Dr., 02139 [1960]
      Steven Jens, 20 Lee St., 02139 [1976, computer programmer]
      Ethridge King, 34 River St., 02139 [1965, assistant director]
      David Maher, 120 Appleton St., 02138 [1958, city councillor]
      Brian Murphy, 22 Mt. Auburn St., 02138 [1964, political consultant]
      Helder "Sonny" Peixoto, 163 Webster Ave., 02141 [1972]
      John Pitkin, 18 Fayette St., 02139 [1944, consultant]
      Ken Reeves, 340 Harvard St., 02139 [1951, attorney]
      E. Denise Simmons, 188 Harvard St., 02139 [1951, public official]
      Michael Sullivan, 42 Huron Ave., 02138 [1959, city councillor]
      Tim Toomey, 88 Sixth St., 02141 [1953, city councillor]
      James Williamson, 17 Perry St., 02139 [1951, public interest advocate]

      Please note that famed pro-tax advocate and TV personality James Braude is
      not running for re-election.

      Also, please note that 25 YO Steve Jens is a former officer of Libertarians
      at MIT and is currently employed by the current Vice-Chair of the Cambridge
      Libertarian City Committee. In 1999 Steven donated funds to my campaign.
      There will certainly be a libertarian presence in this race.

      Jeff Chase

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