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18 LexiLine Newsletter 2005 Merlin's Grave - Drumelzier Haugh - Taurus Orion

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  • Andis Kaulins
    18 LexiLine Newsletter 2005 Merlin s Grave - Drumelzier Haugh - Taurus Orion Dear LexiLiners, I received an interesting inquiry from a reader regarding
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      18 LexiLine Newsletter 2005 Merlin's Grave - Drumelzier Haugh -
      Taurus Orion

      Dear LexiLiners,

      I received an interesting inquiry from a reader regarding Drumelzier
      Haugh on the Tweed River near Broughton, southwest of Peebles and not
      far from Tinnis Castle.

      The inquiry involves a prophecy allegedly given by the Scots seer,
      Thomas the Rhymer in the 13th century, which goes like this.

      "Whan Twede and Pausail meet at Merlin's Grave,
      Scotlande and Englande sall ain King have."

      For more on Merlin, see
      http://www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/veitch.htm where Merlin's twin
      sister is "the dawn" and his early love "the gleam".

      The reader writes:

      "Legend has it that on the night of 24th March 1603, the Powsail Burn
      burst her banks and flowed into the River Tweed at Drumelzier. On
      the same night Elizabeth I, Queen of England, died without issue and
      the English throne fell to James VI, King of Scots, who thereafter
      fashioned himself King of Great Britain ("We hate it." said the
      Scots. "We hate it." said the English). The trouble being, I cannot
      locate the Powsail Burn on any maps and have come to the conclusion
      that it may have dried up a long time ago. Drumelzier, being
      surrounded by hills, is a natural suntrap, so a river
      drying up would not surprise me."

      Here are my thoughts on this matter.

      That the ancient legends have an astronomical basis is suggested by
      the quoted date for the Powsail Burn's overflowing her banks, 24th
      March, i.e. the Vernal Equinox. It would not bring any fruit to pay
      attention to the year - the "folk" have a habit of taking ancient
      legends and adapting them to newer events (cognitive psychology has a
      lot to say about this in terms of how humans remember and order
      past "events").

      The Vernal Equinox date of legend corresponds to my decipherment of
      the Drumelzier megalith, as corresponding to a line running
      vertically between Orion and Taurus as the Colure of the Vernal
      Equinox in ca. 3117 BC., my cardinal date for the megalithic system.

      A legend quoted at Ancient Stones
      is also astronomical in foundation. It is written there:

      "The following legend has also been found in connection with this
      location. Merlin was converted to Christianity by St Kentigern at the
      alter-stone a large block of rock opposite Altarstone Farm in the
      parish of Stobo. The following day Merlin met a strange three fold
      death, as he had already prophesied. He was stoned by local
      shepherds, slipped down the banks of the Tweed and impaled himself on
      stakes used to secure fish traps. He drowned as the river
      unexpectantly rose and his head fell below the water level."

      What is being described by that legend (in my opinion) is the
      successive setting of stars (beneath the horizon) affiliated with
      Orion (here Orion = Merlin) beginning with the Pleiades (the stones
      of the shepherds), followed by the star cluster of the Hyades in
      Taurus, which have always been affiliated with water and the portent
      of floods and storms - in my view because their setting portends the
      subsequent coming and horizon setting of the Milky Way - the river of
      heaven - at the horizon. Taurus forms the stakes of the fish trap, as
      its top stars rest right on the edge of the Milky Way, forming a kind
      of funnel trap, as it were, for any fish in that Milky Way. During
      this successive setting of the stars of Taurus, we also find Orion
      setting, starting at his feet and legs. When the end stars of Taurus
      at the Milky Way have set, the torso of Orion has also set, but not
      the head. The drowning of Merlin (Orion) then occurs when Orion's
      head - regardless of however this is identified in the stars - then
      also sets and is drowned by the Milky Way.

      A movable planisphere available in bookstores shows how this happens.

      Note that all of these things support my decipherment of the
      Drumelzier stone, which marks stars below Taurus and between Taurus
      and Orion.


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