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  • gingerquill61
    Oct 16, 2013

       I know how you feel.. I'm 52 , living in Canada, in Ontario.. Small town Ontario.  I did meet someone here, but she turned out to be "a loon".. Not  what I expected. So that was 6 months that just left me shattered. Getting over that, but it's hard. I did love her. We moved in together well then it all went south.   not going to go into it, let's just say she had a list of rules, and personal buttons as long as your leg. "sigh" So back to square one. I know there are wonderful women out there. Decent, caring folk.. Just... where are they??? Hugs to you all. I've been told you don't search for the right woman, you must "be" the right woman, and eventually you will meet the one that is meant for you. I just hope mine doesn't live in Australia   lmao  :)

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      Craigs List can be scary from what I hear.  Have you tried SHOE? It is an international lesbian site with conversation forums and personals and searches.  It now has some paid features and some free features, I have not been on it for a long time but I found there was at least one other woman in my rather small town and even found a SHOE member to have dinner with while in Bermuda, so it has a lot of members.  Might check it out. I have kind of given up on any internet hookups - I'm too easily sucked in and then usually regret it.  Have found some great penpals over the years though.  I'm 54 and live in S. IL.

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      I know what you mean.  I'm 52 and just . . . lost.
      Sometimes you just have to throw yourself on the blade and be done with it -Sapphyre

      Livingston, Texas

      On Wednesday, October 9, 2013 6:38 AM, Prairie Primitives Folk Art <prairieprimitivesfolkart@...> wrote:
      About a month ago, I posted in the W4W section on CL. I don't know about this section on other CL sites, but in my area it's mostly a bi-chick hook-up spot (ick!). I'm lez and have been for at least 35 years. :-)
      I've posted on CL in the past, with mixed results. Sometimes I end up with a friend (w/o "benefits"!) for awhile, but I've never found a woman there I wanted to get involved with.
      This time I received 4 replies. One sent a pic (cute!) but she made it clear that she was looking for s-e-x. Scratched her off the list! I've met 2 other women who replied, but neither of them interest me  as anything more than friends. There needs to be a spark or something ... and that just wasn't there for me.
      I'm in my mid-50s and would very much like to meet a woman with whom I feel that "spark." Guess I just don't know where to look anymore.

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