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Paviland Cave - Serpens Caput - South Wales

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  • Andis Kaulins
    Dear LexiLiners, I have uploaded paviland.gif and paviland.tif to the Ancient Britain Files. Paviland is one of the most confused archaeological sites in all
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2002
      Dear LexiLiners,

      I have uploaded
      paviland.gif and
      to the Ancient Britain Files.

      Paviland is one of the most confused archaeological sites in all of
      the United Kingdom - as one can see from

      As noted at

      Location: Wales
      This limestone cave was home to what has become known as "The Red
      Lady of Paviland". The remains of this young man (originally thought
      to be a woman) were stained with red ochre - perhaps indication of
      religious beliefs. This young man was also found with stone, bones
      and ivory tools as well as with many types of animal bones.
      When this cave was originally found the remains inside of it were
      explained by the Big Flood. The animal remains found within the cave
      were thought to have been swept into the cave by the flood waters
      and the skeleton was thought to have been buried there after the
      waters retreated and "man" settled in England."

      IN FACT
      As noted at http://www.neanderthal-modern.com/genetic2.htm
      "A bone from an earlier modern human, buried at the Paviland Cave in
      Wales 26,000 years ago [that is totally false], just one or two
      thousand years after Neanderthals had vanished, has also yielded a
      control-region sequence matching those of present-day people. But
      the researchers who extracted this sequence are uncertain whether it
      is genuinely ancient or might instead have come from a living person
      who handled the bone (Sykes, 2000)."

      Read again "the DNA matches present-day people" - So there you have
      it - the DNA sequence is MODERN (!) and the radiocarbon people have
      botched it terribly again.

      The reason that artifacts are found at Paviland is that Merlin
      (Aesculapius) kept his souvenirs here of his worldwide journey with
      the Argonuats - this includes the ancient African necklace, pieces
      of ivory (from Africa) and mastodon bone, which he probably brought
      with him from Siberia, and many other artifacts of his voyage.
      Perhaps he also kept some old human skulls there which he brought
      from elsewhere on his voyage.

      For a picture of the African necklace found at Paviland see

      All mainstream dating of the things found at Paviland is thus
      totally unreliable and mostly false.

      As noted at
      "... confirmed the burial site by finding a spread of ochre
      associated with ivory rods parallel to the cave wall, and added to
      our understanding of how the body - which was incomplete at the time
      of discovery probably because of marine erosion - had been interred.
      The bones were deeply stained with red ochre, and the grave goods -
      ivory rod and bracelet fragments, and perforated periwinkle shells -
      were all similarly stained."

      As stated at
      all evidence for alleged ancient human occupation in the United
      Kingdom prior to the ice age comes from only four places: Paviland,
      Kent's Cavern, Gough's Cave and Creswell Crags - all of which I have
      shown to be megalithic sites affiliated with Merlin and ca. 3117 BC.

      Mainstream archaeologists have erred terribly here and genetic DNA
      evidence denies the veracity of their conclusions entirely.

      If we were to believe the archaeologists' dating, we then had one
      human here from about 26,000 BC - surviving the period of glaciation
      together with Mastodon bones (in England ?!!!) and an African
      necklace - and then nothing until 20,0000 years later. This is all
      just wishful thinking by the archaeologists. In fact, the glaciation
      eliminated all traces of human occupation in the North and
      everything we find of human habitation is after that period.

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