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  • Prairie Primitives Folk Art
    Oct 9, 2013

      About a month ago, I posted in the W4W section on CL. I don't know about this section on other CL sites, but in my area it's mostly a bi-chick hook-up spot (ick!). I'm lez and have been for at least 35 years. :-)

      I've posted on CL in the past, with mixed results. Sometimes I end up with a friend (w/o "benefits"!) for awhile, but I've never found a woman there I wanted to get involved with.

      This time I received 4 replies. One sent a pic (cute!) but she made it clear that she was looking for s-e-x. Scratched her off the list! I've met 2 other women who replied, but neither of them interest meĀ  as anything more than friends. There needs to be a spark or something ... and that just wasn't there for me.

      I'm in my mid-50s and would very much like to meet a woman with whom I feel that "spark." Guess I just don't know where to look anymore.


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