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Political reform parts of the U.S. Green Party Platform

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    http://www.gp.org/Green_Platform_text.txt D- Political reform parts of the U.S. Green Party Platform---- Note especially I-7. ... GREEN PARTY PLATFORM 2000 I.
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      D- Political reform parts of the U.S. Green Party Platform----
      Note especially I-7.



      A. Political Reform
      1. The Green Party, proposes a COMPREHENSIVE POLITICAL REFORM AGENDA calling
      for real reform, accountability, and responsibility in government.
      2. Political debate, public policy, and legislation should be judged on its
      merits, not on the quid pro quo of political barter and money.
      3. We propose comprehensive CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM, including caps on
      spending and contributions, at the national and state level, and partial
      public funding to remove undue influence in political campaigns.
      4. We will work to ban or greatly limit POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES.
      5. We support significant LOBBYING REGULATION, strict rules that disclose the
      extent of political lobbying via "gifts" and contributions.
      6. Broad-based reforms of government operations, with CONGRESSIONAL
      REORGANIZATION and TERM LIMITS at the national level and ETHICS LAWS at the
      state level, must be instituted. At every level we support "Sunshine Laws"
      that open up the political system to access by ordinary citizens.
      7. We recognize individual empowerment, full citizen participation, and
      PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION as the foundation of effective democracy.
      8. We demand choices in our political system. This can be accomplished by
      proportional voting systems such as: 1) Limited Voting; 2) Cumulative Voting;
      3) Preference Voting; 4) Mixed Member Voting; and/or 5) Party List
      Proportional Representation. All are used throughout the free world to
      increase democratic representation. We call on local governments to lead the
      way toward more electoral choice and broader representation.
      9. We encourage building alternative, grassroots institutions that support
      participatory and direct democracy at the local level. Political reform goes
      beyond elected politics, ultimately residing in choices each of us make in
      our own lives.
      10. Using our voice to help others find their voice, a national Green Party
      should spring from state and local Green electoral and individual efforts and
      through political efforts and direct action at every level. As Greens, we
      look toward forming bioregional confederations to coordinate regional issues
      based on natural and ecosystem boundaries, instead of traditional political


      1. Greens advocate direct democracy as a response to local needs and issues,
      where all concerned citizens can discuss and decide questions that
      immediately affect their lives, such as land use, parks, schools and
      community services. We would decentralize many state functions to the county
      and city level and seek expanded roles for neighborhood boards and
      2. We call for a change in the practice of "unfunded federal mandates", and
      for more flexibility by states and local decision-making
      3. We advocate maintaining and enhancing federal guarantees in the areas of
      civil rights protections, environmental safeguards, and social "safety net" en
      4. We endorse and advocate citizen rights to INITIATIVE, REFERENDUM and
      5. We call for citizen control of REDISTRICTING processes and moving the
      "backroom" apportionment process into the public light. Minority
      representation must be protected and secured in order to protect minority
      6. We will act to broaden voter participation and BALLOT ACCESS, urging
      7. We believe that a binding "None of the Above" option on the ballot should
      be considered.
      8. We believe that providing free television and mail under reasonable
      conditions for every qualified statewide, congressional, presidential
      candidate and party can move the political process toward increased
      9. Individual participation in the life of our local community - in community
      projects and through personal, meaningful, voluntary activity - is also
      political and vital to the health of community.
      10. We support citizen involvement at all levels of the decision-making
      process and hold that DIRECT ACTION can be an effective tool where peaceful
      democratic activism is appropriate. We support the right to non-violent
      direct action that supports green values.
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