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Important List Change - All Members May Post - Moderated

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  • Andis Kaulins
    Dear LexiLiners, In order to permit more discussion of ideas on the history of civilization - and as long as the content of postings remains at a high level -
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      Dear LexiLiners,

      In order to permit more discussion of ideas on the history of
      civilization - and as long as the content of postings remains at a
      high level - I have changed our list settings to permit moderated
      postings by all members. This means that any posting you submit
      first appears in my mail box and if I find that your e-mail is
      neither advertising, religion, spam, political in nature nor
      offensive toward individual persons, I will automatically forward it
      to the LexiLine list to all members.

      My numbered LexiLine Newsletters will continue, but this way the
      membership has more of a part. I have tried this in the past by the
      way and have always gone back to the Newsletter-only status because
      of abuse of the e-mail privilege by members. But we will try it

      Please stick to the principle that you MUST discuss the PROBATIVE
      EVIDENCE in favor of or against presented IDEAS and nothing else.

      Discussion of individual persons is undesired and will not be
      permitted. If you claim something is true, you must back it up with
      facts and material. "Who said what" - e.g. what some professor
      thinks - is something for gossip columns, but not for this list.
      We want to know WHY something was said or written and WHAT probative
      evidence a statement was based on.

      Example of this principle: The mainstream scholars claim that
      Abraham lived ca. 1750 BC. I have issued to the mainstream the
      challenge over the years to present ONE single piece of probative
      evidence for this ridiculous claim. NONE has been forthcoming. I am
      sure that Abraham lived, but far before this date, because there IS
      evidence to support that. Anyone working with a Biblical chronology
      with Abraham living at the above erroneous date - and this is just
      about everyone in Old Testament studies - is just a scholarly fool -
      and we are not going to spend any time on such ridiculous
      discussions on this list.

      Contrary Example: Artapanus writes - the only ancient scholar to
      give us this kind of information - that Moses was born in the reign
      of Chaneferre, who - by mainstream Egyptian chronology - lived ca.
      1700 BC. I have examined this date and find it to be correct to
      about the year 1708 BC. Indeed, there is NO contrary evidence in
      ancient literature to the statement of Artapanus and thus, quite
      evidently, all Biblical chronology and purported ancient history of
      the Jews and the Middle East is just simply wrong. Anyone working
      with the theory that Moses lived around ca. 1100 BC is thus
      similarly - just a scholarly fool - and I have no interest in
      discussing history with people who ignore the probative evidence.

      I follow similar principles in my decipherment of the megaliths. I
      am not in any way interested in the great deal of nonsense that many
      mainstream archaeologists grind out for the peer review tabloids.
      FACTS and EVIDENCE are the only things we are interested in on this
      list, not what some professor has written. If the facts and
      evidence contradict established theories, then those theories MUST
      be abandoned. Too bad for mainstream scholars and also too bad for
      so-called New-Agers, who are similarly deluded - but that's life.
      I am in this business to find out "what really happened", not what
      somebody, based on erroneous research, "thinks happened".

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